My POV Of Gangsters In Love:

Requested! Enjoy!
Before getting to know them:

After Getting To Know Them:

Getting to know her and starting to trust her more, he sees that she isn’t like any girl he has ever met before, she confuses him. He doesn’t mind though, He now sees he really cant live without her, she became meaning more to him than he ever thought but doesn’t regret falling for her. Not only has she became to mean so much to him, she became a real part of his gang and he doesn’t regret it. He feels stronger around her and always wants her around. Even though some activities are dangerous and she can hold her own he still cant help but try and protect her putting her number one. He promises he will never be a man like his father was to his mother.

Before he didn’t care who he hooked up with or dated for a little bit, but when she came around she has changed his ways. He wants her to love and protect her always, who ever thought he would stay faithful and she has always stuck by his side. He wont let her go, he has fallen hard and he doesn’t even care how she changed him, it was for the better. She isn’t just a groupie she is here and now forever, he needed a girl that can hold him down and she is just right for him.

After the death of his sister, he never thought he would love again or be close to someone again. But he met her, at first it was all business but more time he spent with her the more time he has fallen for her. She stuck by his side trying to find the people responsible for his sister. He promises nothing will ever happen to her, he treasures her and now that he has someone to love and care for he will never let her go and always put up a fight to make her always number one. Its them against the world now and forever.

All Aurora ever knew, was to flirt with girls have fun with them and leave them. But than she came into her life, at first she couldn’t stand the thought of having her around, but she started falling harder for her. Now she wont let go, she has opened up in more ways than she has ever thought, not only does she trust her with gambling deals, she trusts MC with her heart, and for that she wont let her go because she needs to protect her heart right back.

A very well known lawyer, with an already set up arrange marriage should have never fallen for her, but he did. Their marriage was suppose to be fake but he couldn’t help himself by playing fake fiancées for actually falling for her. He loves her and will fight for her until the end, a life without her is a life he doesn’t want to see, only she can see his soft side and his real smile. He can be himself around her and he wont that slip away ever.