Yeah TUTORIALS!! Part of my art trade with H-appy sorry, happy holidays and sorry for this being like 200 million years late ofmg think of it as also a CHRISTMAS PRESENT BECAUSE HELL YEAHHHHH

Once again, the character is her friend’s Shellder gijinka, Venila. Ask me if anything is really confusing or if you can’t read my writing! (SAI doesn’t insert text so I handwrote it and I have man-handwriting)

Also this is a pretty vague step-by-step but I hope you get at least something out of it, and happy holidays!

Finished pic || Happy’s part || Her process(lol it’s a gif bc she’s MAGICAL???)

..Mother Nature thought it was a good idea for Shellders to be naturally attracted to slowpokes..*want to bite: ears + tails = evolve?*  .. I guess the opinion changes depending on the Shellder and the Slowpoke..

I met a slowpoke once, Adam (who is now a slowbro), i admit i sometimes acted a little weird with if he belonged to me.. i used to chase him around as if i was someone important in his life, probably cause i thought he needed me to “grow up”.. but he became a bit distant with me.. and by the time i noticed he had evolved with another Shellder , someone stronger than me (and a boy) Enzo.. Adam is still important to me, as if he was my small brother… but i no longer see him as i did before, probably cause i see the other Shellder with him all the time and deep inside i cant help but to feel as i was not good enough. Hmm..Well he was the first slowpoke ive seen, but now i know better..and just see them as food.

Character Info - PROFILE

Last Update: June 2015

Here is some basic information about my character. ✧  I originally made her for my first rp group back in 2010. I was really into pokemon back then, and as a kid one of my favorite pokemon was Shellder (still is, but i got many more now with all the new gens.). I made tons of online friends since i started rping so i decided to make her a tumblr account.(2011).

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Name: Venila Garrat

Pokemon Info:  Shellder #090 |  Type: Water  | Gender: Female

Birthday:  March 12   | Pisces

Age:  23      (She had turned 18 When i made her back in 2010 -*sob*-)

AppearanceBigger Version Here | Her appearance changes a little bit sometimes,  her hair and outfits change sometimes depending on the weather or other.  (her hair grows, sometimes she cuts it. If she has as an injury shell probably be wearing a bandage or have the bruise for a bit)

For outfits, clothes and current appearence you can check the Art Tag

Battle Outfit  (Version 1) 

Updated! (July 2013)

Currently: In a Deviantart RP Group : Pokeplatform| Team Ilex Leader | Residence: Dione City

Likes: Xerox (boyfriend)~ | Rain | Red Pokeblocks | Spicy Poffins | Favorite color Green+Black | The Ocean | Traveling by Boat | Flowers | Pearls | Slowpoke Tails 

Dislikes: Has trust issues with Electric and Ghost Pokemon | Pokemon Eggs | Generic perverted people

Curiosities: Gets dehydrated easily  | Cats and Other Pokemon seem to think Shellders are good Food | She always tries to have her own garden, but ends up drowing things by accident. (thinks plants need a little more water)

Character Development | INFORMATION : Click Here


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