this is incredibly specific but i’d imagine jack telling shitty about the first time he kissed bitty would play out EXACTLY like in the fifth harry potter book when harry tells ron he kissed cho chang

shitty: well, how was it?

jack: wet.

shitty: [incomprehensible noise]

jack: because he was crying.

shitty: oh. are you that bad at kissing???

oh man. we know shitty has a terrible (or, more likely, nonexistent) relationship with his dad, so like………bad bob really stepping into the role of surrogate dad for shitty. shitty going to the zimmermanns’ house for canadian thanksgiving. bad bob being the first person shitty called after he found out he got into harvard and told the team. bad bob casually calling shitty “son” and shitty cries a little about it later. bad bob being the one shitty takes photos with at graduation, the one who texts him when he gets to harvard asking if he’s settled in all right. yeah.