Tauriel: Your father wants to give me to Arwen and Aragorn as a wedding gift.

Legolas: He was only kidding. He would never do that.

Tauriel: He told me he would.

Legolas: I know my father. He is not giving anyone to anybody.

Tauriel: You do realize this is Thranduil we are talking about?

Legolas: Dad, did you tell Tauriel you were giving her away as a wedding gift?

Thranduil: Yes.

Legolas: Dad, that’s ridiculous.

Thranduil: Why?

Legolas: You don’t give people as gifts.

Thranduil: Your mother gave you to me.

Legolas: That is sweet, Dad, but I don’t think this is the same thing.

Thranduil: Give me grandchildren and I’ll reconsider.

Legolas: How do you want to deliver her? In person or overnight?

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The young boy was laying on the beach and was wearing a blue and yellow swimming trunks. He had an beach umbrella that protected him from the sun.


Steven was running back towards the beach from town. Holding new shiny shell. It been gift from his dad. His dad gotten the shell while on business trip. Steven was excited to show the gems the gift.

Being too excited, he didn’t see the boy and trips over his leg.


Fifty Is An Excellent Age… If You’re A Bottle Of Wine.

As Thornton shuffles around the dance floor he keeps an eye on Hannah, his current clandestine mistress, as he admires her in the designer dress he brought her for this very occasion.

At some point during the evening Thornton is taken to see his birthday gift and makes the appropriate appreciative noises, although he’s puzzled by this particular present. But Oh well, Thornton thinks, for a man who has everything it is expected that buying him a birthday gift would be challenging. Hannah cheers loudly for Thornton as some seem flummoxed by the gift. Stefan can only shake his head as this was supposed to be a statue of Thornton to immortalize him on his 50th and Tatiana can barely hold in her laughter because she also knew what her dad’s gift was supposed to be. Not everyone gathers at the gift unveiling as Killen is seen macking down on his DJ boyfriend Zeke.

Soon it’s time to eat and everyone grabs a plate from the buffet table.

Draco and Scorpius | Meddling with Time

Scorpius sat on his bed, looking at the gift from his father. Frankly he felt it was quite a stupid gift. Yes dad, great idea to give your son, the person who nearly destroyed the wizarding world through time travel, the last time turner. He really didn’t know what he had been thinking but it had come with a note saying that it was important that he had it so here he was. 

He sighed, turning the object over in his hands. He knew he should get rid of it, put it somewhere safe and never touch it again but he was way too curious to just stuff it in the bottom of trunk. He felt the need to use it again. Go somewhere perhaps a bit safer? He pondered the idea, lying back on the bed. 

Then a thought struck. What if he went back in time to see his dad’s dorm? That’d be fun. He could just go back, have a little snoop then come straight back, no meddling, no mess. He’d leave everything exactly as it was, that’d be fine right? No world changing mistakes to be made there? 

Quite excited now he sat up and quickly counted, figuring out how many years he’d need to go back before he concentrated on the time turner, turning it back so he would return to his father’s time. Yes, this was a great plan. 

The first time I had a real cry since the accident

My parents came back from South Dakota today, and they told me the hospital that took care of Taylor raises a special flag for 48 hours to honor organ donors who pass in their hospital. When the 48 hours was over, they held a special ceremony when they lowered the flag, and folded it up and gave the flag to my aunt and uncle as thanks for Taylor’s gift.

My dad is not sentimental by any means, but he said 6 eagles flew over the flag poles as Taylor’s flag was being lowered. He said he doesn’t know if it meant anything, but it’d be stupid to think that it meant nothing.


Helping dad open gifts

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14. if you can live anywhere in the world where would it be? why? 27 do you have a job? what do you do? 51 how old were you when you found out Santa wasn’t real? 86 what is your phone background? 98 favorite month?

14. I would live in Holden Beach, North Caroline and have a flat in London. 

12. I’m a college professor in the English Department. I teach composition, literature, and theory.

51.  I am the youngest and my next oldest sister is eight years older than me, so I learned really early Santa wasn’t real. My bedroom window looked out on the front porch and so did the living room windows that we put the Christmas tree in front of. I remember asking how we got the pictures of the tree with the Santa gifts and stockings and Dad told me he stayed up until Santa left. So imagine my surprise when I was in second grade and I saw the flash of the camera just fifteen minutes after I went to bed. So I figured it out … but didn’t tell anyone for a couple more years because I wasn’t sure I’d still get the presents. 


98. Never really thought about my favorite month. I’ll go with May because the semester ends and the girls’ school gets out the first of June. It was a month with just me at home. 

These are some of the kin I grew up with! On the left is Rosie Posie Ambrosia, or “Rosie Posie Ambrosie” as we used to call her. My youngest half-sister and the one who took almost entirely after her mother Petticoat Poof. 

On the right is my other half-sister Cherry Pop (formerly Strawberry Pop) She shows a little bit more of that sharp Thestral blood than I do (sans the wings. I’m the only child who inherited Dad’s gift of flight.) When she married into the Cherry family, she threw aside her mother’s - Strawberry tart’s - familial first name to avoid the name of Strawberry Cherry!

My sister Rosie and I don’t talk much after Tart died, but every now and again I get a letter from Cherry! Last I heard she and her husband were expecting a foal! Hopefully I’ll get another letter soon… Or an invitation to the shower…