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Is there a reason as to why Momo started making the matryoshka dolls when she was little, like was it just by chance or is she possibly part Russian? Your thoughts my friend?

I don’t think there was a particular reason but I hc her family being so wealthy, they probably traveled a lot. I wouldn’t be surprised if her mom and dad gifted her matryoshka dolls as a souvenir from Russia during a business trip. 

Seeing how she became so fond of them, Yaoyorozu began studying it’s composition and using it as a practice material. I don’t think she’s part Russian but who knows, that’d be pretty cool ;) 

ty for the ask! 

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Hey! Could you recommend some bnha fanfics (preferably sfw)? I'm having some trouble finding some, so I wanted to see which ones you like! Thank you!

i’m laughing at the ‘preferably sfw’ part of this ask because literally every single fanfic i’ve ever read for MHA is safe for work

none of them are nsfw

none of them

ANYWAY here’s a list. there is a lot

One Life for Them All (If That’s What It Takes) by @athanatosora - a wonderful time travel fic where Future Izuku goes back in time to create a better future. it’s more like Izuku changing little things here and there, and there’s lots of great Dad Might and little character moments. [Multi-chap / ongoing] [no ships]

Bad Days by @forgedobsidian - Toshinori’s scar sometimes gives him bad days. He still needs to learn how to ask for help, tho. [3 chapters] [complete]

No Trouble by FlameEmber - All Might saves Inko and young Izuku. Inko finds out who All Might really is, and he slowly becomes part of their family. [Toshinko] [multi-chap / ongoing]

Heroes are for Fiction by @ladymischievous - REALLY FANTASTIC modern AU where Toshinori is a writer who writes a series of novels based around a superhero called All Might. lots of fluff and drama. lots of Dad Might. [Toshinko] [multi-chap / ongoing]

Dorm Life series by @blacknovelist55 - a REALLY SUPER CUTE series of fics about Class 1A acting like a family. lots of Dad Might and Class 1A bonding. [multi-chap / ongoing] [Toshinko]

Spoken with Love by @sevi007 - Toshinori helps Izuku with english practice. PURE DAD MIGHT FLUFF WITH ALL MIGHT AND IZUKU. [one shot]

Sense to Protect by @guardianlioness - All Might takes care of his students, even when he doesn’t really know what’s wrong. [one shot]

Parent-Teacher Meetings by @yousayrun - A SUPER AMAZING FANTASTIC TOSHINKO FIC. lots of fluff and drama and fluff and Dad Might and fluff.  [multi-chap / ongoing]

Smile again and Smile again AU by @sevi007 - a slight AU after the fight between All Might and OFA, where Toshi stays in the hospital for a longer time and has depression. Izuku helps him through his issues, and other things start to domino. [multi-chap / ongoing] [some potential Toshinko]

Implode by @milkshakederbygal - Bakugou slowly finds himself having feelings for Uraraka. [one shot] [Kacchako] 

Sunny Afternoon by @thecrowmaiden - a super cute Dad Might fic where Izuku and All Might play catch. [one shot]

Just another night by @sevi007 (follows the Dorm Life series) - The Class 1A kids set Toshinori and Inko up on a date. The kids follow, and the date goes better than expected. [one shot] [Toshinko]

There’s a Visine for That by @thecrowmaiden - super cute fic where Class 1A helps Aizawa. [one shot]

Home Away from Home by @ladymischievous - the Class 1A kids find out that All Might doesn’t have a stomach, and isn’t properly taking care of himself. they intervene. [one shot]

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine! by @thecrowmaiden - Uraraka and Izuku find out that Iida can sew. [one shot]

Laugh Lines by AeoniCyunfold - Toshinori falls. Hard. [one shot] [Toshinko]

I’ll Carry You Home by @renesvetta - Izuku collapses after training one day and All Might has to carry him home. SUPER ADORABLE DAD MIGHT FLUFF. [one shot]

Cards of All Sorts by @luna-reverie - the kids all write All Might some get well cards after his fight with All for One. [one shot]

5 Times Izuku Had to Sit on Someone’s Lap and the 1 Time He Did It Willingly by @thebuttonharlequin - exactly what it says in the title. super super cute. [multi-chap / ongoing]

Curiosity killed Kacchan by acesexual_takigawa - Bakugou tries to find out if Izuku really is All Might’s kid. Hilarity ensues. Dad Might. [one shot]

Second Chances by @ladymischievous  - Inko wants to make up for a bad first impression. very light Toshinko. [one shot]

Father Almighty series by Wet_Diamonds - lots and lots and lots of Dad Might and Izuku bonding. currently on Hiatus, but still worth the read

i fucking LOVE YOU, i think you’re pretty by Authoress - Uraraka makes Bakugou a bento while he’s in the hospital after the whole kidnapping incident. Bakugou may or may not be crushing on her now. Hilarity ensues. [one shot] [Kacchako]

Get Well Soon by brickboat - Jirou finds out some things about All Might and Izuku’s relationship and some secrets she probably should never have known. Dad Might. [one shot]

Father’s Day by Fallende - Izuku gets All Might a father’s day gift. super fluffy Dad Might stuff [one shot]

Shoes by @swiftwidget - Toshinori visits Inko for parent teacher meetings about Izuku. she notices his shoes are several sizes too big, and gives him a fitting pair. romance ensues. [on going] [Toshinko]

i got most of these from my faves on AO3 so i’m probably missing A LOT, but these are some of my favorites!!! i hope you enjoy them!!!


the lesbian aesthetic denim jacket is complete. (the fries pin says fries before guys, and the pride heart pin was a gift from my dad) 🌈

He’s not going into the Samwell Bookstore specifically to buy him a present. He’s not. That’s not how they are. He’s just–he’s checking the sale rack, something he does every month or so (so far in two years of Samwell he has scored a pair of Under Armor shorts, a t-shirt, and Christmas gifts for his mom, dad, and Sara).

And if he happens to turn left and end up in the section with the fancy cards, pens, and notebooks, what of it? 

He pauses. There’s a display of Samwell branded notebooks, of course. He looks past it, to the brightly colored revolving rack.

Nursey wouldn’t like one of the gilded notebooks. Dex overheard him complain to Holster, once. “Nothing that sparkles. I’d get distracted opening the notebook and never get any work done.”

He walks over. Nursey likes notebooks about twice the size of pocket-sized–he’s not one of those poetry majors, who whips his Moleskine out of his back pocket as soon as the muse sneezes. “I’d lose one that small,” Nursey says. “Put it down and never see it again.” He likes the A5 size.

He takes a notebook off the rack and slips off the elastic. The paper feels as smooth as a silk necktie under his fingers. He wants–suddenly he wants to get him one. 

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  • Corporate America: Hey guys!! It's FATHER"S DAYY!!! DOn't FORGET TO G ET DAD A GIFT!!! BECAUSE H E DESE RVE S ITT!!
  • Me, to the nearest living creature: Please murder me immediately and tell my dad he's not invited to the funeral
Things Change (Gaston)

word count: 2, 794

summary: Your father is sick and in need of medicine. Gaston instantly falls for your looks, and instead of turning him down, you see a way to help your father. Things don’t go as planned.

warning: slight OOC 

a/n: Yep. I’ve fallen for the beauty that is the live action Gaston, portrayed by the even more gorgeous Luke Evans. Gotta thank the encouragement from my post. And @marvelavengings for putting up with me while I wrote this. Also, can anyone find the Spongebob reference? A gift may ensue. I could’ve written more but I got tired it’s nearly midnight so be easy on me…hope you guys like it. 

Originally posted by luuuuuke-evans

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Here’s my @aftgexchange summer gift for @boydsten , who asked for Andreil with kids!

I hope you like it!

I’ve included some personal headcanons about this particular Minyard-Josten child under the cut, but I will also recommend these two amazing kidfics; A Legacy of Two by ninaalegre and Noah Minyard-Josten by Aleekae, if you haven’t read them yet. Admittedly a few of my headcanons are borrowed or inspired by them so.. Yeah.

Happy Summer! :D

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FTM Passing Tips #2

Please excuse my poor humor (;

(Short dude problems)
I am with you, brother. Here are some tips for my homies:

- Shirts and pants with vertical stripes make you appear taller. Just don’t stand next to tall titan people.

- Tighter pants makes your legs look thinner, therefore making you look taller.  

- Nothing wrong with being short. You could land some clothes in the boys department. I found my favorite Avengers shirt in that section. 

- Creepers/platform shoes are so rad, man. They add a few centimeters to your height and look hella punk rock.

- Jackets and coats that cover your bunbuns are comfy, but they make you look short. Maybe you can add a pair of creepers and a beanie and call yourself a tall punk rock homie.

- If you find a pair of pants that are too long, you can fold the bottoms up.

More tips:

- Make sure your shirt collar isn’t too loose around your neck. Tightening your bowtie or tie might help make your collar shirt appear more of a good fit on you. But be careful not to tighten it too much.

- CHEATING BOWTIE TRICK: I used to sew bows for my sisters to put in their hair, and I had some leftovers without bobby pins. I had an idea to use a string and tie the bow around my neck as a ghetto bowtie and it looked like a fine ass bowtie. Search up “bow no sew tutorial”. 

After making a bow, just pull a string that’s long enough to tie around your neck comfortably through that little middle loop and tuck the tied string ends under you collar shirt. Tadahhh $5 or less bowtie :D

- Longer vests hide them curvy hips, bruh.

- Trench coats are nice. Makes you feel like a badass fallen angel (;

- Fixing the seams of your clothes can help make a better fit for your body. You can even take old, baggy clothes and resew them as new ones.

- TWEEEEEED. Tweed is good. Makes you look like a polished gentleman. 

- Newsboy hats are pretty swell. Easy fix for a bad hair day. 

- Caps and snapbacks are cool too. 

- There are several makeup tutorials on making yourself look more masculine. Just Google “crossplay” or “ftm” makeup. The main tips are to contour your jawline, nose, cheekbones, neutralize the color of your lips a little with a dab of concealer, and fill in your eyebrows. 

- *Morgan Freeman’s voice* OLD SPICE.

- A pair of oxford and chukka shoes can take you far with most outfits. Yes, even in pjs and sweats. Just watch out for the fashion police. 

- Binders are awesome and will flatten your chest.
And don’t get a cheap $10 binder from China on Amazon if you plan to wear one daily. I bought one, but the material was not elastic. I rarely wear it. But it works fine if you’re cosplaying.

- Sport bras are a good substitute for binders. The ones designed to compress breasts are even better.

- Socks can get you a male yoohoo bulge. And it’ll keep your yoohoo warm during the cold winter! It’s like a sweater for your yoohoo! Oh my god, I’m never getting a date…

- Watches are great. But POCKETWATCHES, MMM YAS

- Polo shirts look good. Darker colored polos will help hide your chest.

- KNITTED SWEATERSasdfgljkklhsda;

- You can get a lot of male clothes from WalMart or Target. Don’t underestimate Walmart’s clothing selections. You can get work out gear, Hanes or Fruit of the Looms boxers, briefs, superhero t-shirts for less than $10, plain t-shirts, basically a whole wardrobe at these two stores. So instead of going to GAP and spending half of your rent on a few things, you can probably get a cartload of clothes and stop by for a dvd and some snacks at Walmart. 

- If you want to start a new wardrobe, buy simple and neutral-colored clothes first. It’s easier to mix and match black, white, gray, beige, and navy blue colored pants and shirts together than say, green, mahogany, red, and light blue. 

- Check out minimal fashion. It’s simple and uses basic colors for each outfit, usually black and white. 

- H & M has a wide variety of nice-looking clothes. I would say it has a better quality and designs compared to Forever 21.

- If you’re too lazy or shy to shop around at the mall, try online shopping. 

- If you’re buying cheap t-shirts or any other clothing on Ebay or Amazon, MAKE SURE TO CHECK THE REVIEWS. I ordered a design t-shirt from China a few months back but it has never been shipped to me.

- AND WATCH OUT FOR THE SIZES. Check your measurements. Asian clothings are mostly one size smaller. Not all sizes are universal. A small size for males can be a medium for females. I bought a coat online WHICH IS PRETTY RISKY that was a size small but ended up being too big for me. Ended up Christmas gifting it for my dad.

- Barbershops are better for male haircuts than hair salons, or so I’ve heard.


Thank you guys for all the notes on my 1st FTM tips post. I felt that I’ve done good and offered a helping hand to people. You guys take care (’ v ’)/


And here’s some more recent tips:

- Guys usually stick their chests outward and keep their shoulders back rather than hunch over. This posture would help boast your confidence.
- If you want to start working out but are afraid of working out in a public gym, find a work-out buddy to support you or exercise at home with free weights. USE YOUR SURROUNDINGS. TEXTBOOKS CAN BE USED AS FREE WEIGHTS. BENCHPRESS YOUR ELECTRIC GUITAR.
- Be careful when working out while wearing your binder. You may have to take longer breaks. If it helps, wear your binders a tad bit looser.
- Pick up dancing, martial arts, tennis, rock climbing, swimming, or any form of physical exercise to keep your body and brains healthy.
- When you’re coming up with a work-out plan, balance out cardio and weight-training days. You have to do cardio to help you tone your body.
- Some foods can help you lower your estrogen levels and increase your testosterone. Here are some: tuna, oysters, egg yolk, cabbage, asparagus, garlic, bananas, almonds.
- Lean your head back. Take a deep breath. Now exhale. You got this, man. Don’t worry. You look great.

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fluff week prompt! red team gets sarge something for father's day as a joke.

They couldn’t decide whether a Hawaiian shirt or a novelty tie would make a better Dad Gift™ so they compromised.

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Why does everyone in the sunny fandom shit on Glenn howerton? It's funny I just want to know why so I can join in

because he’s immensely talented and clever and attractive but all he chooses to do with his gifts is make weird dad jokes while looking like a corpse fresh from the river

honestly this video says it all better than i ever could:

father’s day for nursey has been the same as long as he can remember. it’s a little different now that his sister’s out in seattle, but they still facetime her so it sort of feels like she’s there. he wakes up at 7:30, because he could set his clock by his dad waking up at 8:00 on the dot every day. he’s still not too awesome at making breakfast, but he knows how to work the coffee pot and he hasn’t burned the pancakes in years. his dad acts as surprised and delighted as he always does, as if they haven’t been doing this for at least 16 years. after breakfast they get ready to go to his dad’s favorite place in the world, the met. nursey loves walking around the museum with his dad, loves listening to how enthusiastic his dad gets when he gestures wildly at the art and tells nursey about the artist’s backstory and asks nursey how he feels when he looks at the piece, loves the way his dad knows the place better than almost anyone. after the met, they catch a late lunch at his dad’s favorite diner, and then walk the few blocks back home. they spend the rest of the day watching his dad’s favorite movies and maybe a baseball game if the mets are playing, and then they order in from his dad’s favorite thai food place. at the end of the day, he gives his dad the gift he and his sister went in on together: mets tickets, a leather-bound journal, and a trip to tour a microbrewery. his dad hugs him tight and says, “best father’s day ever,” just like he does every year.

Father’s Day Head Cannons

Look, I love the Raven Cycle so I was thinking about what it would be like for Ronan and Adam on Father’s Day. This is what I came up with. Reblogs, Likes, and feedback are greatly appreciated.

-The first time Opal call Adam Dad is when she wakes up from a nightmare after Cabeswater dies and Ronan is finally sleeping after the whole event. Adam is studying for his history exam so Adam responds to the call of Dad coming from Opal’s room. He lies down next to her and tells her the story of the world from his history book. (Don’t worry he cuts out anything scary so Opal doesn’t get scared again.

- So, the morning after that fateful night, Ronan wakes up to an empty bed and gets worried until he smells scrambled eggs and heads down. Opal tells him, “Good morning Kerah, Dad made you breakfast.” And Ronan does his best to hold back tears.

- After that day, they started to celebrate Father’s Day every year. Adam gets Opal to secretly plan something fun and Ronan does the same thing but does a nice thing for Adam.

- Opal always gets confused around this time of year, so she tells Blue everything to keep track of it. As she gets older though, she’s able to keep it straight but calls Blue anyways so they can fawn over the cuteness together.

- After the first few years, on Father’s Day they have Adam’s Magical Father’s Day Field Trip and Ronan’s Fantastic Father’s Day Dinner- which they usually go out to eat and try to make a desert- but fail fantastically.

- The first year, Adam and Opal try to make an entire meal, but almost burn the Barns down because they both tried to distract Ronan when one of them needed to keep an eye on the food- (Ronan was also declared the Chef of the House after that)

- Three years after celebrating it- the year Adam finishes his undergrad- the Father’s Day Field Trip is a beautiful part of the forest where Ronan proposes to Adam. (Two years after that, when Adam gets his masters is when the Field Trip and Dinner on Father’s Day is the wedding and reception)

- When Opal is smart enough to go to school, like six months after she’s pulled out of the dream world ,she almost gets kicked out because when Father’s Day comes around and she tells the teacher she needs to make two Father’s Day gifts for her Dad and Kerah her fellow students call her a freak and she punches a kid in the face. They decide that online school is best for her until a private co ed school pops up in the area.

Hangover Confessions | Peter Parker

Pairing: Peter x Stark!Reader
Featuring: Ned and The Avengers
Warning: Hangover, fluff, swearing(like one word)
A/N: Part 3? Let me know!

Part Two for “Drunken Confessions”

{Reader’s POV:}

Waking up groaning, sitting up on my bed, cradling my head in my hands. Hearing my door open, and footsteps, I looked up. “This is why you shouldn’t sneak out and get drunk kids.” Dad smirked at Ned, Peter, and myself. “Shut up. Leave me alone to die.” I fell back down on my bed. 

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