Headcanon that after Matt is rescued, he starts travelling the galaxy, fighting on behalf of the rebellion and doing whatever he can to screw over the Galra. But he also develops a habit of picking up souvenirs on each of the planets and moons he lands on - just little stones or leaves or sticks, whatever he can find - whenever he thinks of Shiro or has a moment where he wishes Shiro is with him. He collects and keeps all of these little trinkets in a box that he carries with him, promising himself that one day he’ll get to show Shiro his collection.

Then he and Shiro are finally reunited. Matt brings out the box and explains what it is before handing it over. Shiro thinks it’s adorable that Matt made a little collection for him, but then he opens it up and is absolutely gobsmacked when he looks inside. 

Because the box is filled to the brim and there have to be hundreds or thousands of little rocks and shells and plants and twigs and just so many things from so many planets and this is how often Matt thought of him and this is how much Matt missed him this is physical proof of Matt’s feelings for him and he’s just so overwhelmed he has to put the box down and rest his head in his hands and just breathe because holy god, Matt.

And then Matt has to sheepishly admit that this is just the first box.

Beware the Tower-Witch Papyrus. He travels with his baby brother Sanspunzel throughout the Underground searching for victims. If you cross their path, throw candy at them to distract them enough for you to get away. If not you’ll have to answer Papyrus’ question: “Do you think my brother is cute?” Do not answer yes; he will kill you (no one is allowed to know how cute he is). Do not answer no; he will kill you (how dare you not think otherwise). Rhetorical questions do not work on him, he will repeat his question until you answer. The only way out is candy. After all, “Trick or Treat.”

Happy Halloween!

Along with my spite cookies I shall also be spite gifting this Christmas. My dad and my husbands mom are intolerant to say the least. They will each receive a card saying I’ve donated money in their name to whichever charity I think will piss them off the most.


“Let the gifts speaks - From Dad”

A commercial for a danish electronic shop

he likes to bring gifts to his dads it could be a rock, a flower or a lil critter whatever his small hands can get they also have the tendency to wander so u really gotta keep an eye on them 

he also does his own thing but they do have some likeness to their dads

Reiji: Father’s day will be coming up this year. What shall we do for a gift?

Ayato: How about we get that man the same thing he gets us for our birthday every year?

Shu: Nothing?

Ayato: Yeah.


Lestat can be like a big dumb puppy sometimes, and he also has selective hearing loss. OF COURSE SHE WANTED ANOTHER DOLL like of course she did. Did he consult w/ Louis first? No. No, he did not.


word count: 1329

note: fluff won, expect something flirty tomorrow evening :) I hope that you all enjoy xx

Before the baby getting out of the house was difficult enough. They would finally make it to the car and someone would forget a phone charger, or the dessert they promised to bring, or that gift Shawn got his dad in Switzerland on tour. Someone would rush back in and grab what they forgot before something else would come up.

Adding a newborn to the mix was more difficult than they imagined. After forty-five minutes of running back into and out of the house they were on the road. The voice on the radio sang a song that was played far too much and his wife hummed idly along.

They set out on the drive to his parents for the weekend. His parents were so excited to see their grandson and Shawn had to admit he was excited for a small break. He loved being a parent and wouldn’t trade it for anything. He would do just about anything for the tiny human sitting in the back seat, but he was tired.

Sleep had become a foreign concept and screaming the soundtrack to his life. But he knew it was worth it. Even when he and his wife were awake at three in the morning singing weird songs that they had made up to try to coax sleep into their screaming newborn he felt like the luckiest man alive.

The drive was mostly uneventful, save for when she had to climb in the back to calm down their screaming infant. But, Shawn got to grab her bum as she maneuvered over the center console, so he wasn’t complaining too much about that.

When they pulled into the driveway it was mid-afternoon and Shawn could barely wait another second to see his family. He put the car in park and ran around the side to grab the car seat. By the time he made it around the car his wife was leaned over the seat unbuckling it.

He had to grab her bum again and the second he did she squeaked and whipped around, “Cut that out,” she said laughing as she hit his chest.

“I can’t help it,” he said with a wink, “Wanna grab the stuff from the trunk and I’ll do this?”

She nodded and she moved to the back of the car as Shawn looked down at his little one. He was sleeping in the car seat and Shawn placed his hand on his small head, using his thumb to rub his forehead.

As Shawn looked down at his son he couldn’t help but smile. He saw her in all of his son’s features, though she would argue that he looked far more like Shawn. He was pulled out of his thoughts as he felt her hand wrap around his side.

“He’s pretty cute,” She said looking at the tiny baby in their back seat, “It’s crazy that we made that…”

Shawn squeezed her and murmured his agreement, kissing the side of her head. He moved back towards unbuckling the car seat and pulling it out of the car. They made their way to the front door laden with bags and gifts and food.

Shawn pulled the door open and stepped into his warm childhood home. He heard a scream from his left and smiled as he saw his little sister running up to him, “Mum! Dad! They’re here!” She launched herself into his arms for a hug and Shawn passed the carrier to his wife.

He mum and dad followed met them in the entryway, pulling everyone in for hugs and his mum only cried a little bit. They moved into the living room and spent the best part of the next hour passing around the baby and catching up.

Shawn wanted to hear all about his parents and his sister’s lives but they were far more interested in him. How was being a dad? How was the baby sleeping? How was the new album coming along? Occasionally he could squeeze in a question about Aaliyah’s classes or how his parent’s jobs were going.

Then the tears started bubbling over and the screaming started. She chuckled taking the baby from a terrified Aaliyah, “We had a good run, didn’t we? I’m gonna take him into the other room and try to calm him down, he might be hungry.”

Shawn watched her maneuver upstairs whispering sweet words into the ears of their screaming baby. He turned his attention back to his parents who went on and on about the baby. His dad escaped to the kitchen to start dinner and Shawn followed.

After some time, his wife came back down the stairs holding their son and he was reminded of how in love with her he was. He was always in awe of her. She always caught his eye no matter the occasion. They could be in a room with a thousand people and he would find her. He was drawn to her that way.

“Shawn,” he heard, “You listening?”

“Hmm?” He said turning to his dad, “Yeah, of course.”

Dinner was ready and the screaming returned just in time. She went to stand up to go to the popup crib they had brought, but Shawn was quicker. He rubbed her back lightly as he moved past her, running up the stairs two steps at a time.

He opened the door and walked towards the crib. Little tears were bubbling over the brown eyes of his baby and he couldn’t help but smile. He reached down and pulled him up into his arms. The second the baby was in his arms the crying ceased and his little one looked up at him.

“You’re a faker,” He said jokingly bouncing his little one gently, “You just want to come downstairs and see everyone, don’t you?”

He walked them downstairs carefully and saw everyone at the table waiting for him, “We have a guest.”

He sat down next to his wife with his baby in one hand and fork in the other. They sat and talked and joked. He listened to his parents talk about work and his sister about the school dance she had gone to and how horrible it all was.

As dinner winded down Shawn glanced down to see that his little man had fallen asleep. His toes found hers underneath the table and he gave her a light tap. She looked at him and then at the baby and the sweetest smile formed on her face.

“I can’t believe you’re a dad,” Aaliyah said, pulling them out of the trance that they were in, “It’s kind of gross if you think about it.”

Everyone laughed at her comment and Shawn tried to make a snarky comment back, but he couldn’t quite manage. He knew he was a dad, but hearing other people say it made it far more real. He loved that it was real.

Dinner had ended long ago and his family had retired to their respective rooms. They were sat on the bed leaning against the headboard talking about nothing. Their little one was resting in the crib, leaving them time to be with each other.

She let out a yawn and leaned against his chest. He closed his eyes and he could hear his baby’s soft breathing and could feel his wife’s delicate eyelashes brushing against his collar bone. He smiled and kissed her forehead.

Sure he had toured around the world, and he would have to leave again soon. But, despite all of the beauties in the world, his family was the best of all. He used to want to leave and go anywhere and everywhere. Now, he was happy to stay curled up in bed on a Saturday night with his wife in his arms and his kid resting peacefully a few feet away.