This is a relief print of a Surinam toad, also known as a pipa pipa. It seems I am incapable of creating work that other people would actually want, or as my mom would ask “Why can’t you draw anything nice?”.

I have accepted this fact and fully embrace my love of making pictures of ugly things.

If you, for whatever reason (gag gift, revenge gift, eye torture etc…) would like one of these prints, you may order it through my Etsy shop


Gift of Revenge


Since I’m so not hip, I had to look up who the singer was in the “Gift Of Revenge” minisode (the Neiman Marcus and Target commercial). Here she is performing the same song. You dig?

Gin Wigmore - Black Sheep (by GinWigmoreVEVO)

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This week’s episode of ABC’s Revenge - “Penance” - was sponsored by the Target + Neiman Marcus holiday collection. Instead of the regular commercial breaks, viewers were treated to segments of this mini-movie featuring characters from the show and merchandise from the sponsors. “The Gift of Revenge” mixed the mystery, intrigue, and sensuality of Revenge with the style and artistry of some of today’s top designers and the recognizable brands of Target and Neiman Marcus. And, of course, the hashtag #GiftofRevenge was displayed throughout the show. Great integration.

The future of advertising? May very well be! Well done!

and here we have a rough sketch of a tiny version of an OC of mine. He was never named and because of that just goes by ‘Niiv’ as he spent his whole life being called the ‘Niiv Nium’ (meaning ‘the great sacrifice’ on the planet he grew up on)