That’s right! I hit 5000 followers, so it’s time for a give/away!

What can you win:

• $50 USD eGift Card to use on the Sephora website or in store
• You can also schedule a complimentary makeover at Sephora when you redeem a the gift card too so there’s a bonus.

How to Enter:

• Must be following me, @sherrybomb
• Reblog this post; one reblog = one entry, so enter as many times as you want
• While not necessary, I’d love if you’d be active/interact with me.
• Also optional, but please follow my Instagram if you like it. It’s @ sherrybombed
• Be 18+ or have parental permission to enter
• This give-away is inclusive of and open to every gender; anyone who meets the entry criteria and wants some makeup and/or skincare products is welcome to enter regardless of gender expression/identity.


• Giveaway open to US and Canada. If winner is Canadian, they will receive a CAD gift card that is the currency conversion equivalent to $50 USD at the time of being selected.
• You must be willing to provide an email address so I can send you the gift card. (I’d recommend signing up for the VIB program, and using the email for it, so you can get extra exclusive gifts/promo codes with your gift card redemption).
• Do not tag as give/away or variations of such, it can cause the post to be deleted and no one wins that way. That’s no fun.
• You must have your ask/IM open so I can contact you if you win! You have 24 hours to respond, else a new winner will be selected and so forth.
• When you get your Sephora item, tag/@ me in a photo so I can see it and compliment you.
• 1000+ notes or this didn’t happen tbh this is expensive and I don’t want it to flop lol

Winner will be selected shortly after I hit 5k followers! IM me if you have any questions. Good luck everyone, stay beautiful~! 💋💣

anonymous asked:

hey, i'm curious, do y'all do payment plans? 50+ is a lot of money all in one chunk, esp since a lot of trans people have extremely limited access to funds and can't pay something that big all in one portion. you shouldn't drop your prices because i definitely understand about cost, but if you could do payment plans in the future where a certain amount gets paid off per month, or on a specific date, that would be not only be more accessible but revolutionary for low income trans ppl!

(2/3) - an idea to make them more viable is to not start work on the product until after the payment plan’s been completed, ofc!

(3/3) if you guys made a way to buy credit and have it applied to your account balance, that might also work. it’s just another idea to help with low income trans people, esp disabled trans people who don’t have an income option, too. thank you for reading all three of these!

Hey, anon! We actually do have a mechanic in place for this: gift cards are a purchase of store credit. Anyone may buy a series of small gift codes for themselves, in essence choosing the time and amount of each payment installment. When they’ve got enough, this person could then stack all their gift codes into their final purchase!

We. Have. The technology.

To print out our gifs on paper! (see above).

We also have the technology to mail them to you with a $10 Denny’s gift card.

For a chance to get one just: 1. Write and blog an original text post about what you’re thankful for, 2. Tag it with #GIFthanks and #Sweepstakes and 3. Fill out the form that we’ll send you.

Seriously. We have the technology and we want to give it to you because we love you. We love you so much.

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Hi all, dear Potterheads! I made a set of postcards “Harry Potter” with my illustrations and decided to share with you! Includes 13 pieces.

If you are interested - write me      
Enter the subject line “Harry Potter cards” and your address, so I sent you a cute package)
Payment is accepted in the PayPal system
Shipping is free.

Thank you for all)