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Street Artist INSA’s Animated Graffiti Gifs

treet artist INSA paints graffiti murals that he then turns into gifs – called “gif-itis” – by photographing multiple frames of a mural he paints several times, then combining the successive images to create animated gifs. Animating these street murals allows for a viewer to engage with the street artist’s work without leaving their home. The murals exist in the real world as a static image, but when combined with technology, they become a moving image only accessible in the virtual world.

In 2013, INSA traveled to Kubuneh Village in Gambia to paint murals on local structures for the Wide Open Walls Project. He completed his most recent piece (the revolving skulls and hearts at the beginning of this post) a few weeks ago after spending 2 days painting 8 layers of the mural.

You can watch a video of the making of one of his gif murals here.

INSA’s gif-iti on tumblr


Late last year British artist and designer INSA (previously featured here) travel to Rio de Janeiro to create his largest piece of gif-iti to date, so huge that it’s viewable from space and was photographed by a satellite in order to create this gif. It’s not just gif-iti, it’s Space GIF-ITI!

The 154,774 square foot mural was created in four stages by a team of twenty painters:

As each stage–or animation frame–was completed, it was photographed by a satellite. INSA’s Space GIF-ITI was part of the Stay True Stories project, which is sponsored by Ballantine’s, a Scottish whisky brand.

Click here to watch a behind-the-scenes video about INSA’s awesome Space Gif-iti.

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This awesome Gif-fiti mural is the work of Cheko, a street artist based in Granada, Spain. Follow him here on Tumblr to check out more of his beautiful artwork, created both on the street and indoors.

For even more Gif-fiti pieces, check out the work of UK-based artist and designer INSA, about whom we’ve posted several times before.

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