Gideon Lewis-Kraus


“Follow the arrows. In ordinary life, the energy of each new morning is depleted by the thousand decisions that follow:

What’s for breakfast?

Should I endure another moment of this job?

Have I slept with enough people? Too many?? 

Am I wasting my youth?

On pilgrimage you make two decisions: When to stop. And when to start again." 

Tips for a pilgrimage from the always insightful Gideon Lewis Kraus. 

YouTube has told me that Hideo Saito and Manaho Mori—the custodians, managers, promoters, and chief can openers of the Musashis, once one of the most important cat bands on the Internet—would be delighted for me to visit them and interview their cats, but that it would be best if I brought along a translator. My friend Rebecca, who loves cats but lives in a Tokyo apartment building that does not allow pets, is happy to oblige. She is not, however, without concern.

‘These people have five cats,’ she says. 'And those cats are in a band, and they are best known for a Christmas song, and they live in a remote resort town at the top of a mountain, and they have invited you, a foreigner, to come to their home to meet their famous Internet cats. I promise you they are going to be weird people.’