Giant George

Giant George is a blue Great Dane currently recognised as the world’s tallest living dog, and the tallest dog ever by Guinness World Records.

George was born on November 17, 2005, and has been owned by David Nasser since he was 7 weeks old. A runt of the litter as a puppy, he now measures 43 inches (110 cm) high at the withers, and weighs 250 pounds (110 kg)about 114 kg, which is about 100 pounds (45 kg) more than an average Great Dane.

At home he sleeps in a queen-sized bed, and one of his hobbies is to ride around his family’s neighborhood in a golf cart.


This is Giant George.  He previously held two Guiness World Records for Tallest Dog Ever and Living Tallest Dog.  He was 43 inches or 110 centimeters tall and he weighed 245 lbs (111 kg).  Unfortunately, Giant George passed away in mid-October, just weeks shy of his 8th birthday.  RIP sweet boy

Much thanks to toygirlreview for letting me know about Giant George


REST IN PEACE, GIANT GEORGE - “George, a Tucson Great Dane who was once crowned the Guinness World Records World’s Tallest Dog, died at age 7, a month before his eighth birthday…”

A Great Dane in Arizona named George was the previously recognized as the world’s tallest dog. Sadly, he passed away recently at the age of seven. Thanks to his large size, Giant George gained many followers and he was beloved because of his gentle nature. Read more from the Arizona Daily Star:

George, who measured 43 inches from foot to shoulder, reigned as the record holder from February 2010 to September 2012, when he was overtaken by Zeus, a 44-inch-tall Great Dane from Otsego, Mich.

George was the star of a popular book co-written by his owner, real estate agent Dave Nasser, and made the rounds on national talk shows. His Facebook page racked up nearly 200,000 likes.

“George passed away peacefully surrounded by loved ones, one month before his eighth birthday,” a George handler wrote on his Facebook page.

“We appreciate the love and support you have given Giant George over the last several years. We look forward to honoring his spirit by continuing his charitable works.”

Giant George will be missed. Click here for the full story. (Photos from Giant George’s Facebook page)

Rag the Dog meets celebrities

This is Ragge, Aka Rag the Dog. He’s my dog. I decided he needed to go out in the world and meet some famous people and dogs. :)

First off; Mishka - the talking husky.

Next up; Marley from Marley & Me. Rag is not a fan. He doesn’t like over-energetic dogs.

Then: Ginny the JRT - the rescue dog turned star on Instagram. 

After that I was excited to introduce Rag to: Loca - the hoppin’ floppin’ Irish pug. Love that pug!

We went to see: Giant George - world’s tallest dog (RIP)

Next up a human celebrity: Cesar Millan - the dog whisperer

And last but not least, we ended our tour with the worlds greatest alien - Doctor Who! Rag is still out with him on unknown adventures. ;)


Giant George the Great Dane: World’s Tallest Dog