Zepheera-Vision -- A Hand Afoot


Zepheera’s heart pounded, threatening to climb straight out of her throat.

This was no dumbstruck human she was facing. No, that would give her an opportunity to dash away. His countenance was perfectly calm with a touch of contemplation, his eyes cold and calculating. He wasn’t just staring at Zepheera, he was studying her. Memories of that same look from scientists peppered over the course of her long life came clawing to the forefront of her mind, and she had to actively push past them. She needed to find a way out of this, escape the man’s reach somehow and find the Doctor fast.

Before she could even glance away from him, his hand was upon her. His palm filled her vision and his fingers, each almost as long as her entire body, were curling over her head. In a split second, she was snatched up in a loose fist, her four-and-a-half-inch-tall body squished into a ball.

Humans were fast, she lamented belatedly.

Zepheera felt the movement as the hand was lowered and what little light that peeked in through the cracks between the fingers disappeared. With no warning, the pressure around her loosened and she dropped into a dark pocket. She had no time to protest; the man was immediately on the move.

He’d placed her into the outside pocket of his wool coat and it flapped with each and every step the man took, making it nearly impossible for Zepheera to climb out. To avoid hurting herself and lessen the motion sickness, she tucked herself into a corner and breathed as deeply as she could in the cramped, stuffy space. Panic threatened to overcome her, but she refused to let it. She would need a clear mind in order to find the Doctor after she got out of this.

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( Like I said, getting some nicer looking updated character refs up for characters that need em! Now that Naomi’s finished, I’m gonna start some serious work on getting part 8 written and the pic done for it. I’d also just like to briefly mention, I’ve gotten a couple of very similar asks for the two that have gone unanswered. Well, there’s a reason for that that you guys’ll see in the next part! Yup, when you see it, feel proud that you guessed an actual plot point! Anyways, bellow’ll just be Naomi’s old character ref copy/pasted, but hey maybe you wanna read up on her again for fun! )

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Mola Mola

This photo taken from a video shot in Portugal shows a rare up-close encounter with a massive Mola mola, who dwarfs the humans that swim alongside as it moves slowly in for a selfie. For a fish that appears to have just half a body, mola can grow to enormous dimensions and weigh up to 5,000 pounds. 


I don’t know, I love imagining that the twelve members are still together some days and that it’s not just the nine members and because of this I think it’s so interesting imagining living with twelve giant men. Like can you actually picture that?

Chanyeol? You’d end up sitting on his giant lap while he composes a beautiful song, his long fingers dancing across the piano-asking you every five seconds what you thought of the song. Even though he’s barely added anything new to it.

Kris? You’d end up trying to teach him how to draw because he really sucks at it. But you struggle because of your small stature to hold the giant pencil and he’s of no help as he tries to convince you he’s a mastermind when it comes to drawing.

Kai? He’s so lazy and relaxed if you were with him odds are you both would be taking a nap. You’d be curled up on his chest, his large hand sheltering you as he snores softly. Getting up occasionally to get food or bribing you to get it for him-and you’d have to remind him that you’re only a couple inches tall and can’t do that.

Kyungsoo? He’d be the one who’d be cooking in the kitchen, wielding large and terrifying knives that are bigger than your body. But you’d trust him enough to not harm you as he slips you little tastes of the masterpiece he’s cooking up-though if any of the beagle boys show up you might take a step or two back.

Suho? You’d be stuck listening to super cheesy jokes. He’d be practicing his classic dad jokes on you and his stupid faces trying to get you to laugh. You’d end up laughing because you just love cheesy jokes and puns a little too much and his face would light up as he’d press a big kiss to your tiny forehead.

Chen? He’d practice his singing for you because its one of the things he’s most passionate about. He’d flash his gorgeous smile knowing it wouldn’t scare you despite the size difference, and wink, charming you into falling for his massive charms-literally. You’d applaud and dance to his whimsical voice making his day all the more bright and trust me he’d thank you.

Lay? This fluffy lamb would want to practice his dance moves. You’d be on the dance practice floor, feeling the music shake the shimmering floorboards beneath your feet. His smooth footsteps would add to the shaking but you’d be careful to not slip so you can focus on his moves. He’d be so grateful and when you feel stable enough you’d try to join in and be his tiny and clumsy shadow.

Tao? No matter what you would always end up out and about with him doing his favorite hobby-shopping! He doesn’t care if people notice his tiny little friend peeking out from his pocket, because he’s there to make you AND him look stunning. He’d spoil you rotten with tiny couture and sweets. You’d be a happy tiny spending the whole day with this GIANT diva.

Sehun? You’d end up helping this giant youngster practice lines for an acting job or reassuring him that he’s super talented because sadly people like to crap all over him and as his tiny buddy you know thats far from the truth. You’d get to see this giant cutie all flustered and nervous and you’d get to be the one to cheer him up and help him improve so he can step on them haters.

Xiumin? He loves eating so much, you can quite literally see the spark of pure joy when food enters his vision. So you know what you would do with him? You’d go an eat with him at restaurants, he’d set you on the table or on his big comfy lap-your choice. You both would just stuff yourselves silly and have silly little conversations or take cute/punny pictures for social media purposes and it would overall be a fun and fluffy time.

Luhan? Oh gosh, his time can only be summed up with total disaster. Yes, Luhan is a sweetheart but he is in love with sports and activity and no sport can safely be played by a giant and a tiny at once. He’d try playing soccer with you only to realize the giant ball poses a HUGE threat to your tiny stature and you both would just end up at the gym, you’d relax and be his little hype person-cheering him on as he gets thicker and healthier.

Baekhyun? His obsession with video games would be the death of you. He’d spend the whole time on his computer and he’d try to see if you despite being small could use the controls like him. Maybe you can and maybe you fail epically because it just isn’t possible. You’d end up either trying to calm him down every time he gets frustrated because he lost a game, or cheer him on overtime he gets super excited about a win. You both would have stupid victory dances and it would just make his face light up with that gorgeous smile of his.

Now just imagine being with all of them at once, that would be utter chaos but you’d feel so happy and at ease, why? Because you trust these twelve giant dorks with your life. They may be huge, clumsy, muscular and goofy-but at the end of the day you’d be happy spending your time with all of them or one of them.

Whether they initiate a game and you sit on one of their laps or shoulders or by them, you’d be part of the group despite being only a couple inches tall and that would be something special.

Zepheera-Vision Prologue -- A Hand Afoot

After well over a year of traveling together, defeating monsters and rescuing alien civilizations, the Doctor and Zepheera decided to take it easy for a day. Nothing fancy, just a few hours spent in 21st century London, eating chips and seeing the sights.

Then a kid on a skateboard came speeding past the Doctor while he wasn’t paying attention and clipped him, knocking the Time Lord flat on is back in the middle of the sidewalk.

Zepheera flew off the Doctor’s shoulder. Ordinarily she would be hanging out near the edge of one of his pockets with this many people around, or at the very least under his collar, but she wanted a proper view of the city she’d spent so many years hiding underneath. So she sat tucked against his neck with a small perception filter attached to a TARDIS key in her lap. But after the fall, two things became apparent once she’d come out of her daze. One: The key was nowhere in sight, making her perfectly visible to anybody who bothered to look down. More importantly, two: she’d been thrown several feet away from the Doctor.

She tried to hurry back to him, but a few kind souls in the vicinity flocked to his side to offer help. That meant dozens of feet crashing down around her, some coming within inches and centimeters of crushing her. Instinct kicked in and she ran; logic inserted itself to insist that she’d need to get to safety first, then she could reunite with the Doctor.

Meanwhile, pedestrian feet were corralling Zepheera further away from her giant friend.

By the time she reached relative safety against the wall of a building, she’d lost track of her Time Lord. She could hear him calling, but it was muffled in the layers upon layers of people between them and the incessant rumble of footsteps. Zepheera was forced to climb rough brick wall behind her in search of higher ground. She was all too aware of the enormous risk she was taking, but at the moment she didn’t care about being seen as long as she could find the Doctor.

But when she reached a windowsill to look out from and she immediately met a humongous someone’s icy-blue gaze, she suddenly cared a lot.

Part 2

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