It is well known that the press loves a love story, but it is often forgotten that they have a very particular taste in their romance. They want only to hear from the heterosexual couples, and prefer that any same sex couples keep their romance private. Any public display of affection between queer couples seen as inappropriate or distasteful, whereas the same act would deemed sweet and cute if it was between a heterosexual couple. So we keep it private, and history misses out on hearing some of the greatest love stories of all time.
Αν αντεχω λεει;
Μετα απ'οσα ειπα,επραξα,εδειξα,εκανα,εχασα,αφησα,τραβηξα,τσακωθηκα,εκλαψα..Εσυ πες μου.
—  Γιαννης Πολιτης