First, we want to thank all you Vagabonds for your continued support for our latest project, Good Neighbors, through all your Facebook posts, tweets, re-tweets, and radio station requests! We’re happy to bring you our latest video, “Predictions.”

Directed by Giancarlo Loffredo of Mupalia Pictures, the innovative “Predictions” takes you inside the regular day life of Baysiqly and E.R. No, it’s not the stereotypical rapper’s holiday full of jewelry & car shopping and champagne bottle popping, but an honest-to-God actual regular day.

Witness as Baysiqly goes from sitting on the couch watching television to handling chores around the house, and follow E.R. as he walks through the streets of his Little Havana neighborhood en route to his favorite crate digging spot (no doubt to find some new dope samples to chop up for their future records), before the duo finally meets up at Little Havana’s famed Nicaraguan eatery Yambo Fritanga.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the lyrics, in which Baysiqly exercises his clairvoyant skills, giving us his grim but honest “Predictions” of the Vagabods’ rise and fall in the music business, from encountering fake friends who are out to use them, the industry’s famed drug use, and other evils of the business.

As usual, production is handled by E.R., who combines elaborate strings, a funky bassline and banging drums to create an old soulful 70′s vibe reminiscent of Willie Hutch. It’s the perfect wake-up call after the release of Good Neighbors, which also features this song.


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Furthermore, We’ve teamed up with the good folks at Island/Def Jam Records to distribute “Predictions” across all of your favorite music retailers, including iTunes, Amazon, Napster, Rhapsody, and many others. The single is available for JUST $0.99 cents, so we would definitely appreciate your business! (But even if you just download it for free, we definitely won’t over look that!)

Once again, thank you all and please continue to spread the word about the Vagabonds movement. The industry is quickly starting to wake up to what Baysiqly and E.R. are up to, and it would not be possible with the most important people of them all—you, the FANS!