Gia Goodman

“Sometimes I feel like it needs to be pointed out that the reason Gia and Cobb were able to frame Logan for Carrie’s Murder wasn’t because he was a “bad boy,” it was because they knew that despite Carrie cheating on him, despite their break up and despite the fact that Carrie had yelled at him earlier that very day, if Carrie asked Logan for help he would do the right thing.”

“OK - I really need to get this off my chest… Here’s my thing about iZombie and Jessica Jones. I really want to want to watch them because iZombie was created by Rob Thomas and the other has Gia in it and EVERYONE says it is a darker version of Veronica or Veronica Mars with superpowers. BUT - ULTIMATELY - it really makes me depressed that these two shows aren’t more Veronica Mars. THE Veronica Mars. The ORIGINAL - THE ONLY - Fabulous AS IT IS - Veronica Mars.”