Gia Goodman

thepageoftarts replied to your post:The Veronica Mars Movie

I started to tear up when you were talking about Gia. Nine years of living under Cobb’s thumb. Ugh.

Seeing the movie multiple times really drove this particular point home for me. It’s the way Cobb has ingratiated himself into her life - the way he makes Gia say his name, making sure she can’t zone out or go to a different place, making her be with him in that moment in a way she can’t escape from… It hurts me so deeply and so viscerally. Just the idea of sweetly naive Gia Goodman having this happen to her, the way she’s turned into a victim who has to pal around with her victimizer, it’s one of the more tragic aspects of the movie for me.

It kind of makes me wonder about her therapy, about the misplaced aggression. It isn’t that I don’t think Gia ever did drugs or that she wasn’t running in the Carrie Bishop-Dick Casablancas-Luke Haldeman circles before, but the way she talks about hitting Cobb up for the good drugs makes me wonder if she started trying to escape the whole deal with her father - if some of her misplaced aggression toward Veronica wasn’t just about telling the world her father was a pedophile, but actually about the events that stemmed from that. If Veronica hadn’t said anything, she might not have been on that boat. If Veronica hadn’t said anything, Cobb wouldn’t have gotten that picture. If Veronica hadn’t said anything, Cobb wouldn’t be raping her and holding this terrible thing over her head and the heads of her friends.

And she’s still able to recognize that this isn’t Veronica’s fault. But it hurts me all the more to think about Gia trying to work through all of her issues, and never being able to say half of them out loud and having everything hinge on her father’s fall from grace.

Sorry, I just have a lot of Gia feels!