The Ghost Town of Belchite | Spain (by David Martin Castán)

Between August 24 and September 7, 1937, loyalist Spanish Republican and fascists and rebel General Franco's forces in the Spanish Civil War fought the Battle of Belchite in and around the town. After 1939 a new village of Belchite was built adjacent to the ruins of the old, which remain a ghost town as a memorial to the war.


It’s all fun and games…

Thinking about doing these as a small print set. Maybe stickers? T-shirts? Letterpress? Any suggestions?

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This is what happens when an over-zealous Ascalonian ghost encounters a full regeneration build warrior.

EDIT: As some people have pointed out, the layout for this comic is identical to this one. I enjoyed the humor, and felt the mechanics fit well with my warrior and I wanted to make my own version as a tribute to both the comic and the game. If you want to see more great video game humor, visit