The one with the two little girls at the table is really fucking creepy.

If I was Dean Winchester

~warnings maybe a cuss word and being totally badassed~

If I was Dean Winchester I would pack baby’s trunk with all my stuff and plenty of pies. I would take Sam Cas and Crowley we would hop in baby and just runaway.

I would make best friends with a friendly werewolf vampire and even a ghost.

We would go state to and be ourselves helping people along away but mainly eating pie and loving live. When I finally tell Cas I love him it’ll be in front of Big Ben. I would smirk and I would say.“Hey Cas babe wanna know a secret I love you even though at times you can be an assbutt as you would say. But dude I love you so don’t ever leave me or that would be the death of me.

That’s how it would be if I was Dean Winchester.

The End

(Feed back is appreciated I feed off of feedback so please feed me I’m hungry lol to be honest I think that would be a good series)

Ol’ Scoob saw a ghost, which flung him from a bathtub into the basement, and then chased him around. Oh noes!

He tells Fred and Shaggy about it, but after checking the bathtub…

…they get really incredulous, cheesed off, and don’t believe him.

Fred says, angrily, “You’ve sure got some imagination!”

Meanwhile, Scooby’s all like

“Uh… guys? Remember earlier this season?”

“Y’know, with the possessed suit of armor… and the haunted castle… and the glowing scuba diver… and the creepy miner… and the dognapping shaman guy… and the blue-faced ghoul… and the giant ape man… and the living puppets… and the hypnotizing clown… and the second castle full of monsters… and the petrifying mummy… and the witch’s zombie… and the ghost pirates… and the alien specter with a haunted airfield of clones?”

“…is a ghost and a bathtub really where you draw the line of believability?”