When we caught wind of the Jambox, we knew a game-changer was about to drop. A Bluetooth-enabled portable wireless speaker that actually delivers on its promise of full-spectrum sound? Something compact enough to throw in your bag, robust enough to take a beating, powerful enough to fill a room with music (or gaming and movie audio), and versatile enough to handle conference calls?
While the Jambox isn’t intended to replace existing docking systems capable of stereo separation, you may find yourself so happily unteathered that your other audio devices collect dust. Its pair of proprietary acoustic drivers deliver an impressive dynamic range through an ultra-compact dome speaker that works in concert with a moving-wall passive bass radiator and airtight enclosure. All of which is to say, it produces a damn good sound (from highs to lows you can actually feel on the table) for something so unassuming.


There’s a beating heart buried in the wintry landscape of Glider, a warm 4/4 pulse that enervates the album’s echoing, looped drones and pulls the listener swiftly through the snow. By pinning barely-there electronic beats to his wisps of guitar melody, the Seattle-based producer turns ambient music into a hybrid strain of breathtakingly intimate, small-scale dance music.


Inspired by the design and functionality of the iconic walkman headphones, the Tracks headset was an instant favorite when it hit the shelves last year. The Tracks is designed around an inventive aluminum brace that acts as a rail system for the sliding ear cups. Not only can one easily adjust the positioning of the cups, but since the width of the rail gradually increases, one can remove them altogether for storage. The 40mm speaker offers a full-range of sound that is surprisingly rich for an on-ear foam padded cup.



A notebook for the thoughts you’ll want to remember… While there are thousands of notebooks on the market, few will make your musings look as polished as this ringed notebook designed by Naori Miyazaki for Düller. Conceived by IDEA International as a unique brand merging German design principles with Japanese tradition, Düller achieves a level of refinement that’s virtually unrivaled.

Product Details

60 pages
5 1/3" wide x 8 1/3" tall
Cover stock on front and back cover with debossed black foil lettering
Cover is made from “GA = Green Aid” paper, an environmentally sound material with a slightly textured surface