New Ghost In The Shell film written and directed by Arise’s Tow Ubukata and Kazuchika Kise. According to a friend who tipped me off about it, it will touch on “the birth of Motoko.” While it’s safe to assume it will take place in Arise’s timeline, there’s no confirmation.

While the translation is ‘loose’ from the official Kokaku A site, it’s very clear that something Ghost in the Shell ARISE related is coming soon :)


Formal title, publish date, Visual, dispatch has been lifted!

Information of the ’ Ghost in the shell ’ latest production was announced in September last year was lifted.

[Title] was completed summer dispatch first Ghost in shell riot Evangelion [published] by the year 2015 and post Visual! Dispatch (PC) ↓ dispatch (Smartphone) ↓ introduction ↓ Shirow Masamune teacher message ↓ staff & cast ↓
staffcast.html [origin] Please know all the “Ghost in the shell”.

Come and experience world of “Ghost in the shell” and appeal through this dispatch, Visual.
Also decided the “Ghost in Shell Motoko ARISE’ TV series broadcast from April.

More details will be announced shortly. "Ghost in Shell Motoko ARISE’ ↓ please thank you.