The Hotel La More in Bisbee, Arizona (which is also called the Bisbee Inn) is a century-old building with some of the more unusual and interesting ghosts of this former Wild West mining town, tucked in the Mule Mountains only 12 miles north of the Mexican border. It’s a popular place for ghost hunts–no wonder, as there are numerous spirits who haunt this place.

  • The most famous ghost here is the ghost cat of Room 23, who is the spirit of a cat that was accidentally locked in a pantry after being shooed away by the inn’s owner. Now unable or unwilling to leave, it’s often seen outside the hotel as well, climbing ledges and sleeping in sunbeams. Room 23 is its favorite; sometimes, guests awaken in bed to the sensation of a cat curled up at their feet, or report hearing its ghostly purring or pitiful scratching at the door and window. 
  • Room 7 is home to an ethereal Lady in White, who brings the scents of lavender and lilacs with her as she makes her presence known in the room. 
  • In Room 11, a cowboy dressed in his getup is said to lurk in the bathroom, turning the faucets on in the middle of the night and even flushing the toilet. 
  • Room 15 is the favorite place of a lonely ghost who often spends the night curled up next to the living guest.
  • The spirit of a miner haunts the ground floor and the outside of Hotel La More–the ghost of a man who must have died in one of the many copper mines in and around Bisbee.  

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I've been wondering get something about yuts. Can animals see ghosts and does Kouda know about their existence? Because you wrote about Rei playing with Mika before and since Kouda can talk to animals he might have heard about ghosts at some point?

Not all animals can see ghosts; only cats can. Unfortunately cats don’t care to articulate very well and also don’t differentiate between dead humans v. alive humans, and Cats Are Weird anyway, so Kouda hasn’t picked up on it yet.

Asterisk Holder OC Bios

I’ve been meaning to write about my four asterisk holder OCs in some detail for a while, and after getting back into designing them, I decided to do so now.


The holder of the Necromancer asterisk is Corvusa Spectre, a thirty-eight-year-old woman from northern Harena. Her asterisk allows her to reanimate anything she has killed into a state of undead in order to help her fight.

She is distant, and incredibly secretive, hiding herself away in a hidden library she built in the Harena Sea Caves to conduct her research in peace. You would have to contend with an entire army of the undead and kill her in cold blood if you were to stand any chance of learning her abilities.

After losing everyone she cared about in the Great Plague, the former student of Black Magic in Al-Khampis turned to the forbidden art of necromancy in a desperate attempt to negate the effects of the pandemic.

Likes: Birds, really spicy food, ghost stories

Dislikes: Cats, murderers, fire


The holder of the Oracle asterisk is Divinia Parnassus, a thirty-two-year-old woman from the city of Florem. Her asterisk allows her to predict the future and plan out pre-emptive strikes with a divine gift some say is from the Celestial Realm.

She is strict yet fair, but her inability to gauge the emotional weight in a room often makes her come across as nastier than she actually is. She is fiercely devoted to her comrades and to her job, and would do anything to make them realise their full potential.

Divinia runs the Florem Mercenary Guild, using her uncanny ability to see the future to effectively pose as a fortune teller to conceal her true identity as the Oracle. She is responsible for the jobs of several of the world’s best mercenaries, such as Ciggma Khint, Angelo Panettone, and Aimee Matchlock. 

Likes: Warm cookies, interior design, board games

Dislikes: Being disbelieved, remarks on her hair, Nobutsuna Kamiizumi


The holder of the Geomancer asterisk is Luv Gaia, a twenty-year-old woman from Eternia. She can bend the very ground she walks on to her will, both assaulting her foes and protecting her own skin.

Optimistic and bubbly, she can boost the morale of a room just by talking. Calm even in the face of danger, some people find her positive attitude rather jarring and even a little bit frightening, but in dangerous situations her level-headedness can mean the difference between life and death.

Now a research scientist for the duchy of Eternia, Luv pursued the rare form of magic known as Geomancy - the ability to control the terrain through the power of the crystals - after being inspired by her scientist parents’ careers.

Likes: Hugs, hot chocolate, crime novels

Dislikes: Vanity, isolation, insects


The holder of the Inventor asterisk is Elektrus Clare Magnus, a technically twenty-four-year-old man from the Eisen region. He employs gadgets and devices to assist him in small increments over the course of battle.

He appears to be confident and outgoing , which he uses as a ruse to hide the fact that he has no idea what he is doing with his life and that if he was taken out of his comfort zone of mechanical prowess, he would likely cease to function.

From Altair’s era, Elektrus was cryogenically frozen to protect precious research materials in case of mass destruction. He was accidentally awoken during the ducal-orthodox war by the Swordbearers, and eventually ended up in Anchiem as a famous master mechanic known lovingly as Eclare - regardless of whether he wanted to be or not. 

Likes: Yunohana sashimi, the smell of motor oil, pranking people

Dislikes: Slang, creative lulls, cold weather

Full backstories under the cut (slight B2nd spoilers):

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Tika masterpost. Yeah, I know people have probably seen a lot of these buuut… I dunno. 

It’s Tika. I love her. @pangur-and-grim expressed at least brief interest in half orientals… I don’t know that she’s halfsies but there’s definitely a LOT of Oriental in her. She can also make her face look more or less wedgie by how much she furrows her brows and fluffs her cheeks (she totally can; she’s got the most mobile face I’ve ever seen on a cat…) She’s my alien-watching, ghost-finding, shiny (oh so shiny) ball of neuroses, and I love her. (the grey fella sleeping with her in one of the above pix is Tidus, who is the current holder of the title of ‘Antique Cat’. Normally Tika won’t stand being close to anyone else but Tidus is so inert she doesn’t mind him.)

Sadly, I am not a photographer and do not own a fancy camera, so I’m sorry some of these are blurry or washed out. Photoshop can only fix so much.

Encounter with ghost cat?

Last night at around 12, I was completely awake in bed when I felt an animal jump on my bed. I thought it was my dog and looked to see, but there was nothing there. However, the “thing” kept moving, crawling slowly across my legs, sniffing me a bit, then eventually laid down with its head laying against my thigh. The blanket even moved with whatever it was. Then it meowed and purred at me. By the time I had convinced myself I was fully awake, it got up and jumped off the bed.

I do not own a cat. I’ve never owned a cat.

I’m not freaked out per se, but this is really an enlightening moment for me because I never fully believed in ghosts and now I know that they are real….and supposedly there are also ghosts of animals.

I didn’t know what to do about this experience and “what it means” (probably nothing) so I decided to share it here. Have any of you had an experience like this?

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Can you tell us about the ghost cat you talked about in the tags of that ghost story post?

i think i’ve talked about ghost cat before but basically when i was twelve i started seeing this fluffy black cat, usually late at night, that would follow me and sit patiently in corners or dash by my feet. the strange thing is that it’s been tangible and pretty docile? like, i’ve felt paws slowly step up beds im sleeping on only for a light weight to then sit on my side or chest. this happened before there were even any cats in the house.

i also remember late night trips to use the restroom only to have the cat rub against my legs, then vanish when i do a double take to see which cat it must’ve been in the years there were cats in the house. also important is that, shortly after i adopted the granny cat gonzo, i had to keep her shut in a separate room for a night, i think because she was still acclimating and hopping on people’s faces. that night, i slept on the sofa, and was sound asleep when my grandma came out to check on me. she tells me she clearly remembers seeing, in the dark room, a fluffy black cat sleeping on my side before it hopped up to greet her, turned, and returned to sleeping on me.

the next morning i had to explain to her that my cat had been shut in a room for the night, and was not loose and couldn’t have been sleeping on me.

and now, not too long ago, while heading onto the deck late at night in my new home, i saw a black cat run by me and enter the house.

the ghost cat has followed me across states, homes, and years. it’s just like this odd little familiar thing that likes to rest with me? and shows up when i’m walking to places alone at night?? strange.