Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD 4x11 “Wake Up” Season 4 Episode 11 Sneak Peek #2 - May races to find the truth about what happened to her, while Aida’s next move could mean the death of them all, on “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” Tuesday, January 24th on ABC.

EDIT: I took some advice from @anastasia-cherubin and adjusted a few of the motions.  Hopefully it worked all right!  It’s certainly not perfect, but everything’s a learning experience.

Look!!  Rough animation!!

I’d like to clean it up at some point and make it all purty, with a background and junk, but that may have to wait for a bit.  In the meanwhile, have this!

HUGE thanks to everyone in the stream chat who hung out, especially to @heilos and @shadowlillium for their advice on certain parts!

(still best viewed with this song:


I hit the street and I died. And there’s nothing, it’s just darkness. Then I heard a voice. It was asking me if I wanted a second chance, did I want to punish those who hurt my brother, did I want to avenge my own death. I answered “Yes. More than anything, yes.” And I was alive again. You’re right, there was someone there who came to. But it wasn’t a good Samaritan. It was the Devil. And whatever was inside him, he passed it into me.


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