Back to back goooood nights <3

Alyssa’s bdayyyy :) went to dinner at Yummy Sushi in Coronado. Super delishh! Then off to Ghiradelli’s in downtown… (Ashley driving a stick shift for one of the first times= scariest moment of my life) My ohh myyy what a night filled with good laughs and fooooood!

Well I am Back

The Field Museum was awesome as always. The Genghis Khan exhibit was very informative, although it did gloss over a lot of the gorier history. We did see a tension trebutchet in the Khan exhibit along with a corpse which was really cool because it was partially mummified. It was so short though! She would maybe come up to my breasts if she was standing upright. So tiny. Visited my baby Tiktaalak, and the dinosaurs. I always visit Evolving Planet when I go to the Field.

We had lunch at Bennigans, an Irish Pub, and then meandered over towards Water Tower. We saw the Blue Angels as we did so; Air and Water Show was this weekend. So we got to see low flying F-18’s doing wild tricks in the air. It was so cool. My heart thrummed so much. 

We got ice cream at Ghiradelli’s and sat outside watching the planes fly; they were done by the time we finish our ice cream, so my parents and I walked back to the train station and came home.

It was a good day.


Radiator Springs and Alice in Wonderland adventures. some of my favorite Disneyland rides and a strawberry soda with sprite from Ghiradelli ;d 👩🏻✨🍓♠️♦️♣️♥️

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I work in the movie theatre right next to the Ghiradelli Soda Fountain that has the $75 Marshmallow pin. The movie theatre happens to be owned by Disney so right now, we're playing Frozen to "cool off the end of summer". But every month, theres always a new pin release of some sort that is limited edition. So if you're ever in LA, head over to Hollywood, watch a movie at the El Capitan Theatre, and hop next door for a Sundae and some pin shopping. Oh. Elsa says good morning to me at work. ;)


I live in Singapore. Our island is stuck on the other side of the planet.

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I guess it’s not fated for me to own that Marshmallow pin. 8′D


So Wednesday I took a plane from home in Washington state to Sacramento cali and my aunt and grandma picked me up and we walked around old town Sacramento 
We went to Stockton cali , which is where all my family is and I lived there for four years 
And then yesterday I took a train and bus from Stockton to Pasadena which is super close to las Angeles .
The sister of my aunts husband lives here in Pasadena (this family use to live right next door to me in Cali ) 
And so last night when I arrived in Pasadena they took me to Hollywood walk of fame and the souvenir stores .
It was SO much fun I saw twilights and Harry potters cement squares with their footprints and had ghiradelli Ice cream !!! It’s my FAVORITE ice cream in the whole world !!! And I bought a shirt that says Hollywood OMH 
I’ve been so happy this whole past week sense meeting Taylor it’s been so hard to remember the times I haven’t been happy

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what are ur fave brands of healthy sweets line bars and cookies? x

Hey :) Honestly I don’t really know of any healthy dessert brands other than say, Skinny Cow, because I usually indulge with dessert (I have a huge sweet tooth!) But typically I like to have: Ghiradelli dark chocolate squares, sorbet, chocolate covered almonds/peanuts/macadamia nuts, chocolate covered bananas, bridge mix, Mrs. Fields cookies, Jello-o, ginger snaps, thin mints, M&ms, graham crackers w/ chocolate and whipped cream (faux s’mores) :)

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🍭 - Favorite Candy?////👊 - Something you hate?////🎶 - Top 5 favorite songs?////😡 - What pisses you off?

- my favorite candy is hard i dont eat a lot of candy buuut i think milk chocolate caramel ghiradelli squares
- i dont hate a lot of things umm i hate when people at work try to tell me how to do my job even tho they suck at it i mean its only one person lol but everytime she does it im like ….. 😬
•Stole the Show by Kygo
•Peace of Mind (Arty Remix) by Above &Beyond
•Levels by Avicii is F o r e v e r
•On a Good Day by Oceanlab is also forever
•Akuda House Propaganda from BG&E
-What really really pisses me off is being ignored like at family gatherings bc im the youngest or in league when im stuck being top and im getting pushed for 10 minutes but the jg ignores me and wont help and im sitting there heplessly trying to farm while this motherfucker is trying to dive me and my lane is destroyed and no matter how mych i ping i am ignored i get so SO MAD