Summary of my WC2014 experience day 10

Argentina 1 vs Iran 0

This world cup keeps messing with us. No one knew Iran would Impress like they they did. they held their end so well that the majority was behind them but in the 90+1’ Messi scored saving Argentina 

MAJORITY: Argentina did not deserve to win…they dint play well am sad for Iran”

but Aguiero doing us a favour and giving the lines man a job since he doesn’t know his

Meanwhile where did this guy come from?

Germany 2 vs Ghana 2

Ghana is another Surprise bitch… everyone thinking Germany would get a free ride but Ghana having none of it.

The Family Reunion: Boateng vs Boateng

Mario Gotze with an opening goal for Germany

a Fantastic Header from Ayew, equalizing for Ghana

And Gyan took Ghana to into the lead with another goal

The we had the dance of life…Whether you suppor Germany or Ghana this is Epic

then Joachim Low… did a power substitution by introducing experience on the pitch. Klose and Schweinsteiger and this happened.

but you know what? Bruv still got it


but Ghana fans though…they are fabulous

Nigeria 1 vs Bosnia 0

The teams played really well and the game was really interesting. Only flaw was Edin Dzeko being ruled offside, a poor judgement from the referee’s.

But Super Eagles played really well and had numerous chances, but it was finally sealed by a goal from Peter Odewingie

Bring on Day 11!