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Hey I'm just curious, why do you say you can write some of your requests and not others? Is it like you think you have weak areas in writing and want the requests to be better than what you could do with it or is it something else? Idk I'm just wondering lol

Hi anon,

I’m glad I’m getting a chance to answer this question.

I leave requests in my inbox for several days and reread them several times, and I’m looking for myself to come up with a storyline, and if I’m struggling, I know my story will be forced, and when I force a story, it’s not up to my personal par of writing.

And there’s some great SPN fic writers out there who probably come up with a natural and organic storyline that gives you the story you deserve

Also, I have a lot on my plate, and writing occurs in the very minimum free time I have, so I have to be more picky with what I choose to accept because I just do not have the ability and time to write all the requests that come in. I can get up to 5 requests each day, when I already have a working list, and I have my own ideas and imagines that I personally want to write

I promise it’s nothing personal against you or your prompts, I just need to limit myself to what I commit to, and if there’s a story I don’t think I can write well, then unfortunately I will not be able to write it up

But thank you for asking :)

nativeboom asked:

Hey Hey! I love you work, and how dedicated you are; 😱👌 Keep it up; I am also into astrology & horoscopes; but I did not think it would be so complex, with the rising moon, and some kind of "5th House"( I'm sorry if I'm sloppy with my terminology); I want to know, how does one get to figure/find out all the complex stuff, is there a site you recommend?

aww thank you so much! 💗
well first off to find out your own chart you can go here and fill out your info.

i think , and are some great websites to learn more about astrology! and if you have any other questions about astrology, just show my inbox some love lol

hope that helps 😁

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as you can probably tell I’m finally getting around to answering questions lol. Sorry again guys, I would’ve just done it on mobile but I like to be thorough in my answers and some of these would be an awful lot to be typing out on a phone keyboard (._.”) I’ll try to get through what’s currently in my inbox tonight, if I don’t then I’ll have them done by tomorrow afternoon. Thank you for your patience~