I’ve done it.

I finally managed to get a complete stranger to send me money over the internet without doing any work. I’ve been slowly but surely building up a following on twitter among people who have a fetish of sending people their money. It’s taken a few weeks, but I’ve finally cracked the glass and I am in. I have no idea if I will continue to receive strangers’ money, but I am now $35 richer than I was and all I had to do was waste a lot of time on the internet, which I would’ve done anyway.

Tucker: Do you guys ever get anything done, or do you just stand around talking all day?

Grif: We don’t get paid enough to do stuff.

1, I’d say that explains why Red Team never gets the plotlight. But b, Tucker you hypocrite.

One part of my job this summer is to plan and lead interpretive walks and hikes which is awesome because it means getting paid to do the kind of stuff I like doing in general but also means I have a shitton of studying to do because I’m so bad at identifying stuff.


I work at REI now and there’s this thing called Yay Day where you get to do outdoor stuff and get paid for doing it. I think it’s only for 6 hours though. Not too sure about that. But yeah. I think if I train hard enough, I’ll eventually be able to do 100 miles in 6 hours.

Don’t judge the a movie by the amount of re-shoots it has!

Remember the actors and character aren’t the same person!

A delay doesn’t mean they’re running behind schedule!

A quick or long filming schedule doesn’t mean a good movie!

Just because the trailer is bas doesn’t mean the movie is!

The actors do not carry a movie!

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Do you tutor other people? Like can you explain to me how to do that pls... I never get how it works... thank you luv!!

my university contacted me and asked me to tutor/mentor for a specific paper. it’s a paper that i’ve previously taken, so like i know and understand the content p well and i just do a single session per week with a bunch of students to make sure they understand the stuff. and i get paid to do it yay

Personal stuff

I have a stressful few weeks coming up, and it’s been a stressful few months already. 

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i’m not making a ton of money this summer but i am getting paid to do stuff i would do (and have done) for free so things could be worse

I am so fucking excited to be working on my first case as an actual person who gets paid to do legal stuff.  I’m so excited that the area of law that I’m working in is one that I’m familiar with, I’m certainly not a master of it, but I have a level of expertise that might even be better than most of my fellow classmates.  I am stressed and terrified that the stuff I’m doing actually severely affects the lives of real human beings, but holy shit am I excited. 

I can’t fully wrap my head around the time and money and work I’ve put into actually being able to do something life changing (and for big bucks).

I got paid to do cool stuff today and it was great so if this degree can end and I can get paid to do cool stuff every day that would be great, thanks

soooooo i made an acct on seekingarrangement and i have no clue how to do anything but i live in buttfuck nowhere so im not sure like, how many views or messages i’ll get. i could REALLY use this though. getting a job is hard and even then, i’m gonna be working for minimum wage, so if i can find a guy to like, idk. do stuff for and also get paid for it?? that would be so awesome. 

anywway accountants get paid a lot so if i have to do accounting stuff or help with it, i’m expecting maxium pay or else i will refuse to work

Bout to go grocery shopping when I get paid on Friday. Put sticky notes on all my stuff saying “DO NOT EAT MY SHIT YOU DID NOT PAY FOR ANY OF IT” and anybody in this house that touches my shit will see my ass real live.

Okay so I’m kinda annoyed.

I work at a residence that is home to some ladies with intellectual disabilities. It’s a high demand and we don’t get paid enough for the stuff we do. We certainly don’t get paid enough to deal with rude neighbors.

So I am at work and one of my coworkers parked on the street across the way. WELL the neighbor comes over and asks that we not park on his lawn.

Now that in itself isn’t a problem. I totally get not wanting your lawn parked on. However, I explain it isn’t my car and I will tell my coworker to move it as soon as I can but apparently that isn’t good enough. He very rudely tells me people do it all the time and he then says in a rude tone “use your driveway you never use it.”

Excuse me. I said I would handle it. You can’t just leave it at that? One of the lady’s has guests over how dare you embarrass me in front of them? How fucking dare you? Fortunately the guests were very sweet and just rolled their eyes at him.

but seriously I have a very demanding job. I have to deal with enough without rude ass neighbors coping an attitude.

every day I try to help people live a fulfilling life when they would normally be unable to because of their disabilities. I keep people as happy and healthy as I can. How fucking dare you act so rudely while I am at work and, by the way you spoke, know what I am doing.

because of the nature of this job people come and go frequently and we are always short staffed. Do not make the job harder than it is because there are not enough people as it is willing to do this.


Choir. Choir, choir, choir. I’ve been involved in like 3 choirs for the past few years. Octapella (the a capella group I cofounded with Allison Schmidt), Concentus (Mrs. Rusnak’s select choir), and the Girls’ Choir from my church. We never really found a clever name before we disbanded, which stinks. So, where to begin? Well, first, I want to thank Mrs. Rusnak for every single opportunity she’s given me. Solos, duets, trios, extracurricular events that we get paid to do (recording in a studio for money = awesome), and stuff like that. Also, I could never have even begun to try to be in charge of the a cappella group if it weren’t for her unending support and care. I probably spent as much or more time working on choir things and going to choir practices AT 7 IN THE MORNING and staying after school and going to concerts and doing extracurricular choir events, etc. I’m not as close with these people, but that’s okay. I wish I could begin to list everything Mrs. Rusnak has done for me, but the list is so long… I know that she’s opened up so many doors for me for my future in singing. I love her to death, and even though I can’t repay her for beng my choir mom and for just….everything, it’s nice to know that she’ll still take a hug as payment. I definitely have more choir pictures on my facebook, but these are from our final concert. That concert was a beautiful disaster, but I don’t think I’ll ever forget it. Singing We Go Together from Grease as the final (official) song of the concert was something I know I’ll never forget. Not to mention attempting to sing The Temptations’ My Girl while the strings played. Memories, memories, memories. I can’t say thank you enough to all my supporters.