Getting asked to Prom

There should be more tailor Aus. Like you got your flower shops, coffee shops, tattoo artists, highschool/college aus…

But not tailor aus…

There was this one episode of Person of Interest lemme tell ya…

Tailor!Tony would be perfect…
Im just sayin since he in canon makes all the stuff for the team anyhow… Its perfect Everyone**/Tony material. (character) just likes buying ill-fitting clothes so they can go to Tony so he’ll tut and fuss over them all distracted and cute.

Sam getting measured

Peter tryin to ask Tony to the prom but gets a make over instead. Youre too young for him Pete. Let it go.

Tony doesnt charge his friends.

**Obviously not Steve or Loki I mean.


Best way to ask a girl to prom ever (by brochesis)

this is how i wanna get asked to prom 

NCT Reaction- Asking You To The Prom

A/N- I thought that while you wait for the Pirate AU I’d post a reaction. This just going be a reaction with all the members. It will be how they are feeling about asking you and how they would ask you to the prom. Hope you like it! :D

Taeil: He’s probably had a crush on you for some time. Sneaking looks at you in class but never actually talking to you. He would lay awake at night pondering whether or not to actually ask you to the prom. He would finally get the courage and ask you at lunch. He’d ask you to leave your friends table at lunch, him leading you to a quiet corridor. He stumbles over his words but he finally gets it out. When you say yes he would feel like this huge bubble had just popped in his chest letting loose all the happiness.

Hansol: He too would be a nervous wreck, just not as much as Taeil. He would probably try and approach you whenever he saw you in the hall, then chicken out last minute. Then as if by fate, after school he was getting stuff out of his locker when you walked right passed him towards your locker at the end of the hall. He freezes and stares at you, then shakes off his nervousness and walks up to you. He’d panic and just say “Prom?”. You’d smile and ask if he was inviting you to go with him, when he nods you smile and agree, kissing his cheek before closing your locker and walking home.

Johnny: Okay confident af. He might talk about you to his bros, because guy talk. He has liked you for a while but decided to wait till the prom to tell you, for as he puts it ‘fabulousness’. He waits until it three weeks from prom, to finally tell you. He swaggers over to your desk sits on your table and gives you a smile “You, Me prom? That is if you haven’t got a date already” he adds the last bit even tough he knew you didn’t have date because he has had people follow stalk you at school. Of course you say yes and he does a victory dance infront of the entire class.

Taeyong: This boy has had the hugest crush on you for years. Most people think he would be the type to tell you but he keeps his feelings to himself, and steals glances your way. He wasn’t going to ask you to the prom even though he really did want to go but then rumours spread round the school that one of the schools football players were going to ask you. Taeyong might have got extremely a bit jealous. As he walked down the corridor towards the cafeteria he saw the footballer walking towards you, the boy has never ran faster. He shoved the player out the way to get to you and said “Gotothepromwithme!” in one breathe. You said yes of course. But he gets a little too excited and kisses you on the cheek and you giggle and kiss his cheek back.

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Yuta: He would already be friends with you, since you’re captain of the girls soccer team, he would definitely be into that. He would flirt with you all the time and naturally you just thought he did that to every girl. But he really his feeling to you were real. Every time he confessed his feeling you would think he was joking and brush him off. So when he showed at your house at midnight with a rose and asked you to be his date for the prom you were pleasantly surprised, and said yes immediately.

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Kun: He isn’t too shy about it, yeah sure he got a little nervous but was decent courageous. He’d convince WinWin to be his wing man and introduce you and him during lunch break. Then this smooth guy would flirt and just obviously casually bring up the topic of prom dates, he was pretty happy you didn’t have one then asked you on the spot without missing a beat. You say yes and exchange numbers. 

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Doyoung: This bunny rabbit can be so confident when he has been encouraged by his members. He would be sitting half listening to his members and half think ing about confessing to you. Some of members are bound to notice his lack of focus and when they do they start daring him to ask you to the prom. He puts on his game face and strides over to your group of friends asking them if he could borrow you, then without an answer he takes your hand and leads you to the corner of the room. He asks you out, you say yes and the entire class cheers. You both had been talking louder than you thought.

Ten: He has had a thing for you since that time you beat him in a dance competition. He would get all the members to gather round and give him ideas about how to ask you to be his date. Then when the final plans were ready he got to work preparing for the big moment. You walked to your locker and found a note attached, telling you to go to the drama classroom. It was signed by “Prince Charming”. When you opened the classroom door music started playing and a boy was dancing then the music stopped and he slid across the floor towards you holding a rose and a note asking you t be his date.

Jaehyun: Okay I’m sure that I’m not the only one that thinks that this guy is such a romantic. He would get people to go up to you and tell you that you look pretty and the people would always say the compliments were from your secret admirer. This guy would actually be so nervous even if he does keep up his cool attitude. He would come to school wearing a suit and bowtie. Everyone would be staring at him as he walks up to you but he doesn’t care, he’s a man on a mission. He takes your hands looks in your eyes and asks straight forward “ Go to prom with me?”. You said yes, only if he stops killing you with his good looks.

WinWin: He was so nervous, like honestly the sweat coming off him could fill a pool. He has talked to almost all your closest friends and found out where and when you might be alone. He was going to wait until last thing on Friday when you go to your dance class and if he timed it right he could get you alone in the empty corridors. This plan was completely thrown out the window when he walked past a group of people saying a member of the debate club was looking for you at that very moment. He started a full school search determined to find you before the other kid. He found you and wasted no time asking you even if he was shaking so much, you say yes and he instantly chills.

Mark: Okay he would probably avoid asking you at first but then Haechan, Jaemin and Chenle would get themselves involve. He might be doing something across the room and these three boys will sneaky sneaky their way over to you.They would probably spill the beans about Mark liking you a lot, but they were speaking louder than they thought they were so Mark heard and broke his neck turning to look in your direction. You both make eye contact and you can see in his eyes he wants to run out the room. So while Haechan is still talking you walk past him and head for Mark. You ask if its true, when he finally regains the ability to talk he says yes and asks you to the prom. Once you agree he is so happy but he quickly leaves to go kick three troublesome boys.

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RenJun: You best believe this motherfudging ray of sunshine, wrote you the sweetest, most adorable poem ever about how pretty you are and that he wants to take you t the prom and then was too nervous to give it to you. He sat staring at for so long in his classes. One of his teachers is so strict, when they see him not doing the work and staring at a random piece of paper. They tell him to stand up and read what ever was on it out loud. He glanced in your direction awkwardly while blushing. The teacher tells him to stand infront of the class, when he’s up front everyone is looking at him. He reads the poem to the class and everyone is looking at you. You give him a smile and give him a thumbs up, while the teacher highkey lowkey dies in the corner.

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Jeno: He is pretty confident like everyone else he would be nervous but he has a better control on his nerves. He may not ask you straight away but will do it quite soon. He would probably do something really sweet, he got some of the members to bake cupcakes with him and piped a short message on them asking you to go to the prom. He walks down the corridor to where he sees you talking with your friends, just before he reaches you someone accidentally knocks into him and he drops the box of cakes. He checks if any are fine the only one left is the one saying ‘Prom?’. He picks it up and walks over to you passing it to you. You say yes and he tells you about the other cakes and points to the wreckage.

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Haechan: Mmm, okay I don’t know about him he is either confident af or nervously shy af. The away I imagine it is he gets your number from someone and send you love letters in texts anonymously. You would be asking around if anyone knew anything about your mystery man, and Hae is laughing at you from the corner of the room. He texts you about going to the prom with him saying he will reveal himself at the prom itself. You show up at the prom and he approaches you with a bouquet and offers you his arm as he walks in with you.

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Jaemin: I think it would be pretty obvious to everyone, including you, that he likes you. You had been expecting him to ask you for a while now, but as the prom day grew closer he didn’t even seem to want to ask you. Little did you know that he has been planning this for the past three months. The plan was 1) get your friend to lure you to the school roof late at night 2) signal for music to start 3) get members to start a flash mob on the roof 4) have fireworks set off 5) confess undying love. Everything went smoothly until the principal showed up and prevented step 5) from happening. So instead he confessed and asked you to the prom in detention the next day.

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Chenle: Heart eyes. He was so awkward and nervous. He had the inspiration to write you a song each day but not the confidence to sing them for you. Instead he pushed the into your locker. After the first week of this you were head over heels for your mystery writer. Sometimes in class you would read and sing them under your breathe, making Chenle literally melt into his chair. He sat right behind you and sometimes when you sang he would start writing your next song, one day when he was doing this you spotted him writing a song so you read a few lines. The next day when you got the song from your it was the same song. You confronted him and he confessed asking you to be his date.

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Jisung: BLUSHING. He was so nervous, he tried to convince the members to ask you for him, but they all said he should do it himself. So each morning before you arrived at class he would sit a rose on your table. He would wait for you to see it and watch your reaction, every time you come in and smile at the rose he feels like he is watching an angel and his heart feels like its being inflated. One morning you catch him putting the rose on your desk and say hi to him. He panics and runs. You chance him, finally catching him in the library, telling him you think it was very sweet of him. He confesses and asks you to be his date. When you agree he is so happy he doesn’t stop smiling.

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Hello, Love bugs!

Phil X Reader

Warnings- Underage drinking, swears.

This is for my girls out there that need a little love. Fun fact is my school didn’t let us have school dances so I guess this could be my dream prom.

You didn’t get asked to the prom but it didn’t stop you fully from going. Thankfully you were asked to dance by someone special.

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“You know in the movie Grease where all of those girls are sitting on the bleachers just waiting to get picked by some Horney guy? Well, I don’t want to be one of them. Do you think there is a way could put an announcement on saying that I’m looking for a date? Maybe I should honestly just advertise that I will be a designated driver if you say I Y/N will be your date to the prom/

“You sound desperate.” Your best friend in the whole world was right but you would never let her know that. You had been moping around school all day worrying about the prom that was tomorrow night. The plan was for you and your friends to go to the prom together in one big friend group. Unfortunately, they were all picked off one by one and everyone but yourself had gotten dates for the prom. At first, you were sure it was because someone must have spread the rumour that you had pink eye. In reality, you weren’t asked to prom because every eligible guy that didn’t already have a girlfriend had their sights set on someone else. Living in a town with only thirty kids in your grade was awful. Just as you were walking to your car you saw him, Phil Lester. Ever since you moved to this crumby old town you have had a crush on him. He was the sweetest person in the whole freaking world. You always had a thing for tall skinny dudes. You honestly didn’t know how Phil could always be so sweet. A rumour had been spread about him being gay and everyone assumed he may blow his top or some shit. He honestly took it really well and said that he would never be embarrassed with being called gay as it isn’t a slam. How can one human be so kind and accepting? You once had a moment to talk to him in biology class and you had asked how he was doing with the whole thing. He replied that he knew that they were just projecting the bad things in their life on him and that he would rather the bullying happen to someone that can handle it rather than someone who wouldn’t be able to deal with all o the new found attention. A true fucking saint. Suddenly you were snapped back to reality from your thoughts from your friend yelling your name.

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Better To Lose Then To Break (Dolan Twins Fluff)

Summary ~ You can’t break up brothers even if it means losing them.

Words ~ 688

Request ~ Yes

I have been friends with the Dolan’s since I was 6. I have been there for the awkward phase, the random phase, the start of vine, but I was also there when they both got hit by the puberty bus. They grew taller and more good looking which did help them on vine, they got more confident and more into girls but I was always there. They never left me behind. If there was a party we were going together and leaving together. I didn’t get asked to prom but I had two dates that night. I got in trouble and wasn’t aloud to go on the school trip so they didn’t go either.

Ever since I was 12 every Friday I would go over to the Dolan’s house and we would have a movie night, if I was to tired to go back to my house I would stay in the guest room. So it was Friday I went over to their house. I didn’t even knock I just walked in yelling that I was here. They didn’t come up downstairs so I walked upstairs to find them, I walked into their bedroom and was smacked in the face with whipped cream. I knew it was a Youtuber prank video, they were talking about filming one today in class. I didn’t shout at them or laugh, I started to pretend to cry.

“Why did you hit me so hard?” I fake sobbed.

“Oh no no no” I heard Grayson say.

“Oh, I’m so sorry hun” I heard Ethan say as his arm wrapped around me.

“Why did you do it so hard?” Grayson said.

“I didn't” Ethan argued.

“You obviously did” Grayson said.

“I don’t know my own strength okay, leave me alone” Ethan said annoyed. I started laughing at their bickering and they both looked at me like I was crazy.

“Guys I am just messing with you. Nice try though” I said wiping the cream off my face. “So what movie do you wanna watch tonight” We decided to watch Guardians of the Galaxy. I was squished in between the two boys when I started to drift off. I leaned my head on Ethan’s shoulder and fell asleep. I felt someone move me so I was lying down, then I heard a door close. I tried to go back to sleep afterwards but I was too thirsty. I went to the kitchen but before I walked in I heard Ethan and Grayson talking.

“I really like her” Ethan said.

“Well so do I”

“Well I think me and her have more in common, I just really want to kiss her dude” Ethan lowered his voice slightly.

“I want to actually date her Ethan, I want to learn about her, I know we are friends but I want to know the stuff that only a boyfriend would know”

“Like what colour her bra is?” Ethan said sarcastically.

“Shut up Ethan, I really like Y/N” I was so shocked I tried to quickly walk back to the sitting room, but I smacked into a side table and knocked over a picture frame.

“Y/N” I heard Grayson say. I turned around seeing them both looking at me. “Did you hear us?” He asked. I just nodded.

“I guess it is about time to tell you. We both really like you. So it is your choice, who do you like” Ethan sighed. I looked between them, my heart beating five millions time an hour.

“No” I said. “I don’t want to pick. You are both amazing and handsome, but I don’t want you. I will not lie and say that I have never checked you out or had a crush on you I have. But I would never pick between you, if I pick one of you the other will hate me because I didn’t pick them. I’m sorry” I said close to tears. I turned and walked out of the house. I didn’t want to lose my best friends but I wasn’t going to turn brothers against each other.


Snapchat ~ crazey_jadey

alright y'all time to tell you why this comic is literally the best and my fav thing rn, and deserves a huge fanbase. ok so :

• tons of woc kickin’ butt

• relatable characters with real flaws! and fleshed out personalities!

• a really good twist on zombie apoc. stories, usually very lighthearted and fun

• gay characters! canonically homosexual characters! homosexual woc!

• canon trans character! (unless i misinterpreted something)

• body diversity. we got ana sofia killing us w her curves and chub, while lakka is delicate and cute, we got elise w her killer thighs and strong build, tol and narrow min su etc.

• subverts stereotypes really nicely! fat girl gets asked out to prom while skinny white girl is awkward

• everyone is attractive and loved no matter what?

it’s a blessing add more if y'all need to. read with discretion if you’re triggered by gore, violence or blood.

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Proms.... did you get your face smooshed into Gladio's boobs trying to hug him...? you could just ask him to pick you up for a hug you know~


m-m-maybe! (灬º 艸º灬)

and… i don’t need to be picked up! i’m not that short! he is just too tall (; ・`д・´)

“You clarinet kid! *to kid one,* his name? Oh okay, anyways get the reed on your clarinet, rehearsal started ten minutes ago.”


“Look second clarinets, in this part you’re more important than the first clarinets. Think about it this way, *points to Kid 1,* this guys being distracted by the ladies. *Points to kid two* and this guys still getting the reed on his clarinet.”

Even later

“You can’t finish a song like that! It’s like, imagine your boyfriend, kid 2 here, asks you out to prom. So you get your dress. And your corsage, and a ride, and your moms taking pictures of you. And then he doesn’t show up. You know why? ‘Cause he’s still putting the reed on his clarinet.”

—  band camp director

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Hello :)))))) how are you not freaking out over the vmin today the fansign the tv show everyhring sjsknsnakdbahbdhs in freaking outt :")

*takes a long drag from a burned down cigarette*

I’ve been at this game for a long time, kid. There is… so little that they could do to shock me at this point.

(Also jk I’m actually at work and fully plan to fling myself onto my bed and squeal like I just got asked to prom when I get home. Cannot wait to dive into this content and do backstrokes in it)

Masterlist (UPDATED: 7/04)

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On why The Fosters should be a bigger deal

Next episode, we’re getting a prom for LGBTQ+ youth organized by a trans teenage boy played by an actual trans actor, who invites the youngest same-sex couple currently on US television, and he also gets asked to go to prom by a girl.


Scenario #5

You: *gets asked to prom by a 2P*

2P!America: *dresses as a cop, puts ‘Wanted’ posters with your face on them all over the school, then finds you during lunch period to handcuff you* Anything you say can and will be held against you. So only say my name - or yes to prom with me!

2P!China: *has reached his desperate stage* … *finds you between one of your classes* … *runs over to you, pins you down and begs, “PLEASE JUST GO TO PROM WITH ME–”*

2P!England: *sneaks into your bedroom at night, leaves you a plate full of cupcakes by your nightstand with 'Prom?’ written on them with icing*

2P!France: *doesn’t ask you to go with him* let’s skip all that and just fast forward to having sex on prom night.

2P!Russia: *leaves a banner over your front door with 'prom?’ written in blood red paint across it*

2P!Italy: *saunters up to you, tilts his head, smiles, then gets down on one knee, offers you a small velvet ring box, which has a piece of paper saying 'prom?’ in it*

2P!Germany: You. Me. Prom. You can either say yes or yes~

2P!Japan: Let’s make prom night less despising by going together.

2P!Canada: *you’re in the middle of saying something when he randomly interrupts with, “Hey, wanna go to prom with me?”*

2P!Romano: *leaves a trail of roses starting from your front door all the way to your bedroom where there’s 'Prom?’ made up of scarves on your bed*

2P!Prussia: *way too shy to ask you, shoots you a simple text message to pop the question*

Literally How Oblivious I Am To Compliments:
  • Me: I probably wont get asked(to prom next year)
  • Cute Girl: Yeah, if I go, it'll just be to crash it. I'll show up in a tux like 'I'm here to fuck shit up!'
  • Me: oh my god we should totally go to prom together next year!
  • Cute Girl: Yeah! And I can show up with a beautiful girl on my arm
  • Me: Oh, I meant go with me, like...
  • Cute Girl: So did I...
  • Me: oh (◕‿◕✿)