I’ve been wondering how aliens in Mass effect would sound without the translators.

To humans, a Turian’s natural voice sounds a lot like the creature from the classic movie, Alien (1973) and that’s part of the reason why humans reacted to them so badly. But after establishing a rather tolerant co-existence, humans find out that Turians can sing quite well.. Not in words but through a series of clicking and sharp whistles and the occasional screeching for added passion.

Asari are the easiest to understand when a translator is malfunctioning since their vocal chords are almost similar. However there are pitches that they can reach- both high and low- so that they can hear one another clearly over large distances, hence why the Banshee can be heard so well.

Salarians are almost impossible to understand since they talk so fast naturally. Most of their words are vocalized in their throat and the back of their mouth but their hearing is rather superb so they don’t need to be so loud. Not when their own home planet has species that had hunted them in the early years of their species.

Quarian language is as smooth as their writing. Most of their pronunciation is in various trill pitches or the rolling of the tongue- which humans are still unsure if Quarians even have tongues. Their language varies from ship to ship but almost all can understand one another. They also learned the Geth language- however most forgot it after being pushed out of their home planet. 

Geth weren’t designed with the type of vocal chords as the Quarians and spoke in a estranged version of Binary- with some syllables melting into one another to make certain pings or beeps. They are designed to understand all langues and can speak the language after analyzing a speech pattern. 

Krogan are hardly discernible if they’re speaking or if their stomach is growling- both sounds like someone chucked a handful of rocks in a blender and then put a speaker phone next to it. Their voices can get so low in pitch that it would cause hearing damage to any other species near it. But that’s a clan secret passed down through generations and only used in combat.