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Ok! So!! do you ever get botherd by the who Providence is 40 mins away from Samwell so they never see eachother thing because ohmygod I do! 40 mins is n o t h i n g. I've gone to school 1hr+ away!! So you get up early its not that bad. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

oh my gosh ok so it takes me over an hour to get to uni every day. i live AT LEAST 45 minutes away from my girlfriend and we are defs not log distance. It took me an hour to get to high school come on. Is it like a thing that Americans in media like?? don’t travel places?? for everyday things?? I get that y’all mostly live on campus while it’s more rare to do so here but?? it’s weird when i see people calling zimbits long distance lol like… the friend whose house im staying at rn lives over an hour away but if we were dating i wouldn’t consider THAT long distance. idk it’s just kinda funny to me tbh


Okay I’m just really loving gif-ed selfies cos I really dont know how to pose for a selfie but im not so bad with moving my head.
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Tagging new mutuals cos I’ve gain plenty since the last time I did this. And I wanna see your beautiful faces!

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Hear me out: Percabeth Pride and Prejudice AU


imagine the period costumes. imagine percy in prejudice lizzie’s shoes and annabeth in prideful darcy’s shoes. imagine the snark, the dancing, the dramatic eye contact. IMAGINE THE ICONIC HAND MOMENT.

And I know it’s dumb bc he’s just a bunny but he was my best buddy and whenever I was anxious or sad or couldn’t sleep or just bored, I’d hold him and he would kiss me and he would literally fall asleep to me talking to him and he would lean into me when he heard me speak and i’d wake up every morning to his nose sticking out of the cage, like he was waiting for me and he was my favorite lil guy and I’m a wreck

So imagine Kristoff and Anna taking their baby daughter to the Aqua Babies class at the community pool. Having a fun time singing all the songs and watching her giggle and splash in the water. The first few sessions they take turns going in the water with her so one of them can take pictures. But then Anna decides it’s better if they both are in the pool with their daughter. Kristoff loves having them all together and so does Anna. She decides that he doesn’t need to know that maybe just a small reason she suggested it is also because Anna didn’t like seeing all the instructors and some of the moms staring at a shirtless Kristoff. Best to stay close to remind them all he is hers.


× Day 7: Maji Love Revolutions - Crossover/AU


Honestly, I just really love Gorillaz, and I thought QUARTET NIGHT would fit their DEMON DAYS cover and Ai would look cute with Noodle’s outfit. Words by yours truly under the cut~

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I don’t think there’s an instance in DA2 where Bennett doesn’t openly sass or appear hostile towards Cullen.


So, I’m assuming that most of you have noticed that my posting has been sporadic lately. I just wanted to let everyone know the reason for this is: I just started the fall semester and it’s already extremely hectic. I’m being thrown from class to class, and still trying to maintain a social life. Plus, I’m commuting – so that’s another hour used up in the day. 

Hopefully, I’ll get shit under control so you’ll get fics on a more… daily-basis. 

I’ll try writing something short right now to get back into the hang of things! 

goodnight, xoxo  

name trade with @ask-fish! Sea lantern. I inspired myself from two pokemons 

hOLY HONEY HOW THE HECK DID I DO THAT!!! I don’t even know how but I hope I could do that again ;w;

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omg I’m haikyuu trash and I’m excited af for the new season and it’s been 3 years and a half since I got into this fandom, someone help me out of it pls, or no wait, DON’T.