Imagine Living Like A King Someday

prompt: Phil is a boarding school student, and he has pretty much everything. His dad owns the school, he’s pretty popular, has the best room, gets all the best treatment – he’s the King. Dan is a cleaner/phil’s personal maid there, and he isn’t as lucky. Some students are assholes to Dan, including Phil at first.


Thank you all so so much for your consistent patience with this. College work (and a hell of a lot of it) has unfortunately become my priority right now what with university just around the corner and subsequently I haven’t updated it nearly as regularly as I would have liked to, but you guys have been so supportive and understanding and I really cannot thank you enough for that. I’ve missed this and I’ve missed you. Here’s to more regular updates in the future <3

(sidenote I’m sorry if this seems a lil wooden I haven’t written this in literal months so it might take a while for me to adjust to the story and the prose again so pls bear with me)

OK emo words over let’s fuckin DO this cue emo dan and a Lot of tension and also dishonesty because phil’s a fucking idiot

warnings; mentions of violence, smoking


Phil’s been on edge all week. He can’t remember the last time he relaxed.

Every day, every hour right from the second his eyes flutter open to the sound of his morning alarm, is spent with a thudding heart and searching eyes. Even when he’s sleeping he’s tense – his dreams have spiralled into a whirlwind of almost nightmares, technicolour episodes crashing into the other in colourful sparks and bursts that end in cold sweats and aching muscles and whisperings from the boy only centimetres away from him. And it’s stupid because Phil should be the one comforting him after a bad night (and he still tries his best nonetheless), but he can’t deny there’s nothing quite like the feeling of Dan’s gentle lips on his forehead at four a.m., the sound of his voice whispering reassurances with his arms draped over Phil’s waist like a protective shield.

He hasn’t seen Liam since he grabbed at any excuse and all but ran out of Noah’s room upon his discovery that no, Phil doesn’t still have a tag, and he’s scared. He’s so fucking scared.

And yeah, it was a very stupid move to dodge the bullet in the way he did, to fling himself out of the situation without even stopping to at least try and explain himself, but he couldn’t help it. He doesn’t think he can face sitting through another one of Liam’s explosions without crying or running for cover, and he just can’t look that evil glint in the eye. Not since he saw the very same one glittering menacingly when Liam looked at Dan, the daggering stare boring into the other boy. The image is still printed deep in Phil’s mind, resurfacing during the darkest part of the night.

That’s cowardly. Phil doesn’t care.

“Are you sure you-“

“Phil,” Dan sighs. “For the final time, I’m fine.”

“But you-“

“Honestly,” he insists, brown eyes shining. He’s trying, with one hand, to unwrap the chocolate bar Phil had insisted upon him. “It was just a bump, that’s all. The paths were really icy this morning.”

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” Phil sighs, tapping Dan’s bandage patch delicately. It sits just under his fringe.

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what if dan and phil announce their engagement on december 24th and that will be their gift for the phandom and all this touching and stuff that has been going on recently even more than usually is just them dropping us hints idk


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Finished the last guardian today

australians say “g'day” bc we speak really fast..
but then again, we don’t say “”“g'day”“” as much as we say a NORMAL AND NON-STEREOTYPICAL “hello” and “good morning”

So let’s talk briefly about ships of Yuri on Ice.

I just watched ep 10 (finally, I know) and I’m presented with all the characters prior to this along with Otabek and that makes me so happy???



It’s a given that I’m in love with victuuri. Most people in this fandom is (I still see lingering Victor/Yurio and Yuuri/Yurio on instagram and pinterest for some fucking reason) as well, and I fully, wholeheartedly support them all the way. They depict a wonderfully healthy, human relationship that most bl/shounen-ai/yaoi don’t do (and instead sexualize the fuck out of it).

Then we have the lovely Emil/Michele (what’s their ship name I forgot). I’m pretty sure these two wouldn’t be considered canon in a long run but I just???? Idk man like Emil was there when Michele found Sara and my thoughts were “wait did you come to see Sara or just tag along to bug your boyfriend????” Like their tropes match up pretty good too so?????????

Let’s hop right to Yurio. Personally, I don’t ship him with anyone. In my eyes, he’s probably aromantic or something like that. And it’s nothing to do with his age, too. Sure, I’m a little iffy on the whole “dating someone 18+ while you’re still a minor” mainly because I just have trust issues and stuff like that, but I understand if there’s a couple that falls under that category who love each other very much and won’t try anything without the other’s consent. When presented with Yurio and Otabek, I can see them (atm) as close friends or queer-platonic friends. If there’s more build up, I’d probably start shipping them like the trash that I am. Right now, no. If anything though, if I had to choose between Otabek/Yurio, JJ/Yurio, or Minami/Yurio, I’d choose Otabek. (JJ already has a girlfriend/fiancée guys and really??? Minami???)

^(also another reason I don’t ship anyone with him is bc he’s with my other two precious blond children gladion, yukine, and kenma but kenma has kuroo (which is a ship that I find super ideal and otp), gladion has the protagonist (sorry haudion fans I just really like him and sun/moon???? idk), and yukki… doesn’t really have anyone and I’d like it that way?? like sure he’s a teen too but… it’s hard to explain man. there’s nobody for him atm????? (and I ship him with my oc so))

And then finally.

The one I truly made this post for

Motherfucking Leoji.


Like guys, how could you not ship the lil precious teddy bear that is guang-hong and leo. It’s like their relationship is so subtle too????? The first time we see them they’re together getting ice cream or something (idk it was something) and tOTALLY NOT ON A DATE and then when they won one of the tournaments, guang has his arm around leo??????? don’t you dare fuckin tell me that thats something bros do either bitch or I will cut you up okay and then THIS EPISODE WHEN THEYRE TALKING TO EACH OTHER OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO



update: i FINISHED my ss fic! 

it’s a sloppy copy right now of course and needs substantial work but!!! i feel accomplished :] it’s nearly 6k words too finishing it in one night must be some kind of record for me.

hope to get it published in the next few days, secret santa buddy <3