Poor Yurio can’t catch a break, even over long distance video calls (Viktor you act oblivious but we all know otherwise)


NEW VIDEO: “Guessing Celeb Abs ft. Tom Daley” - Tom obviously knows how to get abs, so let’s test his knowledge! We played a game of “can-you-guess-the-celeb-by-their-six-pack” - let’s just say, there’s a clear winner here. Reblog if you want me to follow your Tumblr!! <3

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Can you do BTS reaction them seeing their girlfriend in a bikini for the first time? Thankss!

Jin would try to act mature about it, but he’d end up getting a little flustered.

“Yah, jagiya, why are you so exposed?”

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Yoongi would be unfazed. You’d have to do something to get a reaction out of him.

“What do you want me to say? It’s nothing I haven’t seen before.”

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Hobi would make such a big deal out of it. He would play up his shock and go a little over the top.

“Oh my gosh! You must be the sexiest person I’ve ever seen!”

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Rapmon would try to act all sexy but, like Jin, he would end up flustered.

“You caught me off guard, jagi.”

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Jimin would immediately get all flirty and greasy, but mostly in a joking way.

“Do you still want to go swimming? Because I have something else in mind…”

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Taehyung would be pretty much unfazed, and it’d take a lot for him to even notice what you were wearing.

“You look nice, jagi.”

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Jungkook would immediately get flustered and have trouble keeping himself together.

“J-jagi are you really wearing that?”

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My math tutor told me I looked very Christmas-y in this outfit, I hadn’t even realized it until she told me!

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Sam the Birthday Girl has a sad birthday party.

Our second film for our college’s film club. We had to incorporate a teddy bear, a person who forgets names, and someone saying “What have you done?” Wanted to post this on here for you guys to see. Warning that this film is packed with memey humor since every single person in this film is meme trash and this is the result of these types of people coming together to try to make a decent film. ENJOY tho 

& I’m Sam btw

in honor of me ending up thinking about bad fanfic tropes and needing something to do tonight, send me some characters and ships (and possibly a specific ooc/cringey/way too popular for its own good and its not even good at all trope/fanon said character gets stuck w) and I might doodle something for it

you know how sometimes you reach that stage in the night when you’re so exhausted that every song you listen to seems to be a ballad written to you and only you, and you think that you just might not ever see the sun again, that this may be the night when time stops and you listen to your old playlists into eternity with time resetting itself whenever the clock approaches 5 am

In the world of things that only excite me, I found this treatise yesterday at my school’s law library which is basically *exactly on point* to my practice areas. AND my adviser (who works at my alma mater for law) took it out of the library for me so I can pour over it on my own here.

I is so excite! It’s been hard to find detailed info on what I want to do and I’ve already decided what my first blog entry on the website will be about. You guise, it’s really happening…


Lab Zero just announced that Studio Trigger’s going to be making the opening for their new game, Indivisible.

That’s right. The studios behind Skullgirls and Kill la Kill in holy matrimony.

It’s bought.

It’s soooo fucking bought.