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Jealousy Games 01

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Description: You decide to play a game of push and pull with your ex Jungkook, bringing Jimin along for the ride. 

Pairing: JungkookxReaderxJimin

Genre: Smut (M)

Word Count: 8.4k

Warnings: breath play, dom!Jimin, lots and lots of filth.

A/N: This is chapter one of… well, I don’t know. @ellieljade and I just keep brainstorming more and more for this sucker. To the point of us joking about finishing this when we’re in our 90′s….. Anyway. I hope you enjoy. I’ll be working on part two for Room for Dessert and The Guest House soon.

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“Let’s go on a date”

Real Life is Overrated...

I have about 48 hours before my mother arrives for a nearly month-long visit. My list of things to do before her arrival is still disturbingly long. And while she won’t care that my laundry is backed up to high heaven, my real concern was getting fic written. Which… it hasn’t happened. And I’m pretty sure I have to at least OPEN the document for that to happen. Instead I’m trying to catch up on leaving fic comments and browsing Tumblr.

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We have a lot of similar interests and I wish we could be friends but I'm so bad at making friends and you're way out of my league :^(

same. i honestly have no idea who i even got acquainted with my very, very few mutuals but if you wanna be friends a good thing for you to do is send me asks off anon, like my posts a lot and leave snazzy replies on them ;;^)

                                          for munday is it acceptable to show a picture of a furchild?
                                                                                    i miss this cat so much

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Jason Scott - Power Rangers (2017)

So I really wanted to write this because he is just special to me in his movie. In the original show he was my least favorite ranger, but this version really won me over in so many ways and I really connected to him. I just wanted to write a brief character bit observation on him.

I put it below the cut because it got rather long and full of spoilers…my bad? I think…

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Do you ever just have those moments where you find yourself questioning a relationship? Like you catch yourself putting more effort into something than someone else and it’s really frustrating because everything they say is just…it’s not sufficient?? It’s too easy to tell they’re not trying at all?

guess who didn’t sleep and has class in two hours

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I'm the anon who spent the past weekend reading cf and how the mighty fall in love and 1) a)I finished my assignment, intended to print it at work but never sent it to myself so I had to re-do it at work b)was called in class to read the first paragraph and it didn't suck ! *small victory dance*. (I then proceeded to spend the rest of the week rereading my favourite parts of each of the stories); and (next ask)

Awwww that’s too bad you forgot to print it but I’m glad it didn’t suck hahaha <3 <3 <3 <3 I hope you get a good grade!!!

Thank you so much!!!! And ahhh you’re right they both did have the identity thing!! And in both Victor was completely smitten before even knowing who Yuuri was. I feel like a lot of parallels can be drawn between all of my fics hahaha ;p Thanks for reading!!! <3 <3

Can I just say...

… that drawing Izuku will never get easier, will it?