Get It Right | K.Flay (x)

I wanna stay sincere, but that kind of thing is tricky
When you give up all yourself and still the end result is iffy
So now I wanna do stupid shit, I wanna get fucking plastered
Want to get out my brain, want to shed my skin


I’m so annoyed right now, because everyone’s like ‘Adrien loves Ladybug because she’s smart, brilliant, fearless, etc…’ and yeah, he does love that about her too, but that’s NOT WHY HE LOVES HER. In the origin episode, he saw her at her worst, he saw her scared and wanting to quit, and when he fell in love it wasn’t because she was perfect, but because she was terrified and still kept going, because she never wanted to be Ladybug, but she was so selfless and kind that she was willing to put aside her own normal life and her own wishes for the sake of others. He didn’t fall in love with her talent and perfection, he fell in love with her kindness. That’s also why he seems fond of Marinette, because Marinette’s klutzy, she stutters, she’s shy, but even though she seems the type that dislikes talking in front of people, she’s willing to take charge if it means that she can make other people’s lives better, and she’s willing to stand up for herself. Marinette isn’t Ladybug’s ‘true identity’, they are one and the same. And Marinette, she’s not in love with Adrien because of his looks or anything, she’s in love with his patience. She hated Adrien at first, regardless of his looks, and she fell in love because even though she was the one that misunderstood the bubblegum incident and yelled at him, he didn’t get mad, but apologized humbly and honestly. And for Chat Noir, she’s incredibly close to Chat Noir, and she doesn’t want that to change, she’s smart and sensible and understands that romance can ruin everything, but they’re partners, and she relies on him, but she won’t fall in love because just like most of the fandom, she doesn’t understand that Chat’s not in love with her perfection, but rather how she moves past her flaws.

when we celebrate dylann roof’s punishment we’re not celebrating the overall ideologies of the death penalty,, we’re celebrating an ounce of justice the black community finally deserves after all these years of blatant injustices

For those who haven’t heard, the guy who dropped his daks at Eurovision wasn’t Australian, but was actually a Ukranian ‘prankster’, a term now pretty much synonymous with ‘attention seeking goosebrain’.

Of course, Australians knew immediately he wasn’t one of us, since, for the record, we definitely do not get up on stage at public events and moon the audience. We just run around stark naked until the cops catch us.

Cyberpunk: Getting it right

I’ve wanted to write about this more and more lately so I figured I’d give it my best shot. This is somewhat rushed and ought to have more time spent on it but if I don’t write it now I probably never will.

This will probably be longer than it ought to be, but a point has to be made. I’m not calling myself the official word on the genre, I’m just really fucking passionate about it and I know in future I’ll be exploring it through different mediums as well as creating some media of my own.

The genre has been in a pretty noticeable decline as of late especially on tumblr. To the point where people have said things such as the genre is dead or “looks like tumblr has run out of cyberpunk imagery”.

Well friends, it’s a pretty simple solution and would take minimal effort to fix this.

Learn what Cyberpunk actually is.

It is not about the generic super solider 3d renders, the generic weapon designs, the blatant shadowrun/blade runner rip-offs or the many other current trends we are seeing circulate routinely.

It is about, just that, Cyberpunk.

The name itself is representative of a genre in media. A genre does not equate to an aesthetic. You can have your super soldiers, your guns and whatever fancy tech you like but support it with some kind of theme, atmosphere or actual narrative.

The common phrase to describe it is “High Tech Low Life” and whilst that’s a decent way to put it, it still doesn’t seem to encompass the complexity available in this genre.

The examples set by the likes of Blade Runner, Akira and GITS are ones to be followed on from but not copied or picked apart and re-fitted into your “aesthetic”.

Recently I’ve been linking this a lot but it really is essential viewing if you truly wish to get into the guts of Cyberpunk.

Cyberpunk is about the interface between people and technology.

Exploring humanity, how it deals with these dark scenarios and how the streets themselves have a solid identity that effects everyone/everything within them.

Altered Carbon is a book that I feel takes some ideas explored and amplifies them as well as introducing new ones. The idea of the replaceable body (sleeve in the book) and the backed up consciousness are to me, a prime example of what direction we need to be heading.

Cyberpunk will probably always be timeless because we can keep pushing the boundaries within it moreso than a lot of other genres. It’s not about looking at current technology and just making it dark/dangerous but looking at ourselves as a society and how we would survive in more dangerous circumstances.

If you genuinely care about this genre, then help to fix it.

Some of you may not realize but pretty important people can end up following us, using the media we circulate to inspire projects both big and small all with impact not just amongst the cyberpunk crowd but potentially a larger audience altogether.

So personally I simply ask that if you are truly geared to exploring this genre for all its worth and you wish to inspire others, get it right.