For those who haven’t heard, the guy who dropped his daks at Eurovision wasn’t Australian, but was actually a Ukranian ‘prankster’, a term now pretty much synonymous with ‘attention seeking goosebrain’.

Of course, Australians knew immediately he wasn’t one of us, since, for the record, we definitely do not get up on stage at public events and moon the audience. We just run around stark naked until the cops catch us.


This video is very important.

Get It Right (12/?)

Sebastian Stan/Reader

Disclaimer: um okay so this is like all smut. 18+ only I don’t know how this happened and I’m so sorry. We get back to the normal fluffy shit next time. So yeah anyways, there’s smut and swearing and probably a smol amount of fluff. and a daddy kink because, reasons. Also this is my first time writing smut so if I could get feedback that would be really awesome!

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The rest of the day was successful. Seb was surprisingly artsy when it came to pictures and we were both able to get some good shots. We took a few cheesy selfies together aswell, but those were not instagram worthy.

I decided I wanted to make dinner since I was tired of eating out so we made a quick stop at the grocery store on the way back to his apartment. I made parmesan chicken with risotto and a salad. I think I was just as impressed with how it turned out as Sebastian was. I used to cook all the time while I was living at home and not working much, but lately I haven’t had the time or the desire. Risotto was one of my favorites, but the chicken was an adventure. Sebastian helped me cook by keeping my company by the stove while I stirred the rice. Wrapping his arms around me and peppering my neck with kisses until I’d moan and he’d remind me to focus on the food. Clearly we were back to him being a constant tease.

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Get It Right (13/?)

Sebastian Stan/reader

A/N: So we’re back to domestic fluffy shit. I say shit it the most loving tone. So anyways, this is a bit short but I’m trying to transition and develop the storyline a little so anyways. Yeah I hope you like it!

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“Okay, (y/n), so this is the apartment we have available right now. It’s one bed, one bath. The kitchen is right through there and then the living space is right off the kitchen. You guys can take a look around and see how you feel”

I walk through the apartment immediately heading to the bathroom to see if it compared with the pictures. Seb followed close behind with his fingers wrapped loosely with mine.

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Trying To Get It Right

I hope god makes me another one
This time I pray they care about me
Love me, stay faithful by my side
Not even a white lie nor make me cry
I swear I’ll love them with all my heart
I pray they come and never leave my side
I’ll do anything so they won’t cry
I’ll wipe their tears and fears
Keep their head at ease, just please not another heartache
I don’t want to put my heart at stake
I don’t want to make another mistake

I don’t know where the stereotype of “rebels without a cause” for Gryffindor came from. Most Gryffindors have a cause, and that’s their whole thing. We believe so strongly in our beliefs that we are willing to act in a reckless manner in order to protect our convictions.