Quick Movie Review- Wild Tales

Lori asked me if I wanted to see the trailer for Wild Tales so we could decide if we wanted to go to the Embarcadero Cinema in SF to see it. I said no. Let’s just go. I said this because the EC is one of those Mark Cuban Landmark theaters with super cool reclining seats and they have beer and wine. Frankly, I would go there to see my own execution. Once lubricated with wine and settled into my leather chair with the reclining mechanism set to “stun,” the rollercoaster took off and the next two hours flew by so quickly that I wanted to get in line and go again. It’s an Argentine anthology of six separate vignettes that tell stories of rage and revenge. Each starts small and doesn’t stop until it goes places beyond any extreme that a well-adjusted person could imagine.

Highly recommended. And if you can see it on the big screen, do. 

I Knew Brit + Charlie weren't gonna last

Honestly, I don’t know why they broke up. All I know is that Britney seems pissed. BUT

I have to say something. Don’t get mad at me, insult me, call me “negative” or get butthurt for what I’m about to say..

Brit’s relationships go down because she’s get involved to quickly and when she goes in a relationship, she gives too much at once. Like Britney, baby I love you to death. But I’m telling you this because it’s best- slow down. Don’t jump right into relationships like you do because you’re just gonna get hurt. Take some time for yourself, be single for a while. Not take a break to date around but just to connect with yourself and find security and stability within yourself. I think after your breakup with JT, you’ve just been down this line. Every relationship is gonna end this way if you don’t just take a break, do your own thing and find security within yourself. Don’t date at the moment, just fuck your love life right now. You gotta focus on YOU and you alone and try to be secure within yourself. Don’t base yourself off the men you date because you’re much more than that. You need some time to focus on you and your sons.

I know she’s not gonna read this but I had to say it because God I feel so bad for her. This is why I knew she and Charlie weren’t gonna last.. because she dove right in too quick. I’m not saying that they would’ve became something if she slowed down because if they really were meant to be, they’d be together regardless. But I think she needs to just push aside her love life and focus on herself more. Give yourself time to heal and some alone time. We all need a time to focus on ourselves and be alone.

punklittleluke asked:

You went to smoke + mirrors right? Do you know how fast the GA pits filled? My friend and I wanted to know if we should get there really early because we wanted to try to be close to the stage. If you don't know it's okay, I'm just asking around :)

yes you should definitely go early i’d say at least a few hours because that’s the first place everyone in line goes to and it does fill up pretty quickly

Dear My Thirteen Year Old Self,

You’ve just entered the teenage. As scary as it seems, I promise you it isn’t as terrifying than being half a year away from sixteen! Time goes so quickly, so here’s some advice. 1. Be the tortoise, not the hare. You have a tendency to rush into things without thinking first. The moment you have a thought in your head, there’s no removing it. By wanting to see the outcome of every experience you make, you don’t get to enjoy it. Memories are blurred because you didn’t take a breath and look around you. Slow and steady is better than tripping over your feet at the finish line. 2. Think before you leap, and I mean really think. Just because you’re scared, doesn’t mean you have to go into to fight or flight mode. Because let’s face it, you go for the easier option every time.. Flight. Every moment of the next few years will bring new opportunities, sometimes they won’t be good ones! Actually, most of the time you should stick to the path instead of stopping to stair at roses with thorns that will only make you bleed. Just because you like the idea of something, doesn’t mean you have to dive in the deep end without testing the water first. 3. Let it go! Grudges get you no where, if anything you’re only hurting yourself by keeping them memories in your mind! Let your fears go. You can let people in, not everyone on the earth has the intentions to stab you in the back. Learn from your mistakes, by pushing people away you’re not just damaging yourself! People do care about you, just because some plonkers in the past hurt you doesn’t mean that the next person will!

A lot has happened in these two years and a half. Only six short months and we will be sixteen and nearly leaving school. It’s scary, but we can do it. We’ve been through more than some people can imagine! We are stronger and we will only get stronger. So, let’s live our life before we blink and it’s over.