welcome home - a Jyn x Cassian playlist

tracks: renegades - x ambassadors // america - imagine dragons // charlie boy - the lumineers // the only exception (vsq cover) - vitamin string quartet // welcome home - radical face // yellow light - of monsters and men // silhouettes - of monsters and men // skyfall - adele // fade into you - clare bowen & sam palladio // i will follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie

my oc!! she likes to pretend to record “get ready with me” videos when she prepares for school & she ends up running late because of it 😅 it’s been almost a year since i first drew her but i still haven’t decided on her name >_<


NAMJOON: But the reason why I think that we don’t have to worry is that even today we performed in front of 5000 people.

Inktober #18 - Vampire AU Cherik, as prompted

Some of my favourite relevant fanfics, where at least one is a vampire:

- Vampyr by shizuke
- And the Gunslinger Followed by musical_emjay
- The Beginning by beren
- Dear Neighbor Mine by issabella
- Does Not Ebb by StarkMad
- vampire au ficlets by madneto

Below cut is the first vamp au pic that I refuse(d) to post:

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I have literally one page left in my sketchbook and I’m filling it with Lance


“We believe in you.”

*wipes away tear* Me, too, Strawberry Man. Me, too. 

You guys, tonight’s the night!! Rhett and Link are gonna be on The Tonight Show! Again! I’m so excited, even though I’m still laughing at “teaodorant” from 3 months ago. But I’m excited to see them tonight. Also, I really hope Fallon gets them to do Mad Lib Theater, I love that bit!

  • Me: *has no money*
  • Me: what about a new tattoo though

@undauntedfiend​ replied to your photoset:

OH HEY, I also have all these sketches for the…

I deeply relate to this pageboy

Here, for that I’ll give you some backstory. His name is Roland “Dirty Foot” Last Name. Roland because I sent a wip screencap to a friend and it’s her new job to name my 3D models, and she does the best job around.

Roland arrived at the institute that trains scooterers to scoot and they asked him for his first name and he said, “Roland,” and then they asked, “Last name?” and he asked back, “Last name?” in a kind of “pardon?” way, and they said “Okay.”

He got his nickname “Dirty Foot” because scooting barefooted is like his sports anime technique, and his fellow scooterers very much admire it.

Member that time Josh was pining for Tyler?

Well here’s Tyler pining for Josh. Behind a literal pane of glass.