White velvet

pairing: bts x oc 

genre: smut | angst | horror

word count: 2.4k

Chapters: The Wish | The Office | The Morgue | The Boy | Colour red - M | Wonderful nightmare - M | White velvet - M

Dark days. Those were the darkest days of winter. The wind blowing harshly against her warm fair skin, the rain pouring down on her, soaking her clothes.

Most of the people would say that the winter was the worst of the four seasons. She was the one to always object. She would say that she found winter to be beautifully created.

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Title: ‘Channel 99’  
Fandom: FFXV
Pairing: Promptio (Prompto Argentum x Gladio Amicitia) 
Rating: Mature (NSFW - fluff and smut, PWP) 
Word Count: ~2600

Prompt: Bitey-sexy Gladio

Summary: The group gets two rooms at the Three Z’s Motel for a night. All Gladio wants to do is sleep, but it seems Prompto has other ideas. One shot.

A/N: This is a request fill for @commanderboxers. Please enjoy! :D

It had been a long day. He’d somehow woken up at 5 in the morning, and now it’s approaching midnight, and Gladio is exhausted. The Prince had begged to get a hotel room for the night, and since Ignis agreed, they are currently holed up at the motel just outside of Taelpar. Except, there had only been two rooms available instead of four, so he’s currently stuck with a roommate. He’d been hoping that Prompto would take the hint after he’d gone to take a shower - wash off the stink of the day’s hunts off of him - but as he steps out of the bathroom, towel wrapped around his waist, he sees Prompto is wide awake, and currently flipping through channels on the television in their room.

“You gonna shower?” He asks, as he sits down on the edge of the bed, already used to sharing a bed with him. They’ve all grown accustomed to sleeping so close to each other while camping, that whenever they stop at a motel, they tend to get rooms with one bed in them. He’d hoped for two tonight, as he just wants to stretch out and relax, but it seems that the Gods were not smiling down on him this evening. “You should. You smell.”

“You smell!” Prompto kicks his thigh, then follows it up with a short laugh. “Yeah, I was waiting for you to be done.” He gets up off the bed. “I found something that I think you might enjoy.” He tosses the remote to him, and starts to walk to the bathroom. “Channel 99.”

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Distracting a Moose

gif is not mine

Title: Distracting a Moose

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 478

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this cute Sam fluff! <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! There will be a few surprises this week, so stay tuned! <3

Tonight you had too many beers while trying to research.  You lost count of how many beers you had, after the fourth beer.  You shut your book, giggling.  You slid the book towards Sam, hitting the back of his laptop.  You crawled on top of the table, sitting behind his laptop.  You reached over his screen, moving your hands in front of his screen, giggling like a little school girl.

Sam rolled his eyes, smiling at your drunken silliness.  Sam looked up from his computer, a smile spread across his face.  “[Y/N],” Sam swatted at your hands.  

“Yes Moose,” you answered playfully.  You started pushing buttons on his keyboard, laughing to yourself.  You laid on your back, your head hanging off the table.  

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[CH.1] Careful It Bites

The chapter one is finally here! I went through 5 versions of this and didn’t know which one to do but this one is the best version out of all! I really hope you guys will like it. The pairing is BTSxOC. I wish I can do it as reader pairing but I would want to have an OC for this story. Really sorry guys >< Hope you guys like this story and give lots of support ^^

Genre: Action, Romance, Friendship, Thriller and Comedy

Pairing: BTS x OC/ mostly Yoongi x OC

AU: Mafia, Spy, Military, Arrange Marriage

[TRIGGER WARNING!! Blood, gore, death, guns, torture, bully, drugs, fights, war.. [its a mafia au so expect everything bad in it hahaha]


The forest area was thick with long grasses grazing against our skins. Holding our breaths hard and laying low between the thick bushes and behind tree trunks. Fully covered in heavy camouflage and armed with weapons from head to toe. Our senses were on full alert to hear every small movements within the large area of the clearing. Eyes darting to every corner to ensure that they are are not being watched.

‘3 O’clock and 300 meters ahead, 5 men coming your way. They have released buggies! Get cover now!’ The voice on their ear piece commanded and immediately every covered ourselves to be part of the Earth.

Their tracking equipment has picked up the buggies going around them. Everyone held their breath and eyes on the artificial bugs.They flew above our head. ‘I’ll take them down’ One of us whispered on the command piece. A thin electrons buzzed ahead and immediately the buggies fell to the ground, dead from the electrons.

‘Good job. Snipes eyes on the transport. We will hunt down on the ground’ The guy ahead of me commanded. ‘Roger that’ Our ear piece buzzed and he gave us a signal to split. I rolled over the group and stood up swiftly, hands and legs on the tree trunk and climbing on the trees. I was agile and flexible so the best way was up as the grasses will create too much noise.

‘I have eyes ahead, 5 men closing in. Snipe 1, get in position in the count of 3′ My eyes trained hard on the upcoming man who was running towards our direction. Completely used the thick leaves to keep me covered. ‘1.2.3, shoot’ I ordered on the mic. The man fell down after a shot was hit on his head. A soft thud was heard and soon they can hear running steps ahead.

Gripping my own finger on the trigger, eyes hard and wide open. ‘We have a tank coming to the clearing with 40 degrees off north of the clearing. We have birds out to fire them down. Be prepared for impact in 5 seconds’ Their ear piece buzzed from the center command.

‘3 seconds to impact. Team brace yourselves’ Not soon after, they felt the earth vibrated and a loud explosion was heard close to them. The running steps stops and curses was heard throughout the quiet air. ‘Backup is gone. Move forward up to North West team’ A demanding order was given from one of the 4 men. Footsteps was immediately dispersed at the command.

‘Joon, they are heading your way’ I said on the mic. The screen in front of me was showing heat scans of the bodies running at different routes but moving to north west as informed. ‘Roger. Kook shoot them down. I’ll take left you handle right’ Joon commanded. ‘Roger that’

The quiet air now filled with swift sound of shots. ‘Hope, On your left’ Joon said and immediately a shot buzzed through the air. ‘Team, reform at point 4. Snipes updates?’ I quickly came down from the tree, running a rough cotton fabric and made my way down. Untying the fabric from the trunk and quickly run to point 4 where the team was waiting for her. ‘We’re moving out. Target has been acquired’ I soon found my other 3 members standing near a smaller clearing.

‘Good job guys. We have taken them down and going back to base’ Joon said as we all assembled. ‘Hawk eye is landing. Strap on’ Hope said as he drops the screen on his helmet. We were all strapped with a helmet with a glass screen to show more details of their surroundings.

It was a very useful equipment to analyse how far the enemies are and give them the details needed to hunt them down. A black helicopter came down to the clearing and everyone jumped on it. Hands still stayed strong and alert on their weapons to shoot at a threat.

‘See you at the base soon’ A slow voice said on the ear piece. Letting out a breath that I didn’t noticed holding and rests back against the seat. ‘They barked at the wrong tree. What let them lose their shit’ I cursed and Kook laughed at me.

‘It wasn’t that bad and you feel exhausted already’ He snickered as he pulled out the helmet. ‘Aww did you missed another head shot?’ I teased, smirking at the kid. He glares at me and leans back. ‘The idiot moved so I missed’ He said and folded his arms.

‘You have eyes on the guy, grazing his shoulder with a bullet is like getting bitten by an ant. Remember eyes on their movements’ I said sternly and he groaned. ‘Joon, your sister is too annoying. Shut her up’ He groaned massaging his temples only to be slapped on the back by the taller male. ‘Be glad she didn’t kill you dude’ He laughed and wiped his face from the sweat dripping down his face using a clean cloth.

‘Hawk eye requesting permission to land’ The pilot said on the intercom as we got closer to the base. It was silent for awhile before we heard the buzz overhead on the pilot. ‘Permission granted to land at hangar 5′ ‘Roger. Hawk eye landing in hangar 5 in 5 minutes’ The pilot said and steered that helicopter around the vast airfield.

As the helicopter lowers down to the ground, there was black SUV driving to the hangar. 2 men came out of the vehicle and stood by the door. Once we landed, Namjoon was the first to leave the helicopter and approached the man.

As Namjoon talks to the man, everyone else strips of the heavy layer of armor and passes all the weapons to the helpers. I took a cold bottle of water and downed the whole bottle in a minute. Missions always makes me thirsty somehow. Walking towards my brother with another bottle in hand.

‘What’s going on?’ I said as I approached them. ‘Our parents are requesting everyone to attend tonight’s dinner. It seems they want to announce something’ He explained and I nodded as I opened the car door and slip in.

Once Jungkook, Namjoon and Hoseok gets into the car, we pulled away from the airfield and onto the main road. ‘Why our parents are having the dinner tonight? I just want to crawl to bed after 40 hours on this stupid mission’ I let out a yawn and closes my eyes.

We were assigned to take out rebels who has been trying to steal one of the gold mines that belongs to a royal family. They approached us to take them out and offered 15 gold bars once mission is complete. My mum was quick to seal the deal and send us out on the mission herself.

‘Come on there will be food, drinks and Yoongi’ Namjoon teased me at the end. I scowled at him and kick his leg. Yoongi is my best friend, a very cold best friend but I always looked up to him cause he literally has the world in his hand every since he was born. Everyone feared the power the Min family holds even the US President would be nervous to be shaking hands with Yoongi’s father.

The Min family has been very influential since Yoongi’s grandfather took over. He was a very smart man, using the American military and the Japanese military to create a 25-year truce with him in exchange of information and technologies to their military back in 1958.

Once the treaty had expired, his grandfather managed to make an agreement with over 25 influential military around the world including the US, UK, Russia, China and Turkey. From the agreement, the Min family has over 50 weapon labs across the world. Most were hiding in Russia and on remote islands. Heavily guarded by their own private army. 10 years into the agreement, Yoongi’s dad has taken over the business and he has been expanding it to be a trillion dollar business. Making them one of the richest in the world.

Yoongi was part of the weapon designing team, mostly focusing on the mechanics. He has the access to the confidential files of every country in the world which lead him to know the flaws of each available weapons out there. He will use the knowledge to his best ability to create a stronger weapon each time. He is very passionate on his work ever since his dad bought him to one of the labs and worked extremely hard to learn everything he can from his dad.

The Min family was never the one to push their own family to take over the legacy but throughout the generations, the decision came solely from the heirs themselves that they want to continue the business. I was very intrigued on Yoongi’s skills when he made his first gun. He was only 13 years old at the time when he ran over to my house and showed me his first gun he designed. He was excited to finally complete his own gun.

Our families has known each other since before the Korean War began. Our families went through thick and thin to get where we are now. My family heavily supported the Min’s, they build this empire together and it keeps on growing day by day. Due to this, we are basically tied to hip since birth with our mothers being close to each other. I never minded that we were born to stay with each other. It was really comforting to have a familiarity in the world that constantly changes.

‘Can I just sit there to pig out’ I chuckled and immediately everyone’s stomach growled from the lack of food. ‘I’ll second that’ Jungkook said and pouts as he rubs his tummy. We barely ate or drank for this mission since we were out in the mines. Exhaustion soon took over and all of us fell asleep as the driver takes us to my house. My body was gently shaken by a cold hand and I immediately shot up, wide awake from the action.

‘We’re home, Mr. Seojun had asked us to clean up and have a meal in about 30 minutes. Mum wants us in her office after we ate’ Namjoon said and I nodded. Stretching up my arms and gets off the car still yawning from the sleep. Hoseok and Jungkook was no where to be seen now. Probably left to get ready for the dinner tonight.

After the well needed shower, I wore a loose white button-shirt, a pair of loose navy pants and white chunky heels. I was sitting on the bench in front of my vanity mirror, applying the cushion foundation to my face gently. I had done most of the makeup, opted out for a nice natural smoky look. Slipped on a thin gold necklace that Yoongi bought for me over my neck. The small gold rod rests gently at the bottom of the chain.

Once Namjoon and I had fed ourselves and felt slightly re-energize after the meal, we knocked on the oak door and pushed the door opened. There was laughter in the room and soon we saw the Min’s family was sitting at the lounge area with light deserts and sipping wines. Yoongi was sitting beside his sister-in-law, looking down at his phone. Namjoon and I walked over to Yoongi’s parents, brother and sister-in-law to give our respects before we greeted our parents.

‘Finally the lady of the hour has arrived. How’s the mines?’ She said and I walked over to her as she spread her arms wide. She pulled me into a hug and sat me down. ‘The mines is like a survival show. How could you let your children starve’ I pouted and she giggled, patting my cheeks gently. ‘How could I forget to pack food for my children’ She teased and walked over to Namjoon, kissing his cheeks.

‘Well now I have exciting news!’ Mum said as her eyes grew wider and a tint of mischievousness glint over her eyes. ‘It’s more like a question’ Yoongi’s mum said, giggling at her friend’s excitement. ‘Ah yes. How silly of me’ She took my hands with hers. ‘The Min’s would like to purpose for an arrange marriage for you and Yoongi together. What do you think? Will you want to agree to it?’ I immediately snapped my head towards Yoongi who was smiling gently.

‘What did you answer?’ I asked Yoongi, I was curious what he would say. We have been best friends for long. Not going to lie, I do have a crush on him over the years, growing up with him definitely had an impact on me. My heart was beating against my chest, anticipating his reply. ‘I agreed’ He said and I dropped my jaw. ‘You…you did? So you don’t mind marrying to me?’ I asked and he just gave a small smirk. ‘Nervous now?’ He teased, his legs was crossed as he looked at me.

It was finally Soomin’s high school graduation ceremony, he was sitting at the audience seat, watching her as she walked across the stage and accept her diploma. She was the valedictorian and had to make the last speech to represent her batch mates. She was smiling brightly as she reads over her speech. Everyone was slightly surprised that she graduated since she’s the type to cause fights with other students but the school can’t ignore her successes.

Soomin had her hair slightly pinned to the back and curled at the bottom. Framing her face perfectly, letting loose locks to fall down her face as she looked over at the piece of paper in her hand. Yoongi had always been there to her every step. Watched her grew up to where she is now was breath taking. He couldn’t help but to stare at her red plump lips, reading the words out loud. Soomin was aware that he was staring at her.

It’s hard not to look at the crowd and not see his face. He really stood out from the rest of the audience. He had a bouquet of roses ready in his hands. She smiled warmly at his direction and went back to her speech. Yoongi suddenly realized just how much he had fallen in love with the girl on stage. Biting his lips, he realized that he should do something about it.

Once the graduation party was over, Yoongi met his father in his study. He decided to tell him that he wants no one to touch Soomin except for him. His father just gushed over how cute his son was at his small crush. Throughout Soomin’s college life, Yoongi pressed both parents to consider about an arrange marriage for himself and Soomin. He didn’t want to be the guy that confessed his feelings and gets friend zoned from it. So he cowardly hide under the excuse of an arrange marriage to hide his feelings.

I instantly threw the chocolates in my hand at him. ‘I’m being serious here. This is marriage, I want to know how my partner will react from this’ I said and he sighed. ‘Oh Honey, don’t worry about that. This boy here was the one suggested it. So does that mean he has feelings for you?’ Yoongi’s mum said, covering her mouth as Yoongi turned red. ‘Eomma!!!’ He yelled slightly, groaning that his own mother sold him out.

‘This was your idea?’ I got up and squeezed my hands over his neck, choking him lightly. ‘Couldn’t you man up to say you like me?’ I growled and pushed my body down on him so he fell down to the sofa.

‘Save me’ He croaked at Namjoon, who was busy munching on a vanilla sponge cake. My legs was locking him on the position. ‘My oh my, Soomin can’t you keep that in the room. I dont’ think I want to see my brother look like this infront of the parents’ Yoongi’s brother, Taegi said making our mothers laughed loudly at our reaction. Cooing at how adorable it is while our fathers just grinned proudly.

‘See son, I told you to just confessed to her but you wimped out’ His dad said and Yoongi groaned as I sat on him. ‘ said no such things’ Yoongi complained, pouting that my weight was on himself but he didn’t pushed me away. ‘Sure I did, I told you when you were younger. “Son, just tell her you like her and be done with it” but look at this. I have to suffer watching my son acts like a love sick puppy’ He said and Yoongi sighed. Giving up trying to defend himself.

‘Since idiot here didn’t confessed to me, I want him to do a proposal during the dinner later’ I folded my arms, glancing down at Yoongi. ‘I want a nice big ring and a cheesy line’ I laughed at the thought. It’s not like Yoongi to bring that much attention to himself.

‘I think I should just hide in my room’ He mumbled, closing his eyes. I slapped his chest and his eyes shot open. ‘Don’t fall asleep idiot’ I scolded and he pushed me off. Landing myself on the floor. ‘Too noisy’ He mumbled and closed back his eyes.

‘Are you seriously going to sleep now?’ He nodded, not moving away from the position he was previous at. ‘Oh Honey, don’t worry, the ring has been arranged but I can’t say for the cheesy part’ His mother said and I nodded. Kicking Yoongi’s leg slightly but received no response. ‘Did someone drugged him?’ I teased and his parents laughed. They are equally amazed at his sleeping abilities.

The dinner turned out to be bigger than what anyone expected it to be. Seems like the word got out that both families has an announcement to make. It was a formal dinner too, with waiters walking around with champagne chutes, extravagant wines, cheeses and delicious appetizers on a silver plate. I was dressed in a black lace dress, showing a bit of my curves and a golden dewy makeup.

Yoongi was dressed in his best Saville Row’s custom suit. His hair was parted and styled elegantly. Most of the ladies at the event was staring at him. I’m not surprised, he looks dashing in suit. Walking towards him with a glass of red wine in hand. ‘Hello handsome, what makes you look so cute tonight’ I said and smirks as I scanned his outfit. ‘I feel so violated right now’ He complained trying to hide himself.

Rolling my eyes at him and slaps his arm. ‘Such a drama queen.You better make this the most memorable proposal of all time or I’ll find ways to torture you every night’ I smirked at the end and Yoongi gave me a glare. Slightly worried that I would actually do something to him. ‘Way to destroy the romance, Sweetheart’ A waiter passes by with a chocolate covered pastries and Yoongi basically took the whole tray, dismissing the waiter entirely.

I raised my eyebrows as I watched him stuffed 3 pastries down at one go. ‘What’s up with you? Are you nervous?’ I teased as I stole the pastry from his hand. He scowled at me as he chewed. ‘Mine’ He whines with his mouth full. I couldn’t help but to laugh at his obsession with chocolates. I smiled at him and peck his cheeks. Watching it slowly turn pale pink. He was really nervous and I love how he won’t admit it.

A cool grey haired boy came over and smiles at us both. ‘Any clue about the big announcement for tonight?’ He sipped a glass of coke. ‘Hello to you too Tae and I have no idea what’s going on’ I said quickly, stuffing myself with a pastry. Taehyung looked over at me and eyes me curiously until Yoongi kicked his legs. He almost spilled his drink on a lady wearing a white dress.

‘Yah! What gives’ He whined after apologizing to the lady. ‘I just wanted to see a new drama happening but shame the coke missed her dress’ Yoongi smirked and walks away before Taehyung could do anything else. ‘What the actual fuck?’ Taehyung glared at Yoongi’s previous spot. ‘Why is your best friend weird?’ He asked me and I shrugged, yawning from the exhaustion. ‘Have you even looked yourself in the mirror and wondered why you’re weird?’ I asked him, grabbing a cocktail from the tray. Taking a sip while I looked over at Tae, amused that the boy as he flipped his hair. ‘I can’t help being beautiful babe’

Rolls my eyes and walked away from him. I don’t think I can handle Taehyung at the moment, he’s trying to get information out and I wanted this announcement to be shocking. After wandering around, the music stopped and a bell was rang echoing inside the house. Everyone stopped whatever they were doing and looked over the top balcony. There stood the Min’s leader, Mr. Min himself with a champagne in hand.

One of the butlers came over and told me to follow him. I looked away from Mr. Min and followed the butler to stand beside Yoongi. He looked so well composed but his hand was slightly shaking. Smiling at the action, I slipped my hand to his and he immediately grabbed it. Squeezing it slightly. He was really nervous for the proposal.

Mr. Min was giving out appreciation speech to all the attendees and of course for his partners. Once his speech was done, he passed over the mic over to Yoongi, who took it and smiles at his father. ‘Good evening everyone, it seems like everyone is more interested to know about the announcement since no one really responded to my dad’s lame jokes’ He laughed as his dad hit his shoulders lightly.

‘As I grew up, I was introduced to all of this success and hard work that my fathers has build. I am very grateful for single drop of blood, sweat and tears in the making of this growing empire. We each have our own battles and trials to go through. My fathers has went through this very moment in their life. Trusting another person to be apart of this beautiful dangerous world we live is scarier than death. To lose them is like losing a soul and our bodies just aimlessly wonder around’ He held my hand tighter and I knew he’s probably cursing in his head right now cause out of all the things he could say, he chose those words instead.

‘I am here tonight, to propose this beautiful lady. We grew up together, fought together, tried to kill each other and honestly I don’t see myself to be with anyone else but with her’ Yoongi said and I saw his crew was grinning brightly below. I looked over to Yoongi and gave him a big smile. He passed the mic over to his dad and lets go of my hand.

Kneeling down with one knee on the floor, he pulled out a satin white box, opening it up to reveal a beautiful elegant ring. There was small diamonds that framed the main diamond on the ring. Yoongi takes out the ring and held out my left hand. ‘Will you marry me, Kim Soomin?’ Yoongi said and I promised that I won’t be this surprised at the proposal but his previous speech had rendered me speechless.

Smiling down at Yoongi, I just gave several nods not letting my voice cracked as I can feel tears rolling down my face. He slipped the ring in, kissing my hand and gets up. He leans in and kisses my lips. I blushed slightly since it was our first kiss. The attendees cheered below us as they witnessed our proposal. Mr. Min has taken over the mic and send us a congratulations.

Once the buzzed of the proposal dies down and Mr. Min finally puts down the mic, Yoongi grabs my hand and pulled me away from the crowd. Holding to my hand gently. ‘Does this mean I managed to make up for just now?’ Yoongi said and I hit his chest as we walked down to the garden area. ‘That’s what you concern about?’ He laughed, slipping his arm on my waist to pull me closer to him.

‘You’re really affectionate tonight’ I teased him, he scrunched up his nose and pouted. ‘We’re getting married now. So I can be as affectionate as I want to’ He licks his lips and stares at me. His gaze was drinking me up, he lifts his finger to brush off the stray hair on my face. ‘I’m really glad that you said yes. I know that I should’ve man up and tell you that I love you but-’ He bites his lips, taking his eyes away from me. ‘Aww my Yoongi is scared’ I cooed, pinching his cheeks.

‘Aish-’ He was about to curse at me but I quickly kissed his lips. During the proposal, I wasn’t able to kiss him properly and since I’m officially his fiancee I wanted to get a proper kiss. Gently nibbling his lower lip before pulling away. He was slightly blushing from the kiss. ‘There we finally have our official kiss’ I said and he laughs.

‘I’m sorry to kill the romance but can’t you guys be cheesy somewhere else?’ I looked over to the voice and saw Jungkook leaning against the hedge. Yoongi glared at the boy, folding his arms. ‘It’s the garden with lights and a bloody fountain. Where else could we get cheesier than this you annoying rabbit’ Yoongi said and all Jungkook did was laughed, sipping the alcohol in his hands. ‘Stay safe or if you’re planning to have a kid before the wedding that’s cool too’ Jungkook said, walking back to the party.

‘He’s going to get shot tomorrow’ Yoongi groaned and picks up a few pebbles, throwing it to Jungkook’s direction. One hit the glass in his hand and shatters and another hit his head. He turned around and showed us a middle finger. ‘Maybe two shots’

A/N: So it’s finally out! I suck at the romance part so I had to make it funny. For future chapters, there will be more action and comedy. The romance will be there for our 2 newly engaged couple :D

The Midnight Lovers

Summary: After an argument you leave your boyfriend, Greg. Months later your friends ask you on a road trip, only Greg was invited too. What the two of you don’t know is your friends have planned this trip to try and get the pair of you to rekindle. But will it work?

Warnings: Swearing. Fluff.

A/N: Ooohhhhhh it’s all building up to something 😉 I hope you all enjoy and feedback is always welcome! Hope you all have a great weekend! 😁❤️

The Midnig
ht Lovers Playlist

Chapter 18

“You brought old clothes with you didn’t you?” Mary asked as you helped her clear up after dinner. Edinburgh was now a distant memory and Greg had drove the van up the east coast of Scotland to the campsite, perched on the top of a cliff and overlooking the sea.

“Yup,” you replied popping the ‘p’ “Why did I have to bring them?”

Mary smiled and put away the plates “Well when we arrive at the campsite for the night, before we watch the northern lights, we’re going to play ‘paint twister’!” You turned your head to her, scrunching your nose “What?” She laughed out.

“Paint twister? Do you know how chaotic that going to be?” You tossed the dishtowel to the side and leaned against the kitchen worktop “I know for a fact Sherlock’s going to be wearing a shower cap to protect his 'precious’ hair.” You wiggled your fingers and Mary burst out laughing. “I’ll go and get changed…” you pushed yourself up and went into your room, closing the door behind you and grabbing your old clothes to change into.

You stripped off your top and grabbed your old one. “Y/N?” The door opened and Greg caught a glimpse of your bare skin and black lace bra…his favourite.
He nervously cleared his throat and scratched the back of his neck, quickly diverting his eyes away from you.

You looked up, not knowing that he saw anything “Hey! Sorry did you need something?”

“No! No!” He shook his head and held up his hand “Just let me know when you’re done and I’ll get changed.”

“Ahhh Mary told you?” You smirked.

Greg nodded with a laugh “She did and I’m warning you right now that I’m taking you down!” You rolled your eyes and Greg cleared his throat again “Let me know when you’re done…” he swiftly left the room and you went back to getting changed.

Twenty minutes later you were all outside, John had just finished setting up the twister mat with paint on it. “Two teams!” Mary announced “Word of warning,” she looked to you and Jim “The people have decided that Y/N and Jim are on separate teams.”

“What?!” You and Jim both screamed out at the same time with gaping mouths.

“That’s not fair!” You whined.

“Yeah!” Jim interjected “The people can go fuck themselves…” he uttered out under his breath and you let out a snort of laughter.

“It’s alright Moriarty, I’ll go easy on you.” You tapped his shoulder lightly.

“You better watch out Y/L/N, I don’t take any prisoners!”

“Alright!” Mary captured everyone’s attention again “The groups are, team one; Sherlock, John, Y/N and Molly. Team two; Myself, Jim, Anderson and Greg.”

You got into position and Anderson spun your first shot. Right hand to blue. You hand was submerged in the blue paint and you waited for your next shot after everyone else had taken their turn. You eventually ended up with limbs everywhere, some of them intertwined with other people’s limbs. Jim was the first to slip and end up face first in yellow paint. Anderson laughed so hard he followed shortly after, getting covered in red paint.

“Y/N right leg to green!” Mary hollered out, she was struggling to speak from her awkward position. You lifted up you leg and placed it between Greg’s.

You shifted slightly, half your body hovering over his “This is a compromising position…” he trailed off, wiggling his brows with a laugh.

You bit down on your lip and squeezed your eyes shut, trying to refrain yourself from laughing. “Stop it,” you warmed with a grin “I know you’re what you’re trying to do!”

“Is it working…?” He asked with a mischievous glint in his eye. You cleared your throat and composed yourself.

“No,” you simply replied with a serious look on your face. Then you blinked and you felt a sudden shift in your heart, a shift of remembrance. You looked down on him with a smile, just like before. Something you had done many times.

Wether it was from jumping on the bed to wake him up, hovering over him with that smile of yours until his eyes fluttered open or just after you had both physically proclaimed your love to one another and you’d hover over him with nothing on you apart from that smile.

“Greg, right arm to red.” He moved, breaking your train of thought as he shifted from under you. He bumped against your arm and it gave way. You fell on top of him and everyone else followed getting covered in the-now swirled together-paint.

You let out a roar of laughter with the others and looked up to Greg who was looking down at you with a grin. You were lying on his chest. A familiar feeling, one that felt as natural as the sun rising in the morning.

“Greg! Now we’ve lost!” Jim whined and you quickly rolled off Greg.

“Sorry!” Greg held his hands up in defence.

“So much for you taking me down!” You playfully taunted Greg, childishly sticking your tongue out.

Greg furrowed a brow “Technically I did so…” he made the same gesture as you and you retaliated by smearing the paint that was on your hand all over his face. You ran away wth a squeal as he chased after you, he managed to catch up to you and picked you up from behind, spinning you on the spot until you were both dizzy.

Mary nudged John who took his phone to capture the moment. Your head thrown back with laughter as Greg spun you around.

“You need a picture with the winner, Greg!” Molly spoke up with a sly smirk on her face.

“Yeah!” Mary instantly agreed and John handed his girlfriend his phone. “Squeeze together!” She motioned you both with her hand. You huddled up beside him before grabbing his hand and holding it up in the air to claim your victory.

Greg glanced over to you, remembering another poem he wrote; 'The universe held my hand today. Yet she does not know she is one.’

You lowered your hand and it felt like time had slowed for Greg for a moment as you turned to him with a tilted head and a growing smile. He blinked out of his trance and placed a kiss to your cheek, leaving a smudge of paint and a burning sensation on your skin. “Well done for winning…” he trailed off and walked away to where Anderson and Sherlock were standing.

Your cheek was still burning.

“Hurry up Sherlock! It doesn’t take that long to shower!” You banged on the door.

You were the last to shower and the paint was starting to dry in and leave cracks on your skin.

“With hair as amazing as mine it does!” He shouted from behind the door.

You rolled your eyes “Just hurry up!” Seconds later the door opened “Finally!” You rushed in and turned on the shower, stripping off and tossing your paint stained clothes to one side. Thank goodness you listened to Mary and brought old clothes, they were completely ruined.

You dried yourself off and out in your pyjamas, trying your best not to bang your elbows off the bathroom’s narrow walls. Once you emerged everyone was sitting outside on blankets and looking up to the darkening sky.

Greg popped his head in the door “You ready? It’s almost time!”

You nodded your head with a smile and greg lightly laughed “What?” You asked with a smile.

“You’ve still got a bit of blue paint on your nose. Come here,” he motioned you forward to the kitchen sink and you walked forward. He wet kitchen towel under running water before placing his fingers under your chin and lifting your head up, slowly removing the paint. His touch sent sparks though your body. He could probably feel the heat coming off your face on his fingertips.

“Thanks,” your voice didn’t raise above a whisper.

Greg gazed into your eyes and softly smiled at you before pulling away completely. “Are you coming outside?”

“Yeah, uh…” you motioned with your thumbs to your room door “I have to do something first. I’ll get you outside.”

“Oh sure!” Greg smiled and it was infectious. He left and so did the air that was trapped in your lungs. You rushed to your room and scanned for the two things you needed. Your smile spread from ear to ear when you found what you were looking for.

A pen and a piece of paper.

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Hi! Jonsa prompt 106/7 "Do you believe in aliens/ghosts" or 139 “This place gives me the creeps” or 140 “I swear my house is haunted" whichever you like. I am kind of in a Halloween mood. Thanks!

Thanks for the prompts!

139: “This place gives me the creeps”


Jon cursed loudly into the frozen night. He and Sansa were trying to make it home for winter break, and his car had just gotten stuck in a snowbank. He tried heaving himself against it while Sansa stepped on the gas, but it was no use, they weren’t getting anywhere. 

“What are we going to do, Jon?” Sansa asked when he sat in the passenger seat. 

“I think I saw an Inn about a half mile away, we can go stay there until the morning. Hopefully it’ll have thawed by then.” 

“Walk a half mile in this weather?! It’s still snowing!” Sansa wailed. 

Jon gave her a weak smile. “I know, but I think that’s really our only option. Neither of us has cell service, and it’s not safe to sleep out here.” 

Sansa sighed. Jon was her older brother’s best friend, and he’d taken Sansa under his wing during her first semester at Red Fork University. She trusted him, but damn, she was not interested in walking out into this storm. 

They wrapped themselves up in layers and slipped on their snow boots, picking their way carefully across the icy roads. Sansa slipped more than once, and each time, Jon’s hands reached out to steady her.

They finally made their way to a building that looked about 200 years old. “I can’t believe this place is still standing,” Sansa muttered to herself. 

Jon knocked on the front door, and an old woman appeared. Jon explained their circumstances, and she said they could stay in a room for $120. She led them up the stairs, which creaked with every step, and into a room with one bed and not much else. 

As soon as the door was closed, a huge shudder went through Sansa. “This place gives me the creeps,” she whispered. “It has to be haunted!” 

Jon laughed quietly. “I’m sure it’ll be fine. I’ll take the floor, you can have the bed.” 

“Don’t be silly, Jon, it’s freezing in here. Come on, we’ll stay a lot warmer if we’re close together.” 

Jon looked at her with a raised eyebrow. “It’s fine, I promise! Let’s get under the covers now, before we freeze!” 

They laid side by side, but not touching, until a loud creak in the ceiling spooked Sansa. She squealed, and buried her face in Jon’s shoulder. He froze, before saying “to hell with it” under his breath and wrapping his arms around her. 


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Just read that as of 4:30 PM, the total number of copies of MOVE sold are 31,745 .. last year, for Press It, Taem sold 63k+ copies by end of week 1 .. I don't remember the daily sale updates though.. do you have them? How does MOVE look like relative to Press It? So far 63k doesn't seem difficult to surpass.. Physical sales do count a lot right ? Thanks for all your updates btw ^^

PRESS IT was Taemin’s first full album and it got 4 different covers. People did lots of group orders like crazy to support him and to get the 4 covers. Now it’s Taemin’s 2nd album and this time there’s 2 versions that have lots of places to be able to choose one version or another, so basically this comeback is quieter because of obvious reasons. And no, actually physical sales do not count too much in music shows, a very small %.

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Getting the twins out of bed in the morning can be hard sometimes, well one of them gets up easier, it takes Poppy and Branch to get their other one out of bed. It was a battle to get my brother out of bed in the morning for my mom I was little bit easier. "It's time to go get up" "5 more mins Dad" "I already gave you 5 minutes, it's time to get up now" *puts cover over head*. "1, 2,... don't make me get to three young man" "Ok. Ok! I'm up I'm up!"

The more difficult the kids are to manage for Branch and Poppy, the better.

Mornings are fuckin wild in their household. Like one twin straight up won’t get out of bed, while the other one doesn’t have any clean socks. Homework books and papers are all over the place and need to be packed back up in their bags. Poppy is trying to find a hair comb to tame their mops but she can neither find a comb or the kids cuz now they’re fuckin hiding. Branch is hurrying to get breakfast ready and once everyone is finally ready and sitting at the table, the kids take their sweet time eating and Branch is doing his best not to rush them eVEN THOUGH THEY’RE GONNA BE LATE PLS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD HURRY UP

Then they lose the car keys because why the fuck not

the Locker Room

Prompt: Liam and the reader are enemies but later start liking each other

Warnings: well, Liam and the reader don’t really like each other at first so some harsh words are exchanged. But then they make out in the girls’ locker room which is kinda awkward because I didn’t really know how to write it so yeah

Being one of the only girls on the lacrosse team had its perks. For example, boys. Practices were like heaven, watching their muscles flex as they ran and just exercised in general. Of course, after practice, they stunk to high heaven and I didn’t want them to come anywhere near me, but that was beside the point.

           The second perk was Kira. I met her on the day of tryouts, and she quickly became my best friend. Her love for Marvel and my love for action had us constantly throwing movie marathons which turned into sleepovers when we saw how late at night it was.

           All the attention was definitely the third perk. I mean, Kira and I were the talk of the school. The team was completely male dominated, but our small estrogen edition seemed to draw a crowd of feminists and guys who just wanted to look at a chick playing rough. Coach was happy about that; there was a bigger turn-out at the games, and the school newspaper frequently printed segments advertising us.

           It was great. Really, I loved it. But… all of the good things could be sucked away as soon as Liam Dunbar and I made eye contact.

           In my opinion, he was beyond stupid. Dunbar was always very competitive with me- I guessed that it was because we were the only freshmen on the team because he seemed alright with Kira, so it couldn’t be that I was a girl. He threw temper tantrums a lot, which always resulted in Scott, Kira’s boyfriend, and Stiles, Kira’s… weird… friend, rushing him off into the locker room. Coach used to yell at them when they did that, but eventually he got tired and just rolled his eyes.

           That made me angry. Why the hell was Dunbar so special? Why was he allowed to be escorted off the field by his junior fairy-godmothers? It just wasn’t fair.

           The Friday that I finally lost it was the one that followed our first loss of the season. Last night, in the middle of the game, Dunbar decided that he wasn’t going to pass me the freaking ball liked we had practiced. That pissed me off. He ended up scoring, but I was too mad to care. When I got the ball, I acted like I didn’t see him waiting for me to pass it to him. I scored. The crowd cheered. I basked in the glory until a rough shove to my shoulder jerked me out of the happy haze.

           It was Dunbar, and he wasn’t happy. Through his mask, he spit, “What the hell? Why didn’t you pass to me?”

           I laughed. “Just returning the favor, thickhead. You didn’t pass to me either. And I scored anyway, so I don’t know why you’re getting your tighty-whiteys in a wad.”

           “You’re kidding me, right?” He stepped closer; our masks were pressed together as he shouted. “You’re acting like a child. We’re in the middle of the game.”

           Scoffing, I shoved his chest. “You’re the one who’s acting like a child, Dunbar. Now get out of my face before I make you.”

           He let out a sharp snort of derision. “I’d just love to see you try.”

           Hands were pulling us apart suddenly. Kira had her arms around my shoulders while Scott and Stiles held onto Dunbar’s arms. Coach and the referee were sprinting over to us. Faintly, I could hear Scott muttering, “Hey, Liam, you got this. Stay in control. Breathe.”

           Stiles was chanting as well, although I wouldn’t exactly define his words as ones of encouragement. “You freaking idiot, chill out! You’re going to shift in front of all these people! Because of a girl? You’re kidding me, right? We have a game to play.”

           Kira spun me around. “Y/N, what- are you okay?” Her dark eyes looked me over anxiously.

           “Oh, I’m fine.” Then I raised my voice, knowing he could hear. “Dunbar is just pitching a bitch fit like he’s five and making everything about him again. Nothing new.”

           “What?” Dunbar snarled- I mean, he actually snarled. “You’re the one who’s not following the plays. You won’t pass to me because of your silly little grudge.”

           I was screaming. “You didn’t pass to me first! So how dare you get mad when I do the same?”

           “Are you-” He lurched against Stiles and Scott’s tight hold. “I didn’t see you!”

           “That’s bull and you know it, Dunbar!” I shrieked. “You looked me dead in the eyes and then kept running. You just wanted to compensate with a big win for something smaller, am I right?”

           To make a long story short, by the time Coach got over to us, we were both cussing, so he benched us. “I can’t believe you two.” He angrily shoved his clipboard under his arm. “Okay, yeah, Dunbar, kind of expected it because of your record- no hard feelings- but Y/N? Really? You’re going to try and fight him?”

           I raised an eyebrow. “Are you insinuating that I couldn’t take him out? Because I could, if you’d like a demonstration.”

           Dunbar laughed coldly. “I would love to see that happen.”

           Whirling on him, I pushed his shoulder. “Do you want to go Dunbar?”

           Coach stuck his arm in between our faces, which were so close that our noses were almost touching. “That is enough!” He roared. “Tomorrow night’s practice, you both are staying after. You’re going to help me clean the gear. And… and… you both better be here Saturday morning. I think a little PT is in order. It’ll be a bonding experience. Might make you like each other.” At the dirty looks Dunbar and I exchanged, Coach back-tracked. “Or maybe it’ll just make you hate each other all the more. Well, my advice to you is- bottle it up and use it on the field. But not against each other for crying out loud!”

           Then we lost the game because Scott and Stiles were benched for some illegal hits- I had a sneaking suspicion that they did it on purpose- and towed Dunbar off to the locker rooms, leaving our team without its captain and some of its best players.

           So yeah, that was mainly the reason why my Friday sucked. I knew I was going to have to stay after. Kira was more understanding than my parents. They chewed me out. She only promised that we could reschedule the Iron Man marathon.

           “Seriously, it’s no big deal.” Kira assured me as I thanked her, slipping my Nikes on. “I just wish you and Liam could get along.”

           I hit my head on the bench when I jerked upwards so fast, quickly brushing off her concerned hands. “Me and Dunbar? Get along? I happen to be a big fan of our relationship. I hate him and he hates me. It’s perfect.”

           Kira pursed her lips as she shimmed into her shorts. “That’s nice, but… do you really hate him?”

           “Well…” I thought it over. Kira was my best friend; I told her everything. I figured this was no different. It wasn’t like she was going to go squealing to anyone. “I mean, yeah, he pisses me off a lot, but… sometimes he’s funny. And he’s definitely not ugly. But you didn’t hear that from me, got it?”

           Hesitantly, Kira nodded. “Okay, but… I mean, no offense, but I think it would make the team more of a team if you tried to focus on those things instead of how angry he makes you and maybe attempted to get along. Plus, it would be nice not having to stop him from ripping your throat out.”

           “Hey!” I settled my hands on my hips. “I am more than capable of ripping Dunbar’s throat out if the time comes.”

           “Please,” I jumped, spinning around to see Coach standing in the doorway with his eyes covered. “Just stop, Y/L/N. I don’t want to give up my Sunday for you, too. Just put some clothes on and get out on the field.”

           I pretended to think about it. “I don’t know, Coach, I kinda like this look.” I gestured to my shorts and sports-bra. “It makes me feel much freer.”

           “That only makes me worry. Thank you for making my gray hairs grow faster.” He said sarcastically, shifting his weight while still keeping his eyes covered. “Now get on the field!” Coach left then, shaking his head and muttering something about ‘teenage girls are weird.’

           Kira giggled. When I looked at her and asked, “What?” she only shook her head and tossed me my shirt. I slipped it over my head, and we jogged out.

           Everyone was waiting for us, it seemed. Scott came over with a smile on his face, Stiles and Liam trailing him like always. “Hey guys.” He greeted, nodding to me and pecking Kira’s cheek.

           “Hello.” Stiles said awkwardly, scratching his head under his helmet. I guessed he was playing goalie today.

           “Look who finally decided to grace us with her presence.” Liam muttered. I smirked and flipped my ponytail over my shoulder, retailing with, “You don’t have to thank me. Just know you’re welcome.” Liam was about to get his revenge when Coach blew sharply on his whistle and told us to take a few laps.

           Kira, Stiles, and I all jogged at the same pace while Liam and Scott ran up ahead. “So, Kira, did it work?” Stiles panted.

           “Did what work?” I asked.

           “Oh,” Stiles faltered. “Maybe it was a bad idea to ask with you right there.”

           “Maybe you should tell me what the hell you’re talking about, Stilinski.”

           “Alright!  Hey, no need to bust out the last names. We’re cool; we’re good here.”

           Kira rolled her eyes. “He’s talking about the talk we had in the locker room. About Liam. And maybe you and him working out your differences.”

           My mouth dropped open. “You put her up to that?” I almost screamed. I knew people were looking, but I didn’t care.

           Stiles gestured for me to quiet down. “No need to raise your voice, little one! We had the same talk with Liam in the guys’ locker room.”

           Bitterly, I asked, “Well? What? Same results?”

           Raising his eyebrows, he looked over at Kira. “Depends on what you said, Y/N.”

           Gasping, I smacked Kira’s arm. “Don’t you even think about selling me out!” I warned. She gave me a cool look before suggesting, “Well, then, maybe you should tell Stiles what you said. It’s you or me.”

           “I don’t want to tell Stiles!” I whined. “He’s just going to blab to Scott who will blab to Dunbar.”

           “Nonsense!” Stiles protested. “I am a trustworthy guy. I won’t tell Scott; I’ll tell Lydia. Who will probably tell Liam directly.”

           It was my turn to roll my eyes. “Whatever. I’m done with this conversation. Kira, if you know what’s good for you, you won’t tell him crap.” Then I took off at full speed, shooting past and weaving through groups of guys. Being the smallest person on the team had its advantage- I was the fastest. Another thing that pissed Dunbar off about me.

           Because I could, as I sprinted past Scott and Dunbar, I shouted, “On your left!”

           “Go to hell!”  Dunbar yelled. I just laughed, “See you there, babe!”

           This went on for the next three laps: I would pass Dunbar, say something to him that would piss him off, and then zip on right ahead of him. On the fifth and final lap, when I came up behind him, I made a very dumb, split-second decision. I smacked Dunbar right on the ass before sprinting as fast and hard as I could.

           “That’s it.” I heard him growl.  Scott warned, “No, Liam, don’t-” But I guessed he didn’t listen. I didn’t bother looking back; I was almost at the stopping point. My lungs and legs burned, and the back of neck was sticky with sweat.

           Something hit my back, and then I was rolling. People started yelling, but I couldn’t really make out what they were saying over the blood rushing through my ears.

           Dunbar glared down at me, and I fixed him with a fiery stare. “What the hell is your problem?” I screeched in his face, trying to worm my way out from underneath his body. His hands tightened around my wrists, pinning them to the ground beside me.

           “You’re my problem!” He barked. Breathing heavily, I brought my legs up to the point my feet touched my butt. Using my hips, I thrust upwards and to the side, dumping him off of me. The move obviously took him by surprise.

           I was just about to start wailing on him when someone picked me up around the waist and hauled me over his shoulder. I recognized those damn shoes. “Stiles!” I pounded on his back. “Put me down!”

           Stiles shook me slightly. “Um, no? Why would I do that? You guys are trying to kill each other! Again!

           “Stiles!” I thrashed against him, but nothing seemed to faze him. Suddenly tired, I let my arms hang limply, stretching towards the ground. Through Stiles’s legs, I could see Scott chewing Liam out. Kira came to his side, speaking quietly in Scott’s ear. I had a hard time hearing what they were saying because everyone was running over and yelling.

           Coach somehow overpowered them all. “Separate them! Stilinski, take Y/L/N over there! This has got to stop! McCall, you’re- taking Dunbar to the showers again. Fine. Whatever. Everyone, settle down! Take another lap to get all of that excitement out of your system.”

           Grunting, Stiles set me down. I watched Scott disappear into the school with Dunbar and Kira. I looked at Stiles, and then back at the doors. Stiles seemed to catch on. “No no no no no. Y/N, don’t you dare-”

           It was too late. I sprinted for the doors, ignoring Coach’s yells and Stiles’s promised shouts, “I’ll get her Coach! I’ve got her! You just go back to… coaching…”

           I knew that Stiles was sprinting after me- and that skinny bastard could move when he wanted to- so I pushed myself, throwing the door open and running as fast as I could for the boys’ locker room. As I pounded through the entry way, I could see shadows in the corner, and water running. Was the shower on?

           I skidded to a stop, peeking my head around the corner.

           Dunbar was puffing under a constant stream of water, back against the wall, eyes closed. Scott was squatting beside him; Kira was standing on his other side. “This has got to stop, dude.” Scott clapped him on the shoulder. “You’re putting her in danger.”

           “Don’t you think I know that?” His eyes flashed open, a furious golden tint to them. “But she’s just so… and I can’t… and it pisses me off!” Dunbar slammed his fist into the tile, completely shattering it. Bits and pieces shot up, scattering all around him. “It’s like I can’t control myself around her! I get so angry because I can’t…” His voice caught in his throat. He shook his head. “And then I do something stupid…”

           Kira stroked his hair, pushing it off his forehead. “We know, Liam. Calm down. We’re going to figure something out.”

           “You guys keep saying that.” He closed his eyes again. In that moment, I found him… very nice looking. His gray shirt was soaked, clinging to his toned chest. Droplets slid down his neck; his hair looked darker, messy. His full lips were pink and inviting.

           “Because it’s true!” Kira insisted.

           Scott sighed. “Did you talk to her?” His mocha eyes were wide and earnest.

           Tentatively, Kira nodded. “Yes… but she didn’t want me to tell you.” When Scott gave her a look, she threw her hands up. “Hey, she is my best friend!”  

           I didn’t realize that Stiles had caught up until he announced, “Yeah, your best friend that part-times as a peeping tom!”


So I got caught. Dunbar was pissed, Kira was pissed, Scott was pissed, Stiles was pissed, Coach was pissed… everyone was ticked off.

           “I don’t know what the hell you were thinking,” Coach was beet red as he ranted in my face, “but that was the stupidest thing I had ever seen. And I’ve seen a lot, thanks to Greenberg.”

           Yawning, I watched the other players pick up their stuff and head to the locker rooms. “Coach, I’m pretty much immune to scolding. I’ve been bitched out three times today now. You might as well save your breath because I’m just tuning you out.”

           Coach sputtered.

           “Not trying to be disrespectful.” I tacked on at the end, hoping it wasn’t too late.

           “Well that was a nice save.” Coach waved his clipboard behind him. “Go ahead and meet Dunbar in the weight room. I left the equipment and cleaning supplies in there. I’ll be in my office. And if you two decide to fight, I won’t break it up. I’ll let you kill each other. I’m getting too old for this.” With that, Coach stalked back into the building.  


The weight room was exactly what it sounded like- it was a square building with one room that was filled with weights. There wasn’t any air-conditioning, and it always smelled like butt.

           Dunbar was already seated on the side of a treadmill, furiously wiping the inside of a helmet. “Nice of you to show up.” He snickered.

           “Yeah, well, I was getting my ass chewed. Does that make you feel any better?”

           “Loads.” He threw the can of Clorox wipes at me. “I’ve already started on the helmets. You wanna do the pads?”

           “If you lace up the sticks.” I consented. With an eye roll, he nodded. We worked in silence for the longest time, cleaning and fixing the gear. It was a bit of a surprise to me. Why weren’t we bickering? How come he was so quiet? What was he thinking about?

           Coach poked his head in. “It’s too quiet.” Dunbar and I just looked at each other. “I don’t believe this. It’s too weird. A little bit of yelling never hurt anybody.”

           Once he had left, Dunbar turned to me. “How much did you hear earlier?” He looked at me with his intense blue eyes. “Back in the locker room, I mean.”

           I mulled over my options. I could either lie or tell the truth. I figured that the truth would piss him off the most, so that’s what I told him. “You were talking about how angry I make you. Scott said that you were putting me in danger, and then you said that you couldn’t do something, and that it made you lose control. It made you really angry.”

           Dunbar ran his hand over his face. “Why did you even come in there, Y/N?” He sounded tired. Not upset in the slightest. Damn.

           I shrugged. “I don’t know. I was mad after you tackled me, and wanted to see why you always escape to the locker room with Scott.”

           He let out a puff of air, laying back across the treadmill. His shirt lifted a tad to reveal his stomach. “Okay, well, don’t do it again, alright?” I didn’t say anything. Dunbar laid there for a little while longer. Then he sat up abruptly. “You done with yours?”

           Nodding, I set the last elbow pad down. “Just finished.”

           He held open one of the bags and I began to stuff equipment inside. Once we had finished with that, we stowed everything away in the storage closet, and went to tell Coach that we were done.

           “Oh, you’re still alive.” He looked us over briefly before returning to whatever he was working on. “Go change out of your clothes; you both smell. Be here tomorrow at seven thirty. You’re going to be trying out some of these military workouts I found on YouTube the other day. I suggest eating a light breakfast.”

           Dreading tomorrow, Dunbar and I went our separate ways. The janitor was mopping up the girls’ locker room when I walked inside. “Hi.” I greeted softly. She just nodded and stepped out.

           I had just slipped into my clothes- thankfully- when the door swung open. In the threshold was a red-cheeked Dunbar, gripping his change of clothes with a sour expression.

           “Um, what do you think you’re doing?” I asked. “This is the girls’ locker room.”

           “The boys’ locker room is closed. Coach just left and the janitor locked up.”

           “Really?” I crossed my arms. “How did you get your clothes then?”

           “I left them sitting out. The janitor was putting them in the lost and found when I caught up to her.”

           “Okay. Why can’t you change in the bathroom?”

           “Because they’re all locked.”

           “Just drive home in your gym clothes. It won’t kill you, I promise.”

           “No. I’m changing now.” Dunbar threw his clothes on the bench and yanked off his shirt. I quickly averted my gaze, focusing on tying my shoes.

           Alright, I couldn’t help it. I kept sneaking peeks at him, watching his arms flex as he moved, back rippling, veins standing out along his arms and hands. It was confusing. He made me so angry, but at the same time…

           “What are you looking at?” I snapped out of it instantly, blinking. Dunbar had his shirt and jeans on now. “Do you like me or something?” He teased, shifting his weight on his sock-covered feet.

           I blanched. “Oh no, sweetheart. Don’t flatter yourself. Besides, I think you like me.” I smirked, feeling quite accomplished.

           “No, I’m pretty sure that you like me.” Dunbar sneered. “Maybe that’s why you like to push my buttons so much.”

           “You definitely like me.” I stood up, edging my way towards him. “Did you like having me under you earlier?”

           Dunbar stepped up to the plate; we were almost chest to chest. “Not as much as you did. ‘Cause you like me. I drive you crazy. Your heart beats faster whenever I’m around, and you don’t even realize it.”

           I put a finger on his chest to accentuate my point. “You like me, and it pisses you off because you think that you can’t have me.”

           He shook his head. “I don’t think; I know.” He looked at the ground between us. “It wouldn’t be safe for you.”

           “What, because you’ve got an I.E.D.? That’s stupid.” I cocked my head to the side as my voice took on a much softer quality. “Liam…”

           His blue eyes met mine. “You’ve never called me that before.” He whispered.

           I wrinkled my nose. “What?”

           “You’ve never called me ‘Liam’ before. I’m always ‘Dunbar’.”

           “Oh,” I watched him chew on his lip. “I never noticed that.”

           “Yeah, well, I always do.”

           We didn’t say anything for what felt like the longest time. My heart was pounding in my ears at our close proximity. I could feel every breath he took, almost. It was hot- sweltering, even. I could feel my cheeks blazing.

           “Y/N?” Liam murmured. “Be honest with me for a second. What would you do if I kissed you right now?”

           “I would kiss you back.” I answered, blatantly honest. I didn’t have it in me to put up any pretenses; I was too captivated in the way his lips moved, wondering how they would feel and taste. “I’m not rude.”

           “Okay.” He breathed, hand coming up to cup my cheek. “So, I’m going to kiss you now.”

           “Because you like me.” His tongue darted out to wet his nervous lips.

           “Only because you like me.”

           “That doesn’t make any sense.” I said, breathless. Our lips brushed each other as he spoke. “It sounded a lot better in my head.”

           That’s when I lost it. My patience, that is. My fingers knotted in his hair, pitching him forward. The second our lips met I sucked in a deep breath, molding my body to his, holding him as close to me as I could. Liam’s hands left my face to grip my hips and then slid down to my ass, squeezing, indulging in the soft supple skin. I bit down on his lower lip, earning a hiss.

           “Too soon?” He panted as his hands retreated to their position on my hips.

           “Bingo.” I wrapped my arms around his neck, planting another kiss on his rosy lips.

           “Sorry.” He chuckled. “Just had to get you back for slapping my ass earlier.”

           I giggled. “Then I better have the opportunity to pin you down sometime.”

           “I am so okay with that.” Liam grinned, giving me a softer, more sensual kiss. I cupped his jaw, stretching on my tip toes, allowing his arms to wind around me, tugging me closer.

           “What the hell?” We both jerked away to see a wide-eyed, open-mouthed, red-faced Coach Finstock.

           Blushing, I shoved Liam’s chest. He didn’t even budge. “I thought you said that he was gone!”

           “I was!” Coach held up his coffee mug. “I forgot this. Now I’m wishing I had just left it.”

           “Nothing was happening-” Liam started to protest, but Coach cut him off. “Nothing was- Dunbar, you were making out in the locker room!” He ran his fingers through his thinning hair. “Is this why you two were so quiet earlier? Were you plotting? Maybe going for it on the mats?”

           Laughing, I shook my head. “Oh my God, no, Coach. We literally just found out that we like each other like five minutes ago.”

           Liam grinned. “So you do like me! You just admitted it!”

           “Oh my God, Dunbar, you’re so dense. Obviously I like you, otherwise I wouldn’t have just let you get away with groping my ass.”

           “I think I like it better when you call me Liam.” He said as Coach covered his ears, “I don’t want to hear any more! Go home and do whatever you like, just… not in my locker room, for God’s sake!”

His Greatest Steal (Part 5)

Part Four                Part Six

You were just about to take your first shot when there came another tap in your ear and then Nate was whispering to you. “Y/N, do not shoot! There’s more guys coming. Get under cover now, I can climb round. I’ll meet you at the ballroom.”

You hesitated for a second, but then you heard the sounds of more guards, just as Nathan had said, so you growled and turned, ducking away again.

It didn’t feel right to be running away, but at the same time, if you didn’t, the two of you could end up dead. Besides, Nate wasn’t a kid anymore. He didn’t need you to watch his back. He’d survived plenty on his own, so you should concentrate on your own problems. Which was exactly what you did. Jumping back to the roof you’d came from, you risked a quick look around and saw Nate dart into the shadow of a building to avoid being seen. Clearly he’d attracted some attention though as guards were heading his way, muttering in Italian.

Knowing you could move faster, you grabbed the M&Ms from your pocket and got a handful out before launching one at the three men advancing on Nate’s position. It hit the middle guy in the back of the head and he spun around, his gun raised. The other two turned with him, questioning him. He looked like he might shrug it off when you threw the rest of them at them before ducking down.
There was an angry shout and the sound of multiple footsteps coming your way, so you figured it was time to leave and stayed low as you sprinted across the roof and threw yourself onto the next one. Only after you’d jumped did you realise it was too far, and you started to drop.

Before you could scream, your hands grabbed a window sill a floor beneath and your body slammed into the building with enough force for you to lose your grip and fall again, managing to catch another window sill. From there you just dropped to the ground, deciding it’d probably be quicker as most the guards seemed to be higher up.

After a couple of seconds though, you realised why being on the ground was an issue as all the doors and gates were locked. Growling quietly, you started climbing up the walls again, muttering quietly to yourself for wasting time. Sam and Nate had been talking in your ear, but it had all gone quiet until Sully was suddenly speaking, telling you to hurry the hell up. You were just about to shoot back that maybe he should try climbing around in the dark and see how fast he moved, but then Nate was talking about Nadine, and your blood froze.

“You ok? Did she hurt you? Where is she?” You asked, getting angry at the thought of her hurting your friends. If you bumped into her on the way out, she was gonna be sorry.

“There’s no time for that now! Get to the ballroom. I’m pinned down in here!” Sam urged, and you sped up, loving the burn in your muscles from climbing. It was a good thing you’d kept in shape all the years you hadn’t been adventuring, or you’d have been screwed that night.

When you eventually made it back to a high vantage point, you caught sight of Nate a few roofs over, hiding from three guards, none of which had spotted him yet. Even as you watched, you saw Nate sneak up behind one of them and knock them out, leaving two.

You started running over roofs, jumping to clear the gaps and then finally there was only one jump between you and Nate. The guard above him hadn’t seen either of you yet, so you didn’t slow down and jumped, tackling him off the roof and into the grass below, taking out the other guard in the same move.

“Shit, Y/N!” Nate exclaimed as he stood up, dusting his suit off before giving you a hand up. You just grinned at him before seeing the bruises developing on his face and your laughter left. Nate saw the change and waved off your hand as you reached out to touch one.

“You know I’m not 12 any more right? You don’t have to fight for me anymore,” he chuckled and you gave him a look before shaking your head.

“I know, but you’ll always be my responsibility to protect, no matter how old or big you get,” You smirked, though there was truth in your words. He may be a full grown adult, but there was always part of you that still thought of him as a younger brother getting picked on by the bigger kids.

Another round of gunfire from the ballroom had the two of you sprinting up the stairs and onto the roof again, seeing a wire that led directly to the ball room. It was a long way, and a big drop, but you didn’t have a choice as Sam yelled that he needed back up again.

You and Nate shared a look before he held out his arm. “Shall we?”

Nodding, you stepped closer and wrapped your arms tight around him. “Do not drop me!”

Nate laughed and jumped for the wire. Then you were moving, fast enough that you worried about stopping before you splattered against the stone walls waiting on the other end, but just before you could yell at Nate that you’d need to jump, the wire snapped and suddenly the two of you were hurtling for the ground.

You both screamed as the ground rushed up to meet you, but then Nate had the wire again and you were swinging around the corner, still screaming as you suddenly smashed through a window and went flying, landing hard on the marble floor.

Gunfire sounded all around, but you were slightly dazed and didn’t figure out what was happening until fingers were digging into the top of your arm and pulling you across the floor. You looked up to see Sam, a gun in his hands as he pulled you behind the table with him, taking cover from the guards who were shooting at you.

He yelled something at you, but your ears were ringing from the gunfire, so you just nodded and grabbed the gun, popping up to loose a few rounds, each hitting their target before you ducked back under cover and looked around for Nathan.

He was slightly behind you, returning fire and still breathing, though he was bleeding from multiple cuts from the glass you’d smashed through. Still, he was fine, and you needed to get out of there.

Grabbing Sam’s arm, you yelled for him to cover you before diving out of cover and rolling behind a pillar, shooting around it before running to the next one, almost getting shot in the face by a guard you hadn’t seen hiding behind it. Shoving his gun aside, you heard it fire and silently thanked your reactions for getting it out of your face fast enough. Then you drove the heel of your hand into his face, feeling his nose break before slamming your knee into his groin and then hitting him across the face with the gun as he doubled over.

He collapsed to the ground, unconscious, and you moved on, returning fire as you moved to get the angle on the guards.

You jumped into an office looking room and shot some more before jumping out and running towards the door, calling for the other two to hurry up and get out.

You had just reached the door when you saw more guards waiting outside, their guns trained on the door.

“Shit, get down!” You yelled as you dove for cover, covering your head as you hit the ground and the wall above you started crumbling with gunfire.

Nate and Sam were already taking guards down by the time you were back on your feet.

“Sully where are you?” You yelled into your ear piece, but were greeted by only silence until suddenly a white car came crashing through the wall.

“Anyone call for a limo?”

You almost laughed, but there was too many guards and you had to run, so the three of you did, and you dove into the car first, Nate next and then finally Sam before Sully pulled off and shot out of there, slowing down for nothing until you’d put a few miles between you and the mess you left behind.

It was like you’d been holding your breath, but once the gunfire had faded into the distance and you found out you weren’t being followed, you couldn’t help it. You started to laugh.

It started as just a little giggle, and you felt everyone in the car turn to look at you, but the more you tried to stop it, the funnier it seemed, and before long you were full on laughing, tears streaming down your face. Sam was always on the same wave length, and he’d started too. Poor Nate looked at the two of you like you were crazy before climbing over the seats and settling into the passenger seat, sharing a look with Sully.

“What’s their issue?” Sully asked, nodding back at the two of you, but Nate just shook his head and sighed, smiling despite himself.

“They’ve been like this since they met. It’s best to just let them get it out.”

He wasn’t wrong, and it only took another 3 miles before the two of you calmed down, and you sat back with a sigh, the smile still on your face even though your sides hurt now, in addition to every other part of my body.

You were just closing your eyes when Sam suddenly swore and you opened your eyes when you felt his warm hand in your own, lifting your arm up gently. You were just about to ask him what he was doing when he met your eyes. “How can you not feel that?”

You looked down and saw the massive piece of glass sticking out of your forearm. How you’d missed it when fighting, you’d never know.

“That’s just uncalled for!” You whined, turning your arm to get a better look. It looked pretty deep, but wasn’t that painful, so you looked up at Sully.

“You got a first aid kit in here?” You asked, touching the glass lightly.

Sully shook his head. “There’s one back at the–JESUS Y/N!” He yelled as he saw you in the mirror as you yanked the piece of glass out of your arm and suddenly blood was dripping everywhere.

“Whoops,” You shrugged as Sam quickly grabbed Sully’s jacket that he’d thrown in the back and pushed it against the cut, applying pressure.

“Ow!” You complained, trying to pull back, but he gave you a look and didn’t let go.

“That’s what you get for ripping the glass out of your arm before we had a first aid kit. Now stop moving!”

Narrowing your eyes at him, you were tempted to move again just to wind him up, but then you were pulling up at Sully’s apartment and climbing out. You’d already been there that morning to get ready for the job, but Sam and Nate never had and you could see the awe in their eyes as they went in.

“Nice place, Sully!” Nate whistled as he looked around and Sam nodded his agreement as he led you over to the table, trying not to let any blood drip on the floor. Sully had gone ahead of you to get the first aid kit and set it up on the table before wandering into the kitchen to get drinks, leaving Sam to help you.

The bleeding had almost stopped at that point, so when Sam pulled the jacket back, he only had to clean away the blood and make sure there was no glass in the wound before bandaging it up.

“Doesn’t look like you’ll need stitches,” he reported, and you nodded and thanked him, letting him finish your arm before you shifted the first aid kit and sat down on the table. Sam looked like he was going to get up and go find Sully in the kitchen, but you stopped him with a foot and pointed to his head.

“You’ve got a few cuts of your own. Let me clean you up,” You ordered, and Sam relaxed, letting you clean the blood from his face and then start dabbing gently at the wound above his temple.

His winced and caught your hand to pull it away from the cut. “Still got that gentle touch, I see,” he teased and you pulled a face before putting the cotton wool down and standing up.

“And you’re still a baby,” you shot back, but he just winked at you and held onto your hand.

“Hey, once upon a time I’d have got a kiss for the pain,” he hinted, and you couldn’t help the small smile as you remembered. He was right. It had started when Nate broke a couple of his fingers when he was 13, and you’d kissed him better. Sam had then started complaining about pain so you’d kissed him too. It had been custom from then on. If one of them got hurt, once you patched them up, they got a kiss for the pain.

It’d been a long time since you last kissed any of them, except for Sam at the auction, but you were in a good mood after getting the cross, so you leaned forward and gently kissed Sam on the forehead, careful to avoid the cut on the side.

“Feel better, Sam,” You whispered, your lips barely grazing his skin as you spoke.

Someone cleared their throat behind you, so you straightened and turned, Sam’s hand dropping from yours. Sully and Nate stood in the doorway, looking both awkward and amused.

“Are we interrupting something?” Sully asked with his eyebrows raised. You shook your head and started clearing away the med kit.

“Just patching him up. You got a hammer?”

Sully nodded and passed it to Sam, who pulled the cross from his pocket and turned it over in his hands.

He lifted the hammer to remove the top of the cross but then hesitated, looking up at the rest of you. “Hope I don’t go to hell for this,” he chuckled before slamming the hammer down.

Eagerly he picked up the cross and looked inside, but almost immediately his face fell. “It’s empty,” he breathed, and for a second you flashed back to the last argument Rafe and you had had before you left. He’d hit another dead end, and he’d lost it, smashing up his office and scaring off the mercs until it was just him and you in the room. Even Nadine had vacated the vicinity. It had not been a good time, but eventually you’d calmed Rafe down and sat with him through that awful silence he sank into when he failed. You hated to see him so broken, which was why you suggested he give up and search for another treasure. That woke him, but not in the way you’d hoped, and the following argument was when you knew that you were leaving. He was obsessed by the treasure and you knew that if he didn’t stop, one day it would get him killed.

You came back to yourself as Sam smirked and tipped the cross so the scroll inside tumbled out onto the table.

“You asshole!” You yelled as you shoved him in the arm, restarting your heart. He just laughed and popped the seal on the scroll.

“So Avery, where did you hide your treasure?”

Exo Scenario - Forbidden Love ~ Park Chanyeol

Hey thanks for the request and I hope you like it! <3


Your families never really wanted you and Chanyeol to even be friends since you first became friends on your first day ever of your new school when you were very young. Your parents thought that Chanyeol was a stuck up, spoiled brat who had everything he could ever want. Which you knew that they were completely wrong at thinking that way of him as you saw him as a sweet, shy but funny friend who you loved being around because he always found ways of making things fun and that there wasn’t a dull moment. Though, Chanyeol’s parents had heard from Chanyeol about your personality being perfect for you and that he couldn’t have found a better best friend, was completely respectful towards you so what you couldn’t understand was how your parents could act that way when Chanyeol was they way you knew he was, though you weren’t going to let yourself be pushed further by your parents from their harsh comments or you were going to break.

After a few years, Chanyeol was casted into SM and debuted with EXO which you were so happy for him. You would always remind him that you were so proud of him and that you’ll stick by his no matter if things get tedious as best friends do and promise. Though over the years you’ve become to realize that you had strong feelings for Chanyeol which you knew that your parents wouldn’t allow and probably SM too. After a another couple of weeks of trying to see if it was just a heat of the moment sort of crush, you just fell even harder for him, and you weren’t going to keep it in for much longer because if you did, you’d actually break down and make a fool of yourself. However, their manager could clearly see it in your eyes that you had liked on of the members in which they had discussed with Lee Soo-Man about this situation and had explained to you that they’ll stop you from seeing your friends everyday and you were forbidden to come into the SM building if you were going to try get with one of the idols as you may “Ruin their reputation” but you weren’t going to let your feelings bottled up inside. 

Once Chanyeol was on break from schedules, you called him over to yours for “a catch up” though in reality you needed to get this off your chest. “Chanyeol?” You softly spoke as you both sat on your couch, with the TV on in the background as Chanyeol sweetly smiled at you, “Yeah?” he replied, poking your arm. “I need to confess something, I… um… Like you, in more of a friends way.” You finally confessed as your head instantly hung low as you played with your fingers and refused to look up at his reaction. Chanyeol was stunned as his eyes widened as he goes to say something but his mind stops him and he sits there in silence, you dying inside from the deadly silence which you didn’t want at all. “I’m sorry if this weird, anyway it’s just my feelings and I’ll just end up ruining your career.” You whispered as the tears fought but you managed to hold them back as Chanyeol gently placed his finger under your chin, lifting it up slightly. “Y/N? It’s okay, I like you too.” He said calmingly as you swatted his hand away without realizing. 

His smile disappeared as soon as your hand hit his away and he looked down, before going to do it again, but the same thing repeats as you got up and faced your back to him. “Y/N, why are you like this?” He asked, scared as he slowly wrapped his arms around your waist from behind, but gets elbowed in the stomach for him to let go of you, “Didn’t you listen to me Chanyeol?! I said that I would ruin your reputation!” You shouted as he stood up straightly and turned you around, slowly getting angered by all this, “Why the fuck would you think you’ll ruin MY reputation?!” He raised his voice as you tried to keep back the stinging tears, running your fingers through your hair and bit your lip nervously which slowly made him turned on somehow. “Because your  label company managers have all agreed and told me not to try ANYTHING with you for a relationship or i’ll be banished from SM to see you and your reputation will be ruined Chanyeol!” He threw his arms in the air as he threw himself back onto your couch and mumbled curses under his breath in which you let out a single tear as you go to walk out of the living room and into the kitchen to go get something to drink, and to get of his sight for the moment. As you come out of your fridge and walk off, you were pushed against the wall, and Chanyeol’s hands were either side of your head. “We’re not going to leave this all behind us, we both like each other, and don’t worry about SM, and my reputation.” He whispered huskily unto your year, and sends shivers down your spine from how lush his husky voice was.

After minutes of him staring into your eyes and biting his lip harshly as you were so quiet and didn’t know what to say, though you wanted to, you couldn’t bring it to yourself and push him away. “Chanyeol! We have to leave it!” You finally retaliated as he scoffed, and a smirk spread across his face as you started getting angry again and he kept teasing you by going in to kiss you but pulling away before your lips touched. “Chanyeol! I swear to god! Just leave this!” You shouted as he shook his head and before you could scowl at him again, his lips attached to yours, roughly taking control as the kiss became very heated and though you tried to pull away, he just kept getting your lips locked again anyway. The way he bit at your lip actually drove you over and you were so furious with him for being such a gorgeous, teasing fuck. He picked you up as you wrapped your legs tightly around his waist and he supported you by your ass, grabbing it firmly as your hands roam up to his hair, pulling on it slightly while it was gripped between your fingers and into fist everytime he bit your lip. He carefully placed you on the kitchen counter as he tugs at your top, managing to get it over your head and the heated kiss continued as you did the same for him, revealing his solid, chocolate abs while your fingers trailed along them until you got down to the hem of his jeans. Kisses then trailed down your jaw-line and your neck was now getting covered in hickeys as he sucks on your skin, receiving some little whines from you as he licked the sore areas.

Throughout the make-out session, you unbuckled his belt as you widened your legs a little so he could stand between them and your hands pulled both his jeans and boxers from around him so they fell on the floor as you grabbed his rock hard member, pumping it fastly as he groaned into your mouth. You finally had full control over him by this and you stepped down from the counter, knelt before him as you take him all in after licking the tip. His groans filled the whole room as you made humming sounds, giving him more satisfaction from the vibration and he took chunks of your hair into his first as he guided you to go quicker, hitting the back of your throat as you gagged before pulling away, and getting lift to be but back on the counter. Your shorts were removed quickly as he ripped off your panties, and rubbed your sensitive nub repeatedly as he used his other hand to spread your legs more open, and his tongue glided up your thighs and teased around your entrance. You whimper as he smiles up at you and latched his lips onto your nub, licking fastly and sucking now and again. His fingers enter you at the same time as he pumped them in and out of you, hitting the correct sport repeatedly as your legs shook and you whined loudly as you come to your high, and he still kept going until you begged for him to stop, “Chanyeol, please! I can’t!”

Once he was finished, he licked his lips then his fingers, and a grin was plastered on his face. After you had came down from your high, you pull him in for another kiss as his hands roamed your body, cupping your clothes breasts and then going under the bra as he squeezed them, before letting his hands roam down to your hips, gripping them firmly as the kiss continued. He pulled you off the counter, turned you around and bent you over the counter as he teased his member at you entrance, and you begged for no teasing though he wouldn’t give up. Though you gasped for air as he, without the heads up, entered his member inside of you, letting you adjust before he began thrusting heavily and slapped your ass before grabbing it tightly. The sound of moans and grunts now started to fill the room as you pleaded for him to go faster, as from this you were getting so much pleasure, as himself as the tightness was giving him amazing friction which made him go crazy, going quicker. “Fuck! You’re so tight!” He grunted as he grabbed your arms and held them behind your back, you loudly whining from the second high you were coming up to, “Chanyeol! Fuck… I’m close!!!” You moaned as he went even quicker, bringing you over the edge once again but helped you ride you through your high as his thrusts became choppy as he was close to his. He pulled out quickly as he pumps himself as he came on your ass cheeks. 

After you both calmed down, he sweetly helped clean you up and himself before he picks you up after chucking on his shorts he had in his bag and threw you his jumper that was too big for you, and carried you to the living room as he laid you down and laid next to you, wrapping his long arms around you as you cuddled up to his chest, “So, you want to leave it now?” He asked with a little bit of teasing in his voice and you tiredly shake your head and hummed a ‘no’. “Good because I’m not going to let any other guys take my girl, you’re mine beautiful.” He added as you giggled and looked up at him. “I love you,” You said as he smiled, lifting your chin up a little more to give you that small little kiss that you rejected him from doing earlier, “I love you too.”


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Are You Okay? - Draco Malfoy (Part 2)

Part One

Draco had been getting better.  His scars had almost completely healed over but they would never truly disappear.  You visited him every night and stayed till Madam Pomfrey shooed you off the next morning, or that night if she wasn’t in a good mood. You were still pissed off at Harry, who you hadn’t seen since a day or two before the incident.

You were in the great hall eating dinner with Blaise and Pansy, but you weren’t really paying attention to anything that was being said, you weren’t paying attention to anything really, that was, until Harry Potter walked through the doors.  Your entire body filled with anger as you watched the practically careless boy waltz over to the Gryffindor table.  You seethed at him and eventually got up to confront him, completely ignoring the questioning looks you were getting from the rest of your table.

“POTTER!” You shouted when you got close enough for him to hear and see you.  He looked slightly worried when he saw how angry you were but tried to cover it.

“Get up. Now.” You said, just enough intimidation in your voice to scare him. He did as you said, slowly, thinking that you wouldn’t do anything to hurt him.  

“What the hell was that for?” You interrogated.  He looked confused. As usual.

“Why did you curse Draco like that?  What has he ever done to you to deserve that level of punishment? Well Potter?”  You eyes never left Harry’s, you didn’t blink, just glared at him, waiting for a response.  You didn’t get one.  You waited. 5…4…3…2…1.  That was it. You had gave him enough time and yet he refused to respond to a simple question.  You pulled out your wand and were about to point it at his neck when a cold hand grabbed you by the arm.

“Y/N, don’t.” Said the familiar voice of your boyfriend. His voice was shaking slightly and you could tell he was still in pain.  You lowered your wand and turned to face him. His face was still paler than usual but not as pasty as he was the last time you had seen him, which was probably why he was out of bed for the first time in over a week.

“You were lucky this time Potter.” You glared at him once more, as did Draco, before you took his hand and you both walked over to the Slytherin table.

Draco sat down and you took your place next to him and rested your head on his shoulder, being careful not to hurt him.  He placed his arm around you and pulled you closer to him.

“What was that?” He asked a hint of laughter in his voice, something you hadn’t heard from him in a while. You smiled up at him, seeing the smile that you loved.

“Sorry, i just wanted to know why he hurt you like that.  It seemed a bit much.”

“It seemed like you were doing more than talking, you looked ready to kill him.” He smiled at you again but you just stared up at him, happy to see him out of the hospital wing.

“I’m glad you’re better Draco.” He pulled you closer to him in a tight embrace.

“Me too.” You leaned up and kissed him, his gentle lips caressing yours.

[Whouffaldi fic challenge time.]

The Doctor and Clara lay side-by-side in the large canopy bed, Clara under the sheets, the Doctor on top. His hoodie was pulled over his head, his shoulders up around his ears.

‘Do you think they’re going to go away anytime soon?’ Clara asked in a hushed tone, hearing the slight scuffling and whispering outside the door.

‘Doubtful,’ the Doctor rumbled.

Clara sniffed, climbed out from under the covers, and rolled on top of the Doctor. ‘Then I suppose we’d better get started.’

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