Part 3/3. I know you guys can’t wait for this to go down, I’m like that person that says they hate drama but when drama happens, you know where I’ll be! I was gonna post this tommarow but oh what the hell? Lets see what happens

*the joy Carter felt in his heart is suddenly replaced by a deep, boiling rage, who was once his best friend, is now the person who is going to ruin the best thing that has ever happened to him*

Both: *screaming insults and angry questions*

Carter: You just don’t get it do you??!

Simon: Oh I get it Carter, you just wanna see how many girls will fall for your stupid LIES!!!

Carter: I love her-

Simon: Not like I do, how could you do this to me?!

Carter: How could you tell her about Jenna?! Who else have you told? I thought I could trust you!


Carter: You’re going to ruin everything for me!! She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me Simon!!

*Carter can hardly refrain from punching Simon right then and there, he doesn’t care if he never sees Simon again, no one is going to take Amber away from him*

Amber: What the hell is going on here??!

*both Simon and Carter turn to face Amber, who is obviously VERY angry with both of them*

Amber: Oh don’t give me those looks, I heard everything! I can’t believe you Simon, this is none of your business! I’m not some prize for you too win, the same goes for you Carter!

Carter: Amber, I-

Simon: She doesn’t want to hear your crap anymore

Amber: You don’t know what I want, I’m not your dog Simon!

*Simon angrily paces back and fourth, before attempting to punch Carter, Carter easily dodges and pushes him onto the ground*

Amber: STOP!

*Amber shoves Carter away from Simon and gets in between them*

Amber: If you lay a finger on him, I’ll never forgive you!

*Simon scrambles to his feet, and just stares at Amber, not angrily, not lovingly, just a shocked, empty stare*

Amber: Simon you are going to leave. NOW. If you throw Carter one dirty look, I’ll never speak to you again

*Simon starts to say something, he stops himself, he gets to his feet, and starts walking home and doesn’t look back…. Once he’s out of sight, Carter starts to talk*

Carter: Amber, I’m so sorry, I did’t-

Amber: Shut up! I’m leaving, I don’t want to see your face again for the next week! Simon is a human too! He’s my friend! You can’t charm your way out of this one Carter!

*Amber walks away, but somehow, Carter still can’t tear his eyes away from her, once the bystanders have wandered off, and Carter realizes he’s alone, he wants to cry, but he can’t, he just stares at the ground, wondering if he’ll ever talk to his best friend or the love of his life again*

Wow guys, this is so sad, 3 broken hearts. Will Amber forgive Carter? Will she fall for Simon instead? Or will she never speak to them again? Poor Amber, caught in the middle of this awful feud.

Today In History

‘Jackie Robinson, the first Black baseball player in the major leagues, was born in Cairo, GA, on this date January 31, 1919. Robinson joined the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947, ending five decades of segregated baseball. At the time of his retirement in October 1972, Robinson is believed to have been the most respected of all baseball players.’

(photo: Jackie Robinson)

- CARTER Magazine


Sebastian Stan as Hal Carter and Maggie Grace as Madge Owens in William Inge’s Picnic (2013)

“Come on Jack, put it away. You know you’re not going to use it.”

Michael Caine, Get Carter [1971]

Adapted from the novel Jack’s Return Home, Get Carter portrayed a grittier version of the criminal underworld than British cinema fans had previously been used to. Caine played the titular Carter, returning to Newcastle to avenge the death of his brother. The Guardian named it the seventh best crime film of all time.

anonymous asked:

you say fuck you to the man who is very important person in Gillian life. So, no one can insult David, bc he is your idol and bc Gillian loves him but YOU can say those things about another person. THIS is hypocrisy. Something that wants me to leave this fucking fandom never look back. Gillian says about kindness in her book but X-Files fans on tumblr cannot stop hate everything and everyone from x files but Mulder and Scully. And that is very sad and pathetic.

Look Anon,

I’ll be forever grateful to Chris Carter for creating this show, its characters and fighting for Gillian at the beginning. 


I don’t know about you, I’ve been an X-Phile since 1994 and Chris Carter dragged us through hell and back many times. He keeps pushing his own agenda, not listening to anyone and enjoys torturing the fandom. He is ignorant and awkward.

  •  He doesn’t believe in Show Bible –> The show is full of discrepancies
  • He doesn’t believe in love –> Our OTP is the most fucked up OTP in the history of fandoms
  • He doesn’t understand emotions, human interactions–> *insert Babylon dialogue here*
  • The whole plot for Babylon is one of the worst things that has ever happened on The X-files
  • He thinks that showing important nuances in MSR is gonna ruin his show
  • He killed CSM four times, but can’t get rid of him
  • He easily got rid of the Lone Gunmen
  • The whole Diana Fowley plot - her being used for the only and sole purpose of rivalry and jealousy. As this is the only thing women do…
  • Season 10 Monica Reyes character assassination
  • He finished Season 10 on a cliffhanger without having any idea of how it will continue 
  • Scully’s been kidnapped, medically raped, abducted, nearly killed. She lost her father, her sister, her mother. She buried Emily and Mulder. She survived cancer and an alien virus.
  • Mulder is afraid of fire, colour blind and got some weird brain disease. None of these is consistent or can be explained in long term. 
  • Mulder lost his father, his Mum committed suicide, his sister was kidnapped, abused. He got injected with black oil, tortured many times and abducted by aliens. He’s been buried, brought back to life, had PTSD. 
  • Scully gave birth at the end of the world without Mulder being there.
  • Mulder and Scully had three!! - so let me say this again, THREE - days together as a family, and Mulder had to leave. The love of her life had to leave and go into hiding to save his family.
  • Scully had to live through again the fact that Mulder is getting killed by lethal injection before they came up with a plan to run away.
  • They had to leave everything behind and with all this baggage try to find the meaning of life and the love for each other. AGAIN.
  • But then in IWTB Chris Carter has to break them up again, ‘cause Scully asked Mulder to take the case. He took it, and that was the last straw. She does not need this darkness in her life so she leaves.
  • And in Season 10 they are estranged cause clearly a couple who lived all of this through and suffered so much and lost everything, they just break up.

Also, the reviews of Season 10  were very bad to all episode being written and directed by Chris Carter. Do you know what he said? 

First, people who support MSR is a small part of the fandom, that we are ignorant and it’s not his fault that the reviews are bad. It’s the fault of the critics cause they don’t understand the essence of The X-files. *obv paraphrasing but you got the idea*

So excuse me if from time to time my head explodes and I dare to say FUCK YOU CHRIS CARTER. If he would listen or improve or stick with the executive producer role, I would be fine. But being a fan doesn’t mean that I can’t criticise from time to time. I can criticise and I will ‘cause honestly, who writes dialogues like this?

O'MALLEY: Tell them about your DNA, Sveta.

SVETA: I have alien DNA. For sure.

SCULLY: Have you had a doctor confirm that?


Also who has Gillian Anderson & David Duchovny and not use their chemistry nor writes them proper dialogues, let their talents shine when given the chance?! (Season 10)


The problem with Women and Superhero shows

You know what’s really frustrating? How many TV shows,especially  superhero TV shows aimed at young people absolutely refuse to do something as simple as make sure that their show is gender balanced.Or show female characters have any connection with other women. Superhero shows are meant to inspire us, to show us a better way and yet they seem to hate the very idea of actually spending any time on female characters

Just look at all the TV shows we had till now .Can you think of one show where the the men don’t outnumber the women? Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Agent Carter…….the only one which actually bothered to some degree  was Agents of Shield*

Arrow is horrible when it comes to it’s treatment of female characters. We all know that. But they are also horrible when it comes to the actual presence of female characters.. And they don’t learn. Oliver’s new team of vigilantes had a 3;1 male to female ratio. Was there ANYTHING preventing them from making Rene or Rory a girl? And look at how isolated Felicity is from other girls. She has zero female friends

The Flash is also very much a guy show and Caitlin and Iris barely even interact with each other. Again was there anything to prevent Julian from being a girl? No. They absolutely refuse to include more female characters

Legends of Tomorrow has a two girl maximum. At least in the first seaosn Sara and Kendra were friends but now Sara barely even seems to talk to Amaya. And again there was nothing preventing them from making Nate a girl. Hell his issues with being sheltered and feeling helpless his whole life would have been even more impact if he was a girl

And the few shows we have which are supposed to be about girls? They are cringe inducing when it comes to these issues and absolutely get worse with time

Agent Carter was male dominated and the only somewhat female light in the show was Carter’s friendship with Angie. And they snuffed this completely in the second season in favor of a shitty love triangle. And don’t get me started in how they took a brilliant female historical figure and turned her into a pathetic villain

Supergirl is probably the worse when it comes to this. Look at how the show started. Although Winn has improved he started as a creepy toxic male geek. One of his very first lines was thinking that Kara was a lesbian because she didn’t want him. And when Kara turned him down he made her feel guilty and apologize to him. And he was presented as her best and ONLY friend. Kara Danvers had no female friends. Do you realize how insane this is?. Still season 1 wasn’t quite as bad. Kara had Cat as a female mentor, she overcome her hesitancy and develop respect and friendship with Lucy and James although he had a few minor glitches like his reaction to the Red Kryptonite was a goddamn awesome and healthy male character. But in season 2?

Although the introduction of Maggie and her realtionship with Alex is excellent it’s the ONLY bright spot. Everything else ruined the little they had. They ditched Cat in favor of Snapper, Lucy disappeared in the void of unappreciated female characters and instead we got freaking Mon El. The very definition of bland pretty boy. James was turned into some fragile insecure boy who feel threatened by by Kara’s status, Winn actually actively sabotaged Kara just so he and James can shine and again don’t get me started on Mon El. M’gann should have been one of the bright sides of this season but he was barely used. We got see more of Mon El’s fuck then of a fascinating and complex character like M’gann. The ONLY female friend Kara has is Lena and you know they are going to fuck with this,

Literally all of these shows actively isolate women from interacting with other women. Female friendship is treated as some flaky thing that can easily be ignored and erase while male friendship is celebrated and iconic. Just look at Oliver and Diggle, Barry and Cisco. On Legends they pushed Nate and Ray and Ray and Mick to bond and become friends  while Mick and Snart were beyond celebrated and iconic. On Supergirl they put more attention on Winn and James friendship then on any interaction Kara had with a girl that wasn’t her sister

Female friendships gets none of this. The closest we ever came was Carter and Angie’s and Sara and Kendra’s (and come to think of Sara and Sin) . And all of them got only a fraction of the time spent on male friendships and was erased completely later on never to be mentioned again

The only chance girls get when it comes to friendship is with male characters and this is often either a prelude to or baiting of a realtionship


*I am not gonna get into the Netflix shows as well since this already got too long but they have their own issues as well. Not quite as horrible as the CW shows but still bad

The whole pjo verse is Annabeth, Sadie and Samirah screaming YOLO at the top of their lungs, with a very concerned Percy, Carter and Magnus behind.
I gotta rant for a second! Be warned!

I was looking up some articles on the Infinity War rumours. One, when talking about Peggy, expressed the opinion that it’s very unlikely that they will bring Peggy back since she’s “completely outlived [her] usefulness.”

Ex-FUCKING-cuse me?! That is the same stupid mindset the Russos had when they kicked Sharon out of Avengers 2.5: Civil War after they had made her hold up the NO HOMO flag!

Why not use the same logic on other characters then?

Why bring back Steve? Why is he in the movie? He’s not Captain America anymore, he has completely outlived his usefulness.
Why bring Tony back? He blew up all of his suits in Iron Man 3, he’s not Iron Man anymore, he has completely outlived his usefulness.
Why did they bring Bucky back? He fell off a train and died, he had completely outlived his usefulness.

See? It’s bullshit!

If used correctly, every character still has story after story to tell and can be useful, every character can be brought back! And we know comic books; characters rarely stay dead for good. But it’s unlikely that a movie about rocks with God-like powers can bring dead people back?!

Peggy is the fucking reason the fucking Avengers exist! She was a founding member of S.H.I.E.L.D. - or let’s go back even further! Peggy is the reason the first Avenger, Captain America, exists! She encouraged Steve to be a hero, she told him about the 107th, she helped him get behind enemy lines. She’s very resourceful, she’s a badass fighter who taught Steve the moves he’s using now, she’s an incredibly skilled sharpshooter, she’s an outspoken feminist and doesn’t take shit from anyone. And after losing the love of her life, she picked herself back up and lived to become 95 fucking years old. In her old age, she STILL supported and guided Steve’s lost and confused little butt and even gave him the best words of advice beyond the fucking grave!

Even HYDRA had put their plans of world domination on hold until she retired! FUCKING HYDRA WAS SCARED OF PEGGY CARTER!!! How awesome would it be if Peggy showed up today and Hydra agents knew her name, her face even, and shat their pants because Director Carter has been feared and talked about among Hydra agents for generations!

How can a character like that outlive their usefulness?! She wasn’t only the girl who kissed Steve once and then died!!! Peggy Carter has her spot in the MCU and deserves much more recognition for everything she did! And a character as awesome as Peggy still has many cool things to do if you let her.