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How do I stop liking boy

look at a dog. just one. You’ll forget boys even exist as a concept. 

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AU where Karkat's the guy who sits and plays the piano in the middle of shopping malls and one day he's playing and he has Dave on top of the piano sitting and asking him if he can play today's hits on the piano and Karkat gets pissed and starts playing love songs on the piano because he knows Dave wouldn't know any and (surprise) Dave knows them so now they're the sappy-piano-player-and-heckler singing love songs in the middle of the mall, and at the end of it, they just lean into a gross kiss.

can they please do it aggressively. like. karkat AGGRESSIVELY plays the piano and scowls @ dave and dave PASSIONATELY sings along @ karkat and they start doing it every day and dave lounges on the piano and on karkatas bench and across karkats lap and theyre gross and get so many tips and then YEA dave goes on a lunch break and brings back karkats favorite and theyre just bein cute and chatting and then oops they smekked before getting back to workk. like totally casual and normal and domestic. and then they realize what happened adn dave fkn SPRINGS UP to throw away their lunch trash and karkat misses three notes in the next song and daves voice cracks while hes singing rip rip rip rip rip