Get it Jihoon~

Imagine rewarding hacker!Woozi with his favorite food and some kisses after he succeeds in a mission.


#HappyWOOZIDay #우리_지훈이_태어나줘서_고마워
happy birthday to our genius fairy, lee jihoon! from the day you’ve stepped into pledis until today, you’ve worked so hard for your debut and the success you and seventeen have gained so far. it’s really an honor to be able to listen to your self-produced music today which gives a lot of people strength and energy! i don’t know how you do it but you are an incredible singer, dancer, producer, and have a very critical role in seventeen. i hope you stay healthy and happy from today and on. thank you for being born and we, carats, anticipate great things from you!

when u n ur friend r in the same class but neither of u know what the fuck is going on