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BoM Prostitution!AU except in the style of “Secret Diary of a Call Girl”. It’d be OOC and weird but I just kind of like the idea of a post-show AU, back in the US, and Connor realizing somewhere along the line that plenty of people are attracted to him and he just kind of goes with it and realizes that there’s plenty of money to earn (except he kind of has to juggle it with his lifestyle as a college student, his Mormon family, and his close friends never finding out).

And at first he enjoys it because it’s not like he is forced to take any clients he doesn’t want to, but then he gets more and more involved and he never seems to get anywhere with his studies so he just kind of continues working as a call boy which is fine until he runs into Kevin Price again.

Kevin is still handsome and idealistic and very much a virgin and Connor is just helpless to all of that, so now he suddenly has to juggle a crush as well (that is very reciprocated in Kevin’s own awkward, sweet way) but how in the world is he going to tell Kevin that he actually earns money by sleeping with people?

Basically, things get complicated, what started out as fun and games is suddenly about self-worth issues as well and there’s plenty of stuff that needs to happen before finally, ~happy ending.

There’s a church not far from where I live that has developed its own brand of what i can only assume is evangelical shitposting.
Right now, their sign out front says “Life is like a pencil. Without God, there’s no point.”


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Get Schooled: The Art of DIY Touring

by Jamie Coletta

Okay, so you’ve got a band. You’ve got songs. You’ve been practicing. You made social media accounts and hopefully you’re not totally annoying the shit out of people on them. You’ve even played a few local shows in your hometown. Now what? It’s finally time to hit the road, jerks! Consistent touring is one of the best - if not the #1 - ways to get exposure for your band.

Wanna see the effect consistent touring has on a band? Google PUP from Toronto, Canada. In the winter of 2013, they made a New Year’s resolution to play at least two hundred shows throughout the following year. They released their self-titled debut album in April and hit the ground running. By the time New Year’s rolled around again, the band had played upwards of 220+ shows all over the world including the United States, Canada, UK and more. It was this hardworking, leave-it-all-on-the-stage mentality (not to mention, a KILLER record) that took PUP from cool-but-relatively-unknown indie band to an internationally-adored force to be reckoned with.

“But how do I make the jump from playing one show at the college campus down the street for less than ten people to consistently touring the world like PUP?,” you may be wondering. Good question. Whatever you do, don’t consult this idiotic piece that made its internet rounds sometime late last year. You can totally hit the road without breaking the bank but I’ll tell you this right away - you’ll need some cash. Things like a vehicle, gas and food cost money no matter what tips and tricks I teach you along the way. A killer DC radio station WAMU talked to some musicians with sufficient experience in DIY touring, like Jeff Rosenstock and Radiator Hospital, and went over a lot of these costs in detail - memorize it.

Once you have some money saved up, it’s time to plan. This can be the most intimidating part for a young band with no experience in booking their own tour. There’s totally an art to it but it’s going to take some real commitment so first things first, make sure your whole band is ready to tour before wasting your time. The last thing you need is to book a whole tour by yourself and find out your drummer can’t take that many days off work or something.

Now, I’ll set you up with a few tips to get started but if you have more questions, feel free to hit me up or ask your favorite band. That’s kind of the purpose of a community like this, right? Right.

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