Get Low

the signs as late 90s - early 2000's hits
  • (i hope this hasnt been done)
  • aries:get low -lil jon, ying yang
  • taurus:teenage dirtbag -wheatus
  • gemini:it's gonna be me -NSYNC
  • cancer:wannabe -spice girls
  • leo:hollaback girl -gwen stefani
  • virgo:the sweet escape -gwen stefani, akon
  • libra:cry me a river -justin timberlake
  • scorpio:she will be loved -maroon 5
  • sagittarius:stacys mom -fountains of wayne
  • capricorn:a thousand miles -vanessa carlton
  • aquarius:sandstorm -darude
  • pisces:hide and seek -imogen heap

We are all going to hell for this Persona 4 Dancing All Night mash-up video ⊟ 

Not since Lazy Town’s “Cooking by The Book” has there been a more inappropriate Lil’ Jon remix video. SMH at mathespio for making this, Lunker for linking the video in our Twitter feed, and us for posting it. 🙈🙈

Here are official Persona 4 Dancing All Night trailers for Rise and Yu, and clips of people dancing at the game/Atlus’ booth at E3. Atlus will release the game for PS Vita sometime this fall. Apologies to Nanako.

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Teacher: “did you do your homework?”

Me: plays this song

Teacher: “turn up!”