Get A Grip

Why is it that one of the biggest arguments against Wonder Woman is the fact that there was a romance subplot? Like honestly? It was barely even a subplot. First and foremost, Steve and Diana were friends. He helped her navigate a world she didn’t understand, but her motivations were always entirely hers. And secondly, literally almost every other action movie on this goddamn planet has a romance subplot, except the difference is they had male leads and female love interests, who are almost always damsels in distress. Diana’s romance with Steve never once made her out as someone Steve had to save, or even vice versa. They were friends and colleagues with the utmost respect for each other. No one makes this big of a fuss in male-led action movies with a romance subplot. People just take it as it is because it’s the ‘status quo’ but in order for a female-led action movie to have any merit, the woman shouldn’t have a love interest because that diminishes her strength as a woman. Well, sirs and madames, kindly fuck off. Just because Hollywood has conditioned you to believe that a woman in love is weak and submissive doesn’t actually mean it’s true. Love has always been the driving force of Diana’s moral fiber and strength. If you think her falling in love is somehow an inherent weakness of hers then you clearly don’t understand Wonder Woman to begin with. 

Apparently this is a hard concept to grasp. Yes, the song is Steve’s. Yes his team should be doing most of the work. But Louis is the leading vocalist. Louis and Steve both talked about how the lyrics to JHO were prioritized (whereas in most EDM songs, they are not). I’m not saying Louis’s team has to be as extra or vigilant as Steve’s, but Louis’s team is doing /nothing/. If you can’t understand why that’s an unfathomable and cringey concept, then I don’t know how to help you, but stop acting like everyone is ridiculous and overreacting for being annoyed, when you clearly have no idea what this kind of deal is should look like.

I wonder if the people getting buttmad Starbucks hiring refugees bothered to do their research and realize that they are hiring refugees in multiple countries where the chain operates and not just the United States, when they do hire in the United States they’re going to give first priority to people who have aided US troops, and they already have a veteran hiring program in place.

But hey, don’t let facts get in the way of your angry memes.

literal conversation i just had with a family member
  • Family Member: What's your type [of man]?
  • Me, a teenage girl: Wonder Woman. I prefer Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman is my type.
  • Family Member: So... what you're saying is that you want to be LIKE Wonder Woman?
  • Me: ...

Oh my god Small Portion of the Sanvers Fandom. I am not going to claim to be as invested in the relationship as some of you, but you’re acting like someone died. Floriana decided to leave the show. This is a CW series, the breakup has to be dramatic. What is dramatic? A broken engagement.

I completely understand wanting positive LGBTQ representation, but how is a broken engagement a bad thing for LGBTQ people exactly? Alex is still super gay. She will continue to be gay. She will go through her break up and in all likelihood will move on and find another love interest. Hopefully that love interest will get sufficient screen time and Alex will walk down the aisle with Joh’n by her side. It probably won’t be with Maggie, but that doesn’t mean the show is disrespecting LGBTQ people. Don’t conflate show runners ending a lesbian relationship on a show bc the actress decided to leave and actual homophobia. That’s dumb.

I get that Alex’s coming out and subsequent relationship really resonated with a lot of people, but the writers ending the relationship does not negate any of that. ALEX IS STILL GAY. SHE DOESN’T STOP BEING GAY BECAUSE SHE’S SINGLE, AND GONNA BE KINDA SAD FOR A WHILE.

I know a lot of you have been burned before(I haven’t watched S3 and S4 of The 100, but I know what went down there), but this is not the same situation. The show has given us a lot of time to get used to the idea, and this did not come out of the blue.