VR / Real World Gesture Switch

Simple mod from Leap Motion lets users switch from virtual to real viewpoints with a simple hand gesture:

When you get thirsty with your Oculus Rift on, you only have two options: removing the headset or blindly groping for your drink. That’s why we’re developing Quick Switch, a quick and easy control that lets you toggle between VR and video passthrough.

… Along with preventing sticky keyboard syndrome, Quick Switch is a big first step in blending and mashing together the real and virtual worlds in ways that we can scarcely imagine.

A very small feature yet strangely resonant (ten years ago millions of people would not know what ‘slide to unlock’ would be).

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I went to Tall Tales, a bi-monthly show where comedians try new material, mostly because John Finnemore was going to be there, but I was pleasantly surprised to find how many Radio 4 names were on the bill. Unfortunately for sketching it was very dark, and the lights went out entirely before Mr Finnemore took the stage. I met a few of the people I drew, afterwards, and they were far lovelier than they turned out in my half-blind drawings, so please accept my apologies for these scribbles!


Chibiusa x Helios - Gesture and Rough

So if anyone is curious as to why I abandoned that other picture,  here is the tone and design I was originally aiming for. I didn’t have it pinned down yet, though, so I just started drawing and of course it wasn’t going to turn out like I wanted.

This is how I’ll be proceeding with the picture though. Obviously these are WIP. The top image is the gesture and the bottom image is the rough lines. For me the poses, lines, composition and flow have way more emotion and character behind them and I put a little of myself in them. I used to draw couples pictures a lot when I was younger but not a lot recently. I’m hoping to change that! They’re fun.