Spectrum Patrol Car (SPC) or Spectrum Saloon Car (SSC), 1967 (2068). A prop from the Gerry and Sylvia Anderson “Supermarionation” TV series Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons. Set in 2068, the SPC/SSC was powered by a gas turbine which drove all 4 wheels to speeds of up to 195mph. The scale model used in the TV series was designed and built by Mike Trim

Science Fiction series being made for ATV by Century 21 Productions. (Century 21 is Gerry and Sylvia Anderson who made the very successful puppet series, Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, etc). There will be seventeen epidoses, and the budget is £100,000 per episode. For a change there is no American money in the production. The story is basically about S.H.A.D.O. (Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organisation), a sort of United Nations of the space age, against the mysterious aliens in their UFO’s. to the uninitiated. This pic Shows: Gabrielle Drake on the Moon base set. October 1969


Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons

Of Gerry Anderson’s “Supermarionation” TV series my sentimental favorite is “Fireball XL5”. I also liked “Stingray”. But the series I’m most interested in rewatching in “Captain Scarlet”. I think the more lifelike portions on the characters is great with an imaginative setup of color coded agents and an all female squadron.

Perhaps the only thing I don’t get is the Mysterons. They had the power to control “reversing matter” - essentially recreating anything that got destroyed. When Earth accidentally destroyed one of their bases, the Mysterons recreated it then started a war of revenge. But if recreating was their “thing” there really wasn’t any harm done, right? It did tend to make very repetitive plots.

BTW the last photo is of Francis Matthews, the voice of Scarlet, and Ed Bidhop, the voice of a Blue.

TAG S2E21 - ‘Home on the Ranch’ Review

What an episode!

Firstly, everyone on Earth, training at the family ranch = brilliant. I don’t think there are doubts about that. I love how our favourite brothers are having so much fun with this ‘training exercise’. There were some brilliant expressions too and lots of silent communication. Basically, just plenty of moments to enjoy.

Uh-oh! Evil MAX. That’s not so good.

I like Manoeuvre Seventeen.

I begin to wonder if Gordon stands a chance… Lady Penelope and John seem to have quite a few scenes together at the moment. One of my new favourite lines. Parker’s speech just tops it off so well!

“Nice hof your father to build this little ‘ome haway from ‘ome.”

And, hooray! A mention of Mrs Tracy for once.

“Actually, the ranch belonged to the boys’ mother. It’s been in her family for generations.”

And the hints just continued. I’d been hoping they throw some line to us eventually and here we have it!

“Hey, remember when Mum used to take us all horseback riding?”
“Oh yeah, especially when Gordon was facing the wrong way. I think there’s a picture here somewhere.”

Typical Gordon – what more could we expect?

“Alan, are you alright?”
“I don’t really have much to add to the conversation.”
“Hmm, I know what you mean.”
“Oh yeah right, you were away at school most of that time too, weren’t ya’?”
“Don’t you worry, there’s still plenty of times to make our own memories here.”

There’s some interesting history in this conversation here. And was that an Alan and Kayo hint dropped? It would make sense seeing how Alan and Tin-Tin were originally a kind of ‘item’, but there’s not been little hints to this relationship for a while now.

Well, back in the saddle as they say – hey, the intruder alarm would go off, wouldn’t it?

One down, two down… will there be a third? Very nearly… Poor Parker, he’s always managing this sort of thing. Did anyone else immediately think back to ‘Tunnels of Time’ (S1E10) as he sat down and want to scream “don’t”?

I’d love to know how the reporter found them…

I like the new hanger design for the ranch. It’s a little cramped and not as upgraded as the Tracy Island system, but I think it works well. John joined the crew in Thunderbird Two as well. There really is a first time for everything in this new half of series two.

I think we had the best launch ever today;

“Thunderbirds are- Oh, come on!”

This poor face.

Look at Brains showing off some strength. And here they are! The hover bikes of TOS. And no, Gordon, we’re not kidding you.

They may be old Scott (and you may be desperate), but I’m not sure your father would appreciate you booting them. Or proving to us viewers that anything which won’t work, might if you kick it hard enough. Something to try with our laptops next time they fail maybe? I mean, if it works in 2060, why not now?

Okay, it’s definitely worth a try – Gordon kicked his twice. It’s no wonder he had to, considering he wasn’t very nice about them. Words matter you see people.

And this could have been such a powerful image, but then we just get their faces!

And shouldn’t it have been Hover Bikes are go, Scott?

Yes, more EOS time! I’m so glad the writers have suddenly remembered they have her character to utilise.

Oh Kat, you shouldn’t insult our heroes;

“You know who I am, don’t you?”
“Yeah, I do. And we know what you’ve been saying about us.”
“I’m surprised you didn’t just leave me here to rot.”

And then Scott delivers us what I think is one of the best lines yet, which really does sum up International Rescue and this family in a nutshell.

“Right now, you’re someone in a tough spot that needs help. Who you are or what you’ve done doesn’t matter.”

Brains just amuses me at times. He volunteered!

“M-maybe I shouldn’t be the one up here. I’ve never b-been one for h-high p-places.”

Hmm, like we don’t already know this for certain. Where did that blinking bagel come from! Seriously, what is this family’s obsession with them? The Mechanic didn’t look particularity impressed though… A new one for us all to remember – attack with bagels, and take them everywhere.

Poor FAB One! I could just imagine a cry of “not the seats!” from Parker. Good improvised system though. Scott is brilliant. He’s so good at keeping calm and at helping people who haven’t always been nice to them. He even held her hand. That is dedication right there in blue.

EOS’ concern for John was adorable. John’s concern for Grandma Tracy was perfectly realistic. I just love these little John and EOS moments – there’s so much packed into them.

“And that someone is still here in the compound. Grandma went looking for Brains. They could both be walking into a trap! I have to warn them.”
“John, wait. Then you might caught in it as well. Let me try something. There. I now have a subroutine nested in the transmitter room server.”
“Is Brains in the room?”
“Yes. And so is The Mechanic.”
“The Mechanic? Grandma!”

What a great rescue! Scott can move really fast and they all work in perfect synch. Even Lady Penelope was quite quick to react and she doesn’t do that everyday. I did like Alan and Scott’s little interaction.

“See? That wasn’t so bad.”
“Easy for you to say, little brother.”

The return of MAX. And The Mechanic really puts his foot into it this time. Didn’t he learn from The Hood that the Tracy’s don’t take well to having their home invaded? That was bad move one. Here comes number two;

“No one lays a finger on our Brains!”
“You need to work on your intimidation tactics, Grandma.”
“First of all, only family get to call her that, and second: EOS, we need to separate the machine from the man.”
“With pleasure.”

Go on John – look at that Tracy family anger streak emerging.

The technical team strike again!
Question though – how did no one notice The Mechanic’s quite frankly giant and ridiculous ship?
It felt a bit like the Charge of the Light Brigade at the end.
What a disappointment in having to let The Mechanic get away, but I see John’s logic.

Scott very nearly put his foot in it there too.

“In the meantime, if there’s anything you want to know about us, all you gotta’ do is ask.”
“Really? Anything?”
“Well, there are some things we have to keep secret. There may be a lot of mystery around International Rescue, but really we’re just a regular family.”

But then, as though to prove the point, what do the Terrible Two have to do? I don’t think they even have to try. John and Brains are so absorbed in working it doesn’t even bother them.

“Hey, that’s my chair!”
“No it’s not! I was here first!”
And this end exchange just has to make it in for the fun of it;
“You want to hear a real story? Let me tell you some of the things Gordon says in his sleep.”
“Oh no you don’t!”
“Hey, watch the hair!”
What is this family’s obsession with hair? I swear it’s another genetic feature.
“Alright you two, knock it off.”
“But, he started it”
“Quick, somebody take a picture.”
I wonder what picture? Left to our imaginations, I suppose.
“Cameras are rolling. We’re making memories, Alan. Hold still.”
“Come on.”
“Come here!”
“Oh, you’re a lot stronger than you look, Fish Boy.”

Lastly, the tune playing this episode out was the same as the one Virgil played in TOS S1E1 (‘Trapped in the Skies’).