Everybody is talking about the UK suffering of a heatwave

But may i remind you that the rest of Europe is also suffering of this heatwave

It’s 9 pm
Amsterdam right now: 25°C
Berlin right now: 31°C
Copenhagen right now: 24°C
Paris right now: 34°C
Rome right now: 27°C
Madrid right now: 35°C
Vienna right now: 28°C

So, please tell me how ONLY the UK is suffering of this heatwave.


14 Diaries of the Great War

I just finished watching this documentary drama series on Netflix. 10/10 would recommend to anyone who is particularly interested in the First World War and the decade of 1910s. I actually learned a lot of new things from this series. 

One of the stories include the story of a very interesting Russian girl named Marina Yurlova, the 14-year-old child soldier who bravely joined the Tsar’s Cossacks in the search for her father. This mini-series also feature tales of all kinds of perspective from ordinary soldiers and civilians in both sides of the conflict, the Allies and the Central powers.