Excerpt rom the @berta133 interview in @beautifulsavagemag

Portrait of Lagerfeld from German Vogue @karllagerfeld @voguegermany

“A huge discovery was the magazines that my mother took home from the Hasselblad factory where she worked. They were filled with top photographers’ images from all over the world. I was sick and resting at home at about 12 years old at the time, and I took out a big stack that I hadn’t really looked at before. I had played with the super 8 camera as a happy amateur, but now I saw something else. Ansel Adams had his own issue, and I remember a guy photographing just swans in Japan. This was no longer about playing, it was precision. The shots were not documentary TV pictures from bad stuff happening around the world, they were images capturing beauty. From that moment on… I was hooked and wanted to become a photographer. I craved to be able to make images of a high quality, and I dedicated all my pocket money to buying dark room equipment. I could use the Hasselblad camera as mom could borrow it a week at a time from the factory.”

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