Tumblr engine sputters somehow, time to shift to second gear without using the clutch… Only 2,279 units of this Porsche 911 Carrera RS (964), we spotted in the suburb of Hamburg, were built from 1991 until 1992. For 145,450 Deutschmark you wanted to push the throttle. Result: nearly 80 percent had an accident, a German Porsche expert estimates. Its reconstruction was often poor, recognizable by a trunk lid made of metal instead of aluminum, the thin glass panes were replaced with standard variants, by different wheels. The original magnesium wheels are hardly available and expensive. So will probably be an engine overhauling; the rear of this find seems to be a little high.

  • German fact #117
  • Germans:We don't queue, we form waitsnakes!
  • German *about seals*:It behaves like a dog but it lives in the sea so let's call it a seadog!
  • German *about projectors*:Does it not basically beam the image on the wall? Like in Star Trek? It's a beamer!
  • German *looks at sloth*:It doesn't do anything! Such a lazy animal!
  • German *looks at vacuum cleaner*:It sucks dust. That's easy, it's a dust sucker!