German Grand Prix



 1934 2.9 litre models, the previous P3s displacing 2.6 litres. These were built in limited numbers and reputedly sold new only to Italian customers, so as to make them available to Enzo Ferrari’s works Alfa Romeo team.

It was driven that year by Algerian Guy Moll, who contested with it every Grand Prix in ’34 except Monaco. In the process he won the Italian and German Grands Prix. Later that year he tragically lost his life after a racing accident with the car, and according to Enzo Ferrari the world had lost one of the best drivers he’d ever seen.

A year later and the rebuilt car had been acquired by Dick Shuttleworth who won apparently the first Grand Prix at Donington Park with it. Shuttleworth then went on to have it painted green (!) and then broke Sir Malcolm Campbell’s speed record at Brighton.

George Harrison with good friend, Formula 1 racer Damon Hill at the German Grand Prix, 31 July,1994

“This was a man who was intensely spiritual,” Santelli says. “But as kind and gentle as he was with gardening and the natural world, he was ferociously competitive with Formula One race cars.” -Bob Santelli, Grammy Museum director, “ George Harrison’s life unfolds in exhibit, film, book”, USA Today, 2 September 2011

“You know, regardless of the championship, Damon is a champion as a human being. Because, you know, motor racing really isn’t everything in life. I know, it’s probably a silly thing to say on a motor racing program, but, you know, in the end we all get measured by some other statistic. And it’s not how many poll positions you get. My love of Damon is as a great person, great human being.” - George talks about Damon Hill, 1996 

1965 German Grand Prix (photo by LH)

Jim Clark rolls into pit lane after winning the race and clinching the 1965 World Driving Championship.

1965 German Grand Prix (photo by LH)

Paddock shot with Graham Hill walking out of the BRM garage. On the left and right are the Scuderia Centro Sud and BRM transporters.

Winners’ circle:

Michael Schumacher becomes the first German to win a World Championship German Grand Prix, driving a Benetton B195. Having qualified second in the 1995 race at Hockenheim, he overtook Damon Hill who spun on the second lap, leading the race till the end. After taking the checkered flag, his car broke down.

1965 German Grand Prix (photo by LH)

Lorenzo Bandini in his Ferrari 8 cylinder 158.