Born out of the ashes of post-World War II, Germany came one of the most original and influential genres in musical history, Krautrock. The genre gave birth to bands like Can, Neu!, and Kraftwerk—all of which directly helped give birth to some of todays best electronic, hip-hop and rock and roll music. Jeff Tweedy (Wilco), Daniel Kessler (Interpol), Dan Deacon, Zachary Cole Smith (DIIV), members of Can, Neu, and more take us through this unique genre’s history and possible future.

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Wenn einer eine Blume liebt, die es nur ein einziges Mal gibt auf allen Millionen und Millionen Sternen, dann genügt es ihm völlig, daß er zu ihnen hinaufschaut, um glücklich zu sein.

Der kleine Prinz (The Little Prince)

When one loves a flower that only exists once on all of the millions and millions of stars, then it satisfies him completely that he looks up to them to be happy.