PLL Retcon: Maya Edition

No matter what you liked (or didn’t) like about Maya, there is one thing that has always bothered us in the PLL fandom…


Maya knew what exactly? 

Sure, Marlene said that it meant that she knew who her stalker from True North was.

But…didn’t we get this information when Mona gave us the riddle “Miss Aria You’re A Killer, Not Ezra’s Wife?”

We were directly given that from Mona, who was supposed to be giving us clues to the -A mystery.

What the hell did Nate have to do with the -A mystery?


When that was originally written in, I truly believe that Maya knew that Ali had a twin and that was the original story.

When Marlene decided to do the Charles story, I think she was going to change it toMaya knew about Charles, but changed it again when she changed who she decided who to reveal Charles as.

Remember when Spencer sees Maya talking to Jason downtown? 

We never find out what that was about, and I suppose that could have been nothing, but remember when we were shown scenes because they…you know…meant something?

I think she told him about what she knew. It works for both Ali having a twin or with Charles since both are related to Jason.

Remember in the dollhouse when Aria finds the message in the closet “he’s going to kill me? -M”

I think that originally was Maya. I think she was brought there because Charles found out that she knew. Remember when she was grabbed outside of Kahn Cabin? The girls went over the video of her being grabbed and did a timeline of what happened to her. I am convinced that it was Charles that grabbed her and took her to the dollhouse. She thought he was going to kill her, but instead he told her to leave Rosewood and never tell what she knew. He gave her the ticket to Texas and let her go. Sadly Nate killed her on her way to say goodbye to Emily.