Gerard Leto

ASOTM (A Splitting Of The Mind) REACTION (Major Spoilers!!!!)

Before reading it



Beginning chapter 1:

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Chapter 3:

Group session:

Ben falls off chair:

Chapter 4:

Roof falls

Rest of the chapter:

End of the chapter:

Chapter 5-8:

Chapter 9-17:

Chapter 18:

Chapter 19:


Mikey: “It’s not batman! It’s my brother. It’s Gee-rard”.


Gerard crying:


Mikey *hugging Gerad*: “What-What-whatever you did, everyone forgives y-y-you”


Before starting chapter 20:

Frank visiting Gerard:

Skull and Jasper and Them:

Finishing  Chapter 20:

End of Chapter 20:


The last frank-gerard encounter was a hallucination:

After finishing:

Me Right Now:

A/N: this fic can be about any band memeber you prefer, for that reason i just wrote ‘he’ instead of the name. I hope you enjoy it x


“I really miss you” i say to him as my eyes start to water. “I miss you too baby, fuck, tour is being awful, i fucking need you.” He covered his face with his hands trying to recompose himself. I start crying and try to calm myself hoping he didnt notice. “Baby? No please dont cry princess, dont make this harder please stop crying.” He says as he whippes his eyes with the back of his hand quickly, he was crying too, for my fault. “I love you.” I say now, more calmed “i love you too, so much, to the moon-” “and back” i smile as soon as i end his sentence, he smiles back.

I’ll grow old, start acting my age.

I’ll be a brand new day in a life that you hate.


This is the person who backs up Jessicka’s claims about Gerard’s ‘sexual misconducts’. @cptchambers seems to accuse many men of sexual assaults without providing evidence. Honestly, can we even trust this person? Can we even trust Jessicka’s claims about Gerard, there is literally no evidence other than this guy liberally accusing everyone and any one.

The difference between this and Jimmy Urine actually being pedophile is that Christian Addams -who has a high profile at Sony- has backed this up. Luncinda has also backed this up, apparently. I’m currently awaiting confirmation on this.

Who You Hang Out With According To Your Birth Month
  • Brendon Urie: January
  • Frank Iero: February
  • Patrick Stump: March
  • Pete Wentz: April
  • Jared Leto: May
  • Mikey Way: June
  • Vic Fuentes: July
  • Andy Biersack: August
  • Gerard Way: September
  • Oli Sykes: October
  • Ashley Purdy: November
  • Ray Toro: December