Random screeny of Bliss Walker. Posting for a “late toddler month” remembering. It shows that with the help of many sim modders, a ‘burrito’ baby can finally look and dress as they are in real life. So I feel that eventually (as the sim community always does) help out the new infants in TS4. Especially if the rumor of them being a simple object is true (kinda hope not), though regardless I know the modders will find a way around it. But back onto the subject: Thanks again TS3 toddler,babies, pools modders! My game owes you all sooo much. And here’s to hoping that tots and pools (if they do make a comeback) will be even better then they were now.


Georgiaglm: it’s a website that was created to post anon secrets about your opinions on people in the sims community, so people can write nice or in most cases not nice things about us guys on there :/ I can never normally find the website, I found it once and didnt understand how to use but I see the effects on here, but destroyedsimming has posted it here. I hope there’s nothing about you on there :( no one deserves it. <3

Destroyedsimming: I’m on my phone so I can’t get to the link. Is it bad? :/

11 Questions!

Simlicious tagged me ( <3 ) so here I go!


  • Rule 1: Post the rules.
  • Rule 2: Answer eleven questions, them make eleven new ones.
  • Rule 3: Tag eleven people and link them to the post.
  • Rule 4: Let them know you’ve tagged them.

1. If you could only have 3 pieces of CC in your game, what would they be?
Omg…. Quizical Gins baby footies (i will never be able to live without them again) Mastercontroller (does that count as cc?) and the Pixie Bow toddler hair from the sims 3 store (because I use that so much its not even fit)

2. How many generations did your longest legacy have?
I'm embarrassed to say, but 3 >.> (and that was in sims 2)

3. Your favorite TS3 Expansion pack and why?
Generations! Because lots of toddler stuff ^_^

4. The funniest moment/story that you experienced with your sims?
(this story is from sims 2 because I actually played then) I was making these 2 teen girls best friends so they could be roomies in university and be best friends. I almost had the best friend status, AND THEN THEY KISSED AND THE LITTLE KISS CUT-SCENE PLAYED (gosh I miss those…) I was mortified because I was 10 and grew up in a christian household, and I had never seen girls kiss xD

5. How long have you been on tumblr?
Almost 2 years now I think (not very long I know, but whatevs)

6. What motivated you to create a simblr?
I was looking for default skins, and I found Therewasnothingleft and StarcrossedAmatures’s(a little later)  tumblrs and I fell in love.

7. How did you first get introduced to the Sims games?
My best friend at the time had the sims 2 and we used to go to her dads house as often as we could and play it all day with the laptop hooked up to the bigscreen tv.

8. What was the first Sims game you played?
The sims 2!

9. What is your favorite Sims website/blog and why?
Simblr in a whole is my fav! so many great creators are here and I cant just choose one!

10. Your worst bug/patching experience with TS3?
I have actually never had a bug/patching experience. all of my problems have had to do with mods.

11. What do you like about my tumblr/why are you following me?
I LOVE your tumblr ^_^ You have awesome downloads and pics and you are so so nice and friendly! I started following you when I saw you competing in The Next Fashion Artist contest! I voted for you every single round (and downloaded all of your stuff!) And even though you didnt win (even though your creations were the best to me) I admired your good attitude! unlike some of the other contestants  you were never rude and always good about criticism and not winning, and that made you a winner in my eyes <3 


Well, thats it! now for my 11 questions:

1. If you could look like any one of your sims, who would it be?
2. What is the most used piece of cc in your game?
3. Who is your favorite creator?
4. What is your favorite life stage in the sims 3?
5. Do you play with baby sims, or do you age them into toddlers as soon as they are born?
6. Do you prefer berry or vanilla sims?
7. Do you use any Nrass mods, and if so, which ones?
8. What feature do you want the most in the sims 4?
9. What feature do you miss the most from the sims 2?
10. Do you write a sims story?
11. What do you like about me/my simblr.

I tag:

Good luck guys!

Typical Sims 4 drawing board meeting.

Sims 4 Guru 1: “What are the most beloved features that customers enjoy most about Sims?”

Sims 4 Guru 2: “Well there’s the iconic swimming pools that simmers have enjoyed through Sims 2 and 3, well known for their funny deaths and cool water slides.”

Sims 4 Guru 3: “Don’t forget the toddlers that add a whole new aspect to the games, giving a deeper more in-depth feel and realism into the family role-play, enjoyed greatly by many simmers who love to watch their toddlers age while learning important life skills from their parents, it brings a warmth to see them succeed they say.”

Sims 4 Guru 4: “Of course, and the freedom in Sims 3 was a complete success, many simmers loved the new features of an open world and where hoping for more openness in the next game by removing rabbit holes.”

Sims 4 Guru 1: “Hmm, well there seems to be only one thing we should do to appreciate and listen to our loyal customers, completely eliminate pools, toddlers and open worlds and replace it with crap like dying from laughing and if we decide to have pools and toddlers, we can just make them pay for an expansion pack, brilliant!”