Modern or ancient piece of technology? I found this nifty table side jukebox at Georgia Diner in Elmhurst. The sticker on the jukebox brags “Hot New Trax”. Ironic the choices begin with R. Kelly’s 2002 Chocolate Factory, the explicit version. Hot tip: quarters only. Nothing like some tunes to get you in the mood for an omelette and home fries.

Georgia Diner, 86-55 Queens Blvd., Elmhurst, NY 11373 

Dear Diary (I mean Very Manly Journal),

          Fantastic day with my girl today. Finally she picked something to do for once. Don’t get me wrong I mean that in the nicest way possible. Georgia Diner is an excellent place to eat and spend a day with an awesome girl. *insert heart here* The decor is nice and fancy looking but the food is also affordable. Following our lovely meal we decided to browse Target. Lovely. Last time we did that I got lost and I’m not gonna lie, I was that sad little kid that loses his parents and just sits down and cries. Anyway today I scored some lovely t-shirts and some clean smelling deodorant. Then on to Macy’s. Now I don’t buy things at Macy’s because I’m currently in a self-induced recession but my girl wanted a new bag to use for school so we headed to the handbag section to look for a fossil bag. There was this very awesome looking one which costs 128 which was 128 dollars more than I had. Then I saw this sign that made me happy. IT WAS 40% OFF. That means it would be 76.80. So I wanted to pay for it via plastic because I had money for that but she wouldn’t let me and paid for it herself. I’m still happy she got a nice bag that she wanted. Now the main reason I went to the mall, as stupid as this sounds, was for socks. We spent a while walking around floor to floor looking at store to store but we ended up in the food court. The sushi place looks nice but it was almost empty. So we just sat in front of a screen looking for songs to request. TAYLOR SWIFT!!! Anyway I had a great time but I noticed one thing. I DIDN’T BUY SOCKS…