Georgia Tech


I had to make a brief and simple “Basic Coding Guidelines” for the freshman seminar class I help teach, so I figured I might as well as upload it here while I’m at it! 

As a few notes, this is specifically tailored for the freshmen at my school in that basically all of them are taking an intro to MATLAB course that assumes no previous coding knowledge. This presentation is just focused on giving some stylistic guidelines and tips rather than on the subject matter itself. 

I’m also going to be talking through most of my points, so if something doesn’t seem right to you on the slide, there’s a good chance I’ll verbally address it.

That being said, feel free to send me a message at flickofthecode if you have any questions or concerns. :)


[04.30.2017] My microelectronics final is tomorrow and I’ve been studying all weekend. There’s a lot of material, and it’s taken me two days to go through about a third of it. I’ve been pretty stressed out, but I’ve accepted at this point that I can only do so much - eating and sleeping are important too!

On another note, I downloaded a Pomodoro timer app today. I’d always kind of been skeptical about whether it would actually help, but it seems like it’s keeping me on track!

Tarzan the Robot

Georgia Tech’s Ai-Ping Hu and Jonathan Rogers have developed a robot named Tarzan that can swing on cables. The robot fleet, outfitted with cameras, is intended for soybean crop surveillance and will swing on parallel guy-wires suspended above rows of plants.

Georgia Tech believe the robot fleet will help provide more frequent measurements and avoid laborious field work.

The Truth About Scout

Scout Schultz was a 21-year-old college senior at Georgia Tech. 

Scout identified as intersex and non-binary. 

They were the president of the Georgia Tech Pride Alliance. 

A mental health counselor who knew them said that the pressures of being open about their gender identity, being a social activist, and maintaining their academic performance weighed on them.

Scout’s father said they suffered from depression and had attempted suicide before.

On the night of their death, Scout made a phonecall to the police saying there was a suspicious person on campus. Scout said the person – described as a white male with long blond hair, white T-shirt and blue jeans, possibly intoxicated – was holding a knife and possibly a gun. 

Cellphone video shows the officers repeatedly yelling at Scout to put down the knife and not to move. In the video, after Scout takes a few steps forward, an officer opens fire.

Three suicide notes were found in the student’s dorm room 

A vigil on campus for Schultz Monday night ended peacefully, but violence flared afterward when a group of protesters marched to the campus police station and a police car was set on fire. 


This was not about police violence. It happens way too much, but that was not the case here. This was about a young, nonbinary person getting so depressed that they got themselves shot. This was the LGBT+ community losing a valued member. We should be honoring and respecting their memory, not using it as an excuse to riot and protest. This should be a discussion about rights and the mental health of nonbinary students. Their story matters. 

Georgia Tech Protests

So I don’t know if many of you know Georgia Tech, but I thought I would explain what has happened these last few days. Last Saturday a student was killed on campus by a campus police officer. 

The student had written numerous suicide notes, and on Saturday evening, called the police saying there was a student with a knife/gun on campus. They had the knife, and went to the police saying “shoot me!”. After asking them to drop the knife numerous times, one police officer shot the student when they approached him. Unfortunately, the student passed away later that night.

Today, students were marching on campus in memory of the student, and the vigil turned into a violent protest. A protester threw a flare in a police car, that is now on fire. All students have been instructed to stay inside, and to avoid the street near the GT Police Department. 

So now there is a real riot on campus. Like, Atlanta police is on the way with riot control. I don’t know, I thought I had to share this. It’s crazy. It’s sad. It’s scary. I hope no other lives are lost. 

We don’t even know if the protesters are students. Apparently, 2 officers are injured and taken to the hospital.