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having HL name their daughter Olivia Carolina Georgia Kiwi Rose Tomlinson-Styles would be less traumatic than thsm callimg her Darcy Tomlinson-Styles, that's how traumatic that name has turned over the years

their first child’s name: so

their second child’s name: how

their third child’s name: about

their fourth child’s name: them

their fifth child’s name: blue

their sixth child’s name: and

their seventh child’s name: green

their eight child’s name: am

their ninth child’s name: i

their tenth child’s name: right

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Okay lets do this!

Name: Georgia Rose Hawthorne but just call me Georgia or George

Nickname: I’ve… never had one, well my mum called me Georgie Porgie pudding and pie or Georgie Pie (that’s a mince pie brand here) but that’s all… but hey feel free to give me a nickname (please)

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Height: I’m a short child 157-158cm

Orientation: straight

Ethnicity: New Zealand Pakeha

Favourite fruit: bananas and peaches

Favourite season: winter, New Zealand winters are all frost and rain so that’s great

Favourite book series: The Ruby Red Trilogy is great but my mum use to read me the Main Street series so that always holds a special spot in my heart

Favourite flower: orchids all day every day

Favourite scent: vanilla, tea and lemon

Favourite colour: black, white and light blue

Favourite animals: dragonflies or llamas

Coffee, Tea or Coco: Tea the way! I have at least two cups of green tea a day

Average sleep hours: anything between 4-9 hours

Cat or dog person: well I have both so this is hard to answer… I guess whatever one isn’t acting like an asshole

Favourite fictional characters: why… do you want to be here all day? Urgh I’ll just say ten so this isn’t an hour long
•Yosuke (P4)
•Akihiko (P3)
•Ryuji (P5)
•Syo (Uta No Prince Sama)
•Kyoya (Ouran High School Host Club)
•Hifumi (P5)
•Daryl (The Walking Dead)
•Honoka (Love Live School Idol Project)
•You (Love Love Sunshine)
•Sam (Zombies, Run)

Number of blankets I sleep with: 2-3

Dream trip: Japan, America, England, France (to visit a friend) and Indonesia (to visit a friend)

Blog created: like late last month.. I dunno how to check sorry

Number of followers: 640!!! Holy hell thank you so much!

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