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Hey Josh, I'm a long time fan and I've been reading your QA here for awhile. Really cool of you to do this btw, I've learned a lot of interesting stuff here. My question is about New Vegas, and who at Obsidian wrote some characters. I know that John Gonzales was responsible for some fan favorites like Randall Clark, and Chris Avellone was responsible for most of the DLCs and Cass. I would like to know about others like Caesar, Hanlon, all the other companions, and House. Thanks!

John Gonzales was the creative lead on F:NV and he wrote Benny, Caesar, Mr. House, Yes Man, Vulpes Inculta, many Chairmen, the Forecaster, and a large number of additional characters.  He also wrote all of the Survivalist/Randall Dean Clark logs and the Happy Trails party in Honest Heart.

Chris Avellone wrote Cass, Lanius, all of the Dead Money and Lonesome Road characters (IIRC) and some of the Old World Blues characters (I believe Travis Stout also wrote some, but I can’t remember the split).

Eric Fenstermaker wrote Boone, Veronica, Fantastic, everything in Vault 11, the White Gloves, and (IIRC) most of the characters in Camp McCarran.

Travis Stout wrote Lily, Raul, many other characters in F:NV; Waking Cloud, Follows-Chalk, and Salt-Upon-Wounds in Honest Hearts; and some characters in OWB.

Jesse Farrell wrote the King, Pacer, a bunch of other Freeside and BoS folks (Hardin, McNamara).  Jesse handled the setup of Rex, but I believe Jeff Husges did Rex’s brain quest.

Rob Lee wrote Fisto and several Freeside characters including the Atomic Wrangler folks (IIRC).  George Ziets wrote First Recon.  Matt MacLean wrote all of the station rangers in Return to Sender.

Jeff Husges wrote Marcus and most of the people at Jacobstown and in Arcade’s quest, For Auld Lang Syne.  I believe he also wrote quite a few of the characters at the Fort and (IIRC) Rex.

Akil Hooper wrote ED-E and many characters at Gomorrah, but I think John Gonzales wrote Cachino and some of the other major Omerta characters.

I wrote Arcade, Hanlon, Joshua Graham, Daniel, and a handful of minor characters.