December, 1934
Shadow Case File #68

Did you know that famed Shadow artist George Jerome Rozen had a twin brother named Jerome George Rozen? Both brothers would become artists for The Shadow Magazine, however, it was George who would become synonymous with Shadow art. Jerome, on the other hand, set the tone for the magazine by painting the first four covers before leaving to eventually work in advertising art.

July, 1936
Shadow Case File #105

“You have sought the Romanoff gems. I have brought one here to show you. Gaze upon the stone that gleams from my finger. That priceless girasol was once owned by the Czars of Russia. It, alone, of all the baubles in this room, is genuine! This girasol was a gift, which I accepted as a memento of friendship from the man who owned it.

The Shadow


Who painted that cover?

Pulp detective work time.

George Rozen, best known for his iconic covers for The Shadow Magazine, spent much of the 1940s painting dozens of covers for Thrilling Publications, including westerns, crime & war magazine in addition to, of course, The Shadow. (clue #1).

One other pulp artist with a (not surprisingly) similar style to George Rozen was his older brother, Jerome, who preceded him on The Shadow, but after World War II Jerome Rozen left the pulps for the far more lucrative world of advertising illustration. (Clue #2).

Though the cover of this issue of Masked Rider Western is uncredited, and no online source seems to provide credit, Rozen painted a good number of covers for the magazine as well as other Thrilling branded westerns throughout the late forties. (Clue #3).

While comparing the western elements of this issue’s cover is useful (guns, horses, landscape), funnily enough, it’s the facial features that really set off the alarm bells. George Rozen is best known for his work on The Shadow, a character with a heavily obscured face, but terrific detail was put into what you could see, primarily eyes, nose & cheek bones. And while The Masked Rider lacks the alpha schnoz of a certain Lamont Cranston, the focus & detail of the facial work, for me, puts this one over the edge. (Clue #4).

So there you go, the February, 1950 issue of Masked Rider Western magazine (Canadian Edition).

With a cover by (i’m 99% sure) George Rozen.